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PTC on lookout for DUI offenders

Peachtree City police will be on high alert this weekend for Halloween partiers who have had too much to drink or are otherwise too impaired to drive.

Police are also encouraging all motorists to drive slow on Halloween night Wednesday in particular and to otherwise be on the lookout for goblins and ghouls: and all of the other appropriately costumed children celebrating Halloween as they trick or treat in local neighborhoods.

As for impaired drivers, several checkpoints will be operated in the city this weekend to locate drunk and high drivers, as Peachtree City officers will be joined by their cohorts from the Fayetteville Police Department and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Police remind motorists that driving while impaired not only risks the lives of others and anyone riding in your vehicle, but it also has severe legal consequences including jail time, loss of your driver’s license, higher insurance rates and other costs from attorney’s fees to court costs, towing charges and repairs not to mention the time you’ll miss from work.

It is also noted that refusing to take a breath test can result in the immediate loss of one’s driver’s license on the spot.

To avoid impaired driving, motorists are urged to plan a safe ride home by designating a sober driver or taking a taxi home.

Anyone who sees a drunk driver on the road is urged to contact law enforcement by dialing 911.



"Want all the perks that come with wearing the uniform but don't want to do actual police work?? Then join the PTCPD! Receive training from industry leaders in areas such as advanced strategies for parking your patrol car in the median, tactical benefits of hiding patrol cars behind fast food establishments, and of course, how to be an online pervert while masquerading as a hero. Nevermind the countless young people in our city who are dying of overdoses from pain pills and heroin, nevermind the open-air drug bazaars you can see in some parts of the city, we turn a blind-eye to that to focus on the low hanging fruit. After all, our motto isn't To Serve and Collect for nothing!"

It's past time for them to get a clue.

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What a complete waste of limited law enforcement resources.

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[quote]...the countless young people in our city who are dying of overdoses from pain pills and heroin, nevermind the open-air drug bazaars you can see in some parts of the city....[/quote]

I guess all of the news in PTC is not reported.

Regarding getting impaired drivers off of the road, go for it. I suggest having sponsors, say for instance bail bondsman companies or DUI law firms.

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So where are they? I want see one. I love seeing police cars parked in the median, makes potential criminals think twice. I've been driving in Fayette Co. since 1979 and I have never been bothered by law enforcement, then again I don't draw attention to myself by breaking the law. I may go out Wednesday night and look for drunk drivers myself.

BTW Quall, PTC was here long before 72.

We came from a city that didn't have enough police, where you had to be vigilant if walking to your car or visiting the shopping mall. It constantly amazes me that people in PTC complain about the availability of a police officer; they respond "too fast" or "too many" or they seem to be all over the place. Have you personally ever been inconvenienced by the presence of the PTC police? And I'm talking more than just having to wait an extra 5 minutes in traffic or having to change lanes on your commute home... I can't really understand what we're complaining about here... every time I've read a story about a major crime occuring in PTC (which is not often- surely for a reason), I read that the criminals were either caught instantly or within a reasonable timeframe. The Target robbery, the home invasion earlier this year, the teenager who was jumped at Planterra, and yes, even the golf cart flasher. I'm sorry you get pulled over for speeding more than you would like, or that the PTC police amping up DUI patrols this weekend hindered your plans to drive drunk, but look at it this way, at least they gave you fair warning. The worst parts of our city have nothing on the crime rates in some of the best parts of others... maybe say thank you for the protection instead of complaining all the time. And if you're not breaking the law, then what's the problem? (And please don't say budgets and taxes...if it wasn't spent on police, you and I both know it would be spent somewhere else.)
Do any government agencies ever spend their money and resources the way we would like? No... but I think this is one area where we would rather have a few too many than not have enough.

Nice post, but I would caution you on the ""And if you're not breaking the law, then what's the problem?"" You see we live in a Country that Harvard Law identified in 2006 as having 2.8 BILLION Laws, Regulations, Codes, and Ordinances on the Books (it should be noted laws against things like murder, thief, and the like were only counted ONCE as every jurisdiction has the "same law")

Point being with 2.8 BILLION laws on the books, YES you have and are Breaking the law, some way somehow

...but I don't see the police here constantly citing citizens for...what would you call them... violations of obsolete or redundant laws? Not sure obsolete aand redundant are the best terms to use, but I'm sure you get my point. What irritated me here is that people seemed to be upset that there were amped-up DUI patrols this weekend; by the way, there are pretty much always amped-up DUI patrols on a "holiday" weekend, PTC just seems kind enough to announce it ahead of time.

I will admit I was a little peeved when I had a knock on my door to hand me a warning for having one of my vehicles tires 1/4 onto the grass in my own driveway of my privately owned home... but that was the Ordinance enforcement and not the police, and after I moved my car 1/2 a foot to the right, I took my daughter out on the golf cart to visit the All Children's playground and all was forgotten. No fine, no court date, just a knock on the door and an explanation of an ordinance I didn't even know existed, and now I don't park my car behind my golf cart anymore because obviously they both don't fit. (Peachtree City Problems, right? :))

It just seems like the police here are constantly being hounded on for being vigilant; don't get me started on the disgusting posts from the 4th of July- individuals who didn't think the police should have been patroling the Battery Way boat docks during the fireworks. Since when does any type of large public gathering NOT have crowd control??

Understood your post, and as a Fayette Co citizen not wishing to live in Golf Cart City, my opinion of YOUR police force is actually irrelevant, I know enough to do the speed limit, use turn signals, and basically use the most direct path to get through your city, as I know my choice of truck, "doesn't belong in PTC" and sticks out like a sore thumb with "pull me over" written all over it. If at all available I'll by pass your fair city, simply for this fact, It does get tiring to have to stop and explain to Officer So n so that no you're really not a burglar, or fiend that you're just trying to get to Brooks from Tyrone, and that washing your old truck just isn't on your list of chores it really that bad? I promise I don't drive what the standard is around here, and my husband actually drives a 1994 vehicle... we've never had a problem, even before our tags were changed to Fayette county. I'm not mocking, I'm seriously asking, I'd hate for anyone to feel that they couldn't just drive through the city... and I'll take it as my fair city, we moved here for a better life for our kids, better schools, safety and lots of family activities; I don't see anything wrong with that.

PTC is a great FAMILY community, and yes, having lived in FC since 72, (before there was a PTC) I can tell ya, yes is it easier to "go around" and not take the risk of getting hassled, which has happened in the past. This usually involves having a cop do a u turn and ride my bumper to the city limits, yet I can drive my Vette through town (a little over the limit) and NEVER get a second look. Others round these parts will tell ya the same thing. ,, But hey, Tyrone PD does the same thing in reverse, BMW's Jag's Merc's on 74 are just a Moving Bank .....

called them to my house they have been here within minutes. Never have they made me feel like a paranoid old lady for having concerns. Once late at night, someone kept knocking at my door. They would not respond to my inquiries so i immediately called the police. As I said they were here in minutes, were polite, checked all around my house and told me that they would be coming by all night long and if I saw light in my backyard it would be an officer checking. Later learned it was my neighbor's visiting son coming home after a few drinks and going to wrong house. Once I got a warning-- I was in hurry for a closing on a house--I went to the wrong branch of the bank and was rushing out of PTC to go to Fayetteville, I noticed a SUV behind me and moved over, the SUV moved over also, then the light came on and I pulled over--the polite officer asked me why I was not wearing my seatbelt. I was not ever aware that I had not put it on after leaving the bank. I explained the situation, he saw I was harried. He gave me a warning and told me to calm down, that I could always reschedule and nothing was more important than my safety. During this whole encounter he was courteous and kind. The only time I really felt I was not treated properly was when I ran to the Kroger Pharmacy around 2 am to get medicine. I was sick and getting sicker. It was winter, cold and raining. When I went to park in the lot there were teen- agers doing wheelies in their cars. I decided it was safer to park along the curb. Except for the kids in the parking lot, two ladies shopping together, me and several employees, there was no one anywhere around. When i came outabout ten minutes later with my medicine, the kids were gone and there was an officer at my car. When I asked him if there was a problem, he informed me I had blocked the entrance. I had not, was parked several feet away from door. He told me emergency vehicles could not have parked if there was a problem. This was ridiculous since the area in front of the store was clear. I could see there was no use arguing--got my ticket, and went to court. Had to pay the fine. Must admit I was not happy but that was my only incident and I have been here over 30 years. Happier to see police around and have them answer promptly than to never be able to find one when needed.

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