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Healthcare forum coming Oct. 28 in PTC

So what will healthcare reform in America look like beginning Jan. 1? That question will be answered by a panel from the medical and insurance fields at a forum on Oct. 28 in the council chambers at Peachtree City Hall.

Speakers at the forum will include Dr. Brian Hill, insurance expert Ron Bachman and insurance agent Linda Mulligan.

Hill is on the board of the Prostate Cancer Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital and is a member of Docs 4 Patient Care.

Bachman is a retired partner with Pricewaterhouse having spent 30 years as an insurance actuary.

Mulligan is an independent insurance agent who will discuss the cancellation of Medicare Advantage plans to Georgia seniors and disabled individuals under the age of 65.

The forum will at Peachtree City Hall on Willowbend Road and Ga. Highway 54 will begin at 7 p.m.

The event is being sponsored by The Greater Fayette County Republican Women’s Club, the Coweta County Republican Women’s Club, the Senoia Tea Party Patriots and the Fayette-Coweta 912 Patriots.



"Insurance expert" Ron Bachman was the author of a deeply flawed health care analysis that claimed 500,000 uninsured lower income Georgians could gain access to health care via targeted tax breaks. (Google "Ron Bachman" and "HB977" for the whole sordid story).

The resulting legislation, signed into law by Governor Perdue, has been a unmitigated disaster for Georgia. Instead of covering a half million lower income Georgians, the legislation actually covers only 65,000 people, the vast majority of them earning over $50,000 per year, and virtually every single recipient of this tax break was previously insured.

The cost to the state treasury is now estimated to be a loss of $223 million dollars in tax revenue due to Bachman's miscalculations. Needless to say, this money could have helped the state funding crunch that has forced the state to curtail education spending.

Fayette teachers should attend this Tea Partisan whine-and-cheese event and "thank" Ron Bachman for helping cripple education funding in Georgia.

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