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Fayette cops to crack down on DUI for Halloween

Those who choose to drink and drive in Peachtree City this weekend might be in for a scary situation themselves.

There will be more than 30 police officers from the city and their brethren at the Fayetteville Police Department and the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office participating in the crackdown, officials said.

Peachtree City Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark said some of the road check locations will be on high-volume corridors.

“We know from experience that sobriety checkpoints are an effective way to maximize our DUI deterrent efforts,” Clark said.

Added Sgt. Brad Williams: “These checkpoints are set up in locations that typically have a high concentration of DUI offenses.”

In addition to citations and complimentary trips to jail for DUI offenders, police will also be handing out goodie bags at each checkpoint that are loaded with educational material, coupons and candy for children.

According to statistics, more than half of all crashes on Halloween are alcohol-related, officials said.

For more information, contact any member of the department’s Community Response Team at 770-487-8866 or email

Traffic related concerns, questions or complaints may also be communicated online by visiting



Be sure to park close to Long Horns and Carabas after dinner crowd leaving you will probably fill the station; there's enough empty buildings you can fill the run over with.

Not interested in messin with commerce!

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Hpefully they will catch some of illegals who operate on our roads with no lsc or insurance in this operation as well.. Gotta love the added goodie bags given at each check point, nice touch..

Came up to the road block at around 9 PM tonight, 3 lanes, southbound, most cars just being waved through... my 18 year old son driving....cops holler out, teen in a Lexus..stop him...we get stopped...Cop begins to mouth off, until he sees me and and his Mother in the car....tone begins to change....mouths off about not having a computer to "check" anyting...obviously, this was a money grab to hassle teens.

Driver beware..

No goody bag forthcoming, complaint filed with Super on duty.

The kids call it Policetree City for a reason. I guess your daytime running lights, tag light, all 3 brake lights, hi/lo beams and all your papers were in order.


Consider it one less drunk on the road trying to kill your 18 year old son.

I have no problem with the locals trying to stop drunks from trying to kill my me and/or my kids while driving.

As far as I'm concerned it should be a contest between counties as to the number of "ASSHOLES" they can arrest for diving while stupid!

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Too bad you didn't have that on tape of the cop's crap attitude in trying to provoke your son and then "oops, parents!" Hell, he didn't even cough up the free goody bag they advertised about! You should have demanded that :)

Strange that they weren't stopping EVERY car as most PD do that these days so there can be no question in court of any kind of discrimination/profiling/etc. . Of course, it's been proven over and over that roadblocks are NOT a deterrent to drunk driving in the first place and active patrol is more successful, which is why Murray never did any in PTC, but it is what it is.

I have interacted with our cops before they are always very polite. They don't hand out warnings, but they are always professional about it. You didn't give them an attitude or anything to provoke them did you? It's refreshing to see them doing something to deter crime.

The word "Professional," associated with road cops is quite a stretch!

Just as are the top tiers of cop management!

A "professional," is someone highly educated who has mastered his particular line of study and practice. Being nice, etc., has nothing to do with showing preference between clients, or covering up for certain groups.

That the PTC and county police came down on the "non-drivers"!

We've got soccer mom's that can't read what "STOP" means because the cell phone is stuck in their ear while attempting to drive.

We have "business types" that can't remember that when approaching a 4-way stop that the driver on the RIGHT has the right-of-way.

Fine them all!

That you're too stupid to either know the law or understand the law is YOUR PROBLEM!

I whole heatedly support the PTCPD in enforcing the law.

If ignorance is bliss, we've got a lot of bliss in PTC!

they stop the kids always have always will -- if mom or dad aren't there it's "let us take a look in your vehicle -- kids are afraid..

Been to the village store at Peachtree Parkway and Robinson Road after 4 weekdays and weekend afternoons and evenings??? Drug deals left and right from same cars that "visit" every day.

A 9 pm stop is going to net you what a couple tht had a glass of wine or two with dinner ? Hell the big party folks don't go out until after 9 p.m.

seems you have the inside scoop on the inner goings on of the drug and dui crowd. How much of this have you reported to the PD? Oh, that's right, it's not your job, just give you the safest city in the Atlanta area to live in. Not your problem, is it?

I have in fact mentioned this on more than one occassion yes,, including giving a tag number of a older blue Toyota Land Cruiser that the driver takes the money and his female accomplice passes packets out the window ..

not my job ?? that's an angry statement if I've ever heard one before..

You don't even know me, yet you lash out like your some authority ?

There is a science to police work, especially in a small town, that has much politics and "friends" mixed into it.

I will admit that someone, including me on occasion, complain about just what and when tickets are given or arrests made.

The cops (not usually the Chief or Mayor or Manager) are blamed for what it is that week that they seem to be concentrating upon. They for the most part and with certain individual exceptions, are following orders as best they understand them.

I do think that most cops will do as they are told to do if they understand what it is.

Scores of tickets and arrests placed upon town fathers. large corporate owners and managers, other cops--even out of town, and arrests that hinder commerce too badly are frowned upon.

The general population also is more interested in those who scare them the most being arrested or ticketed.
Embezzlers, employee bank thieves, or drunken officials aren't scary--old vehicles from out of town and minorities are.

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Complaining about the laws and law enforcement is a Peachtree City tradition.

bad_ptc = a voice of reason in a sea of chaos.

Good job on the DUI road blocks. Here is one suggestion for you, set up 1 hour before the bars close. I was coming home from a 5pm-1am shift this morning and almost got T-boned by a drunk running the red light out of y-nots. Hit hwy 54 see if you can put a dent in the drunks leaving that place.

Little tour at Jax Center oughta straighten you out!

The late shift is a killer and I have a 3-11 tonight. No thanks on ZJX. I have heard that place is worse than our little home. Did you used to work at Jax?

Have a good weekend.

No, but I have a friend who is a supv there. Now I've worked my share (maybe more) of shiftwork, but in the 24x7 Intel business, so I know all about them all. Most was a 6-2,6-2,6-3 rotation. Once worked 26 straight shifts of 2300-0700!

Some round the clock operations without shutdown ran like this:

2 days, day shift; 2 days, 2nd shift; 1 day, 3rd shift; 2 days off.

Then---2 days, 3rd shift; 2 days, day shift; 1 day, day shift. etc.

This was a "4th shift" who relieved all of the other three shifts who worked one shift only regularly.

Any emergency shutdown caused 2 shifts of cleanup and startup.

We don't have enough manufacturing now to need such a thing.


Your request has been asked numerous times but I have never heard of anyone being arrested leaving any of PTC bars or restaurants, especially on the week-end.

It just isn't done regularly!

They won't even go on to Country Club property!

Now you can use your own reasoning as to why not (not a pun), but it should be obvious!

The only thing I can think of is that they have given up on helping that crowd, but still have hopes of helping the younger crowd who serve in no particular function of authority!
Then there is that thing of taxes collected off liquor!
Serve and protect, but who?

former (or at least one of our former) mayors and his cronies. Let's hope they wait outside of all the parking lots where the bars are located--

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So many complainers. Have any of you whiners taken a civics class? Police cannont legally stop you unless they have probable cause or at least some very strong suspicion that you have broken the law. Police are part of the executive branch, not the legestlative who make the laws which are causing you such angst (ie.- tag lights, brake lights, etc.). If you're not happy with the laws, petition your commissioners or congresmen. If you're not happy with the way they are enforced such as roughness or rudeness or violating your rights you can always complain to the higher ups. Most agencies these days record all traffic stops. If your complaint is legitimate your unpleasant experince can be reviewed by the boss.

And to courthouserules....I take it to mean that anyone who has attained more education that you is necessarily more professional than you? That reasoning just does not make sense to me. An officer with a criminal justice degree and ten years of experience can't be professional because of the dumb cop sterotype you've seen on TV? Get to know some cops and you might change your mind. I agree that too many people in positions of authority get off on charges and that needs to change.

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"Police cannont legally stop you unless they have probable cause or at least some very strong suspicion that you have broken the law."

Did you fail to notice that the article you are responding to is about roadblocks, a tactic where there is NO probable cause to stop everyone on the road and yet they can anyway, according to the Supreme Court?

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From the American Bar Association:

"What are the constitutional constraints on roadblocks?
The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a search or seizure (such as at a checkpoint on the road) is unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment unless there is individualized suspicion of wrongdoing--that is, unless the police have a particular reason to pull a particular driver over--but there are a limited number of exceptions. For example, the Court has upheld brief, suspicionless seizures at a fixed checkpoint designed to intercept illegal aliens, and at a sobriety checkpoint aimed at removing drunk drivers from the road. The Court has also suggested that a similar roadblock to verify driver's licenses and registrations would be permissible to serve a highway safety interest."

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which is why when you stated that the police cannot pull you over without probable cause I said you were mistaken. Roadblocks ARE pulling people over without probable cause and that has been held to be legal. It's the guilty-until-proven innocence concept that law enforcement loves.

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