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Young gospel singing sensation to appear at Flat Creek November 14

Logan Smith, the 13-year-old gospel singing sensation from Covington, will appear in concert at Flat Creek Baptist Church Sunday, Nov. 14 at 7 p.m.

Logan began singing at the age of seven, patterning himself after the Gaithers’ Vestal Goodman, and has appeared with the Gaither Homecoming Tour many times. He recorded his first CD, “The Journey Begins,” at the age of 10 and has since recorded “Just Any Day Now” (2009) and “Satisfied” (2010).

He most recently appeared with the Gaither company in their Thanksgiving Homecoming taping of “Count Your Blessings” which has just been released. He also appeared on an Alaskan Cruise video, “Alaskan Homecoming,” which will be released in 2011.

For more information on Logan go to or smithsings.

The concert at Flat Creek is free and open to the community.

The church is on Flat Creek Trail between Ga. Highway 54 and Tyrone Road, about halfway between Fayetteville and Peachtree City.



Who are these "sensations?"

Is this an ad?

Children evangelists don't usually do well as adults, do they?

[quote=Courthouserules]Who are these "sensations?"

Is this an ad?

Children evangelists don't usually do well as adults, do they?[/quote]

You ain't from around here, courthouse, are ya?

Vestal Goodman was the matriarch of the Happy Goodman Family. She had the biggest beehive hair-do in the world at one time, probably could've made the Guiness Record book. She died an unusual death, passing away when a black widow spider built a home in her hair and bit her scalp <strong>edited to add: Nope, sorry I'm wrong. Urban legend <a href="">LINK</a></strong>

The Happy Goodman Family were featured on Gospel Jubilee every Sunday morning on WSB at 7 a.m. for most of the sixties and seventies.

Now I've got that theme song in my head!
♬♬<em>juuuuuubilee (jubilee) juuuuuuuubilee (jubilee) you're invited to our GOSpel jubilee.....</em>♬♬

oh by the way, re: children evangelists....remember, Marjoe won an Oscar for playing himself in a documentary about his life!

Yes I saw Marjo Gortner (former child Evangelist) in a Bio of himself.

Unfortunately, these "on the road' "Christians" have a bad influence upon children.

Also, they do have a captive audience at churches to sell the kids CDs!
Many of them are taught from 2 years old to mimic their parents or some relative. You can even hear their idols in their voice inflection!

It is a "show" for money---not for conversions.
However, weak as we all are, some like the entertainment and weirdness of it all.
Has little to do with "Christian" principles. There is more infidelity, drinking, and conning in a group of gospel artists than in a tent revival!
Something has-been groups do in late years to make money.

The list of con-artists in "gospel" is very, very long. What has such stuff got to do with the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John? Which are all different anyway!

We have had more fake faith-healers in last 50 years, who blame God and the sick person if it doesn't work, than ants in a hill!

The Roberts and the Hinns and the rest of the thumpers and screamers are ill people.

If you wish to praise and pray do it in a dark place alone.

This group is pretty cool:

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