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T.A.D. is not a tax

Remember, the “Redevelopment Powers” granted by the referendum on the Nov. 6 ballot do not increase anybody’s taxes, (except the property owner who directly benefits from the improvements to his property).

Passage of the referendum gives the city the authority to create TADs (Tax Allocation Districts). A TAD is a tax leveraged financing vehicle that promotes redevelopment of depressed properties funded from the INCREASE in the property value resulting from the redevelopment.

To be considered for a TAD, a property must be served by sewer and no more that 10 percent of the total of the city tax digest can be placed assigned to one or more TADs.

Passage of the referendum does not guarantee that redevelopment will come to Fayetteville, but it does increase the likelihood of it coming, with no downside risk to the city or the taxpayers.

If you would like to see older properties in the city of Fayetteville other than Hudson Plaza (that one is already being taken care of from T-SPLOST funds) improved, please vote YES for the redevelopment powers referendum on Nov. 6.

Only registered voters in the city of Fayetteville can vote on this referendum. Also, unless your polling place for city and county elections is either the Fayetteville Library or the LaFayette Center, you will need to vote in your poling place for the county, state, and national elections and then go to the polling place in the city where you vote on city elections.

Alternatively, you can vote both ballots in one stop if you vote early at the elections office in Fayetteville, the Peachtree City Library or the Tyrone Library through Oct 27.

Any county resident can vote early at any of those locations, but again, only residents of Fayetteville can vote on this referendum. Please go vote and vote yes for the Redevelopment Powers Referendum.

Thank you for your consideration,.

Greg Clifton, mayor

Fayetteville, Ga.


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