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Dienhart, 4 others accused of defaming former chairman

Peachtree City mayoral candidate George Dienhart is one of five defendants in a defamation suit filed last month by former Fayette County Republican Party Chairman Lane Watts.

The suit alleges that Dienhart and four others “on multiple occasions ... made statements to third parties that plaintiff was guilty of perjury.”

The initial complaint, filed in Fayette County Superior Court, does not provide specific details such as the dates and times of the alleged utterances and writings in question.

Dienhart said the lawsuit was timed to interfere with his run for office.

“Filing it ahead of the election was no coincidence,” Dienhart said. “... It’s just dirty politics.”

Dienhart said he has been advised that the lawsuit will likely be dismissed. He also questioned the fact that fellow mayoral candidate Harold Logsdon brought the lawsuit up during a candidate forum.

Also named in the lawsuit are Fayette County Commission Chairman Steve Brown, Jim Richter, Michael R. Posey and Kenneth A. Murphy. Dienhart, Brown and Posey have each been active with the local Republican party, and Richter serves as the party’s treasurer. Watts is a past chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party who has clashed with new local party leaders over a number of matters.

Watts is seeking punitive damages in the case, which was filed on his behalf by Atlanta attorney John T. Sparks Sr.


Git Real's picture

What a pansy.......

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

Robert W. Morgan's picture

No, not his momma, even though she pulls his strings, she's not running for office. So, who can it be that wants to discredit George 2 weeks before the election. Hmmmmm. Vanessa? No, don't think she has much influence over the local Republicans - old regime or new blood. Haddix? Don't think anyone - even Lane would do what he wanted. Can't figure out who it can be. Who in the world would be behind something this sneaky and underhanded, just to hurt George?

Oh well, doesn't matter to me, I'm going with George, Mike and Terry and my mind is made up.

Live free or die!

Harold brought it up at the meeting

These are just allegations. Hopefully nothing was communicate via city or county computers as part of their "jobs".

Deja Vu?

stone. At least it keeps the legal industry thriving in our area. Can that fact be listed as one of their accomplishments for the city? You just gotta love it! We don't really need a production company in the area we have our own reality show going on 24/7.

Just a reminder: Be careful when you point the finger at someone, as the saying goes that leaves four fingers pointing back at yourself.


Maybe the simpliest conspiracy is the best. Another version of Had it with Haddix, Done with Dienhart. Who benefits the most from hitting Dienhart right before the election especially if the case get dropped anyway? Lane Watts.

But better question. Where is George and why won't he publically answer Husband & Father's very reasonable questions?

Based on what on what I am seeing on social media and email he is not the front runner he thinks he is especially since Vanna should get a good slice of the senior vote.

But we will see 8 more days

Take Care


Robert W. Morgan's picture

Simplest it is usually the best explanation.

I do think George, Harold and the garden gnome have been blocked on this site by Cal because we are so close to the election - and that's fine with me.

Lane Watts is a silly little nancy boy who has no reason to be anywhere around real Republican men like John Wayne and Steve Brown (sorry - hard to resist). His Mother is a control freak (his words, not mine) and we sure do need to move away from those silly, petty and vindictive people.

That being said, Lane Watts ain't running for anything - neither is Momma. Ignore this crap and vote for George, Mike and Terry.

Live free or die!

It would be nice to know if the candidates have been cut off by the paper or if its self imposed.

Thank you

From the silly, petty, vindictive person who simply wants to know the truth

cogitoergofay's picture

Mr. Morgan, please try dropping names with some semblance of understanding the concept associated with the name.

At least spell the philosopher's name correctly. There are actually 2 correct spellings and you selected neither:

"Occam's razor (also written as Ockham's razor from William of Ockham (c. 1287 – 1347), and in Latin lex parsimoniae) is a principle of parsimony, economy, or succinctness used in logic and problem-solving. It states that among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected."

From Wikipedia

As to your endorsements, the three are too close to the problem, too connected to City Hall Staff and will simply perpetuate the same dysfunction without ever saying "NO". Vote for entire newcomers, folks.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Your reply is also simple (another meaning).
I am reminded of the old joke in which some snotty old matron asks a debutante a question and her answer ends in a preposition - like "of" or something like that. The snotty old matron says something like "A real lady would never consider ending a sentence with a preposition." The deb thinks about and then replies with the exact same answer except she adds a word at the end so the preposition is not the last word. That last word starts with an "A", but if it were presented as 2 words as it sometimes is, the second word would begin with a "H". That is my reply to you.

And back to the actual subject I was speaking of. Haddix has not been on this site for several days as another blogger pointed out to us about. And I was simply replying that the simple answer that Cal may have offed him might have been why he is off. Don't really care except for the grammar or spelling lesson you have left me with. But the real issue is next Tuesday getting the Haddix gnome out of office forhwith. Don't you think that is what we should be about?

Live free or die!

Do me a favor and go to the Fayette County Clerks website. Type in each candidates name and see what pops up.

Personally, I prefer people without a lot of drama.

Steve Brown's picture

You ought to read this lawsuit. Somehow we defamed Lane Watt's character, but he cannot say what we said, when we said it or where we said it.

Lane and his mother's coalition were thoroughly beaten in the county Republican elections. They have a hard time excepting that.

For those who may not know, Lane and Marilyn Watts are very close political allies with Harold Logsdon.

It is pretty clear why the ridiculous lawsuit was launched before the election.

Hi Commissioner Brown:

To be honest I do not know if the Watts and Mayor Lodgston plotted this out or it is Lane doing his own thing. Nether do you. But this is what troubles me is the continuation of blame and slime instead of ideas and plans.

I was there at the republican convention where George and his "Gold team" members took control of the Fayette Republican Party. Which is fine and they did a good job of organizing. But after that the vitrol shown to the Watts and others voting them out of delegate spots and really spiking the ball on a personal level after taking control was sad.

I know I don't know the history but I would hope leaders with a vision, plan and passion would be able to win with the ability to reach out to the other side. That was not the case, it was the petty things we see in Fayette Politics on steriods. Did you see all the people leaving? How many have come back to another meeting? To quote one person I respect very much, "people seem to forget the Watts were republicans when that was not popular in Fayette". Again do not know them from Adam, but why can we not show them Christian mercy and let them be?

Now you are in the blogs questioning Mayor Logsdon's ethics and accusing him of duplicity with Watts while Deinhart chooses not to answer reasonable questions. All this does is remind us of what we are tired of in Fayette County politics. If you want to support George awesome. But please be the Commisioner Brown who has shown leadship even if we disagree.

Take Care,


Steve Brown's picture

Of course, there are always factions in politics. Nearly every election since George Washington was President has been subject to political factions.

I sat on the stage at the Republican county convention and said nothing. I was pleased we turned an unsightly page in Fayette GOP history.

Lane appointed his mother Marilyn to the paid position on the Board of Elections. While on the Board of Elections, Marilyn openly campaigned for a Republican presidential candidate after saying she would not do such things since it looked bad in terms of objectivity and fair, unbiased elections.

I filed a complaint against Marilyn for her campaigning and asked Lane to take the matter to the Fayette GOP Executive Committee for a decision. The Vice Chairman wrote me back saying Lane had decided against my complaint, an obvious conflict of interest. This is why people had a difficult time with the Watts family.

For the record the Fayette GOP is doing extremely well now days with the new leadership. Funding is up and membership is up too. There is no more bullying from the leadership.

I have a great deal of empathy for George Dienhart because when I ran against Harold Logsdon, a Logsdon friendly political action committee filed frivolous state ethics charges against me before the election, knowing the case would not be heard until after the election was over. How did the humorist phrase it, "This is deja vu all over again."

The real irony is Harold Logsdon is running on a campaign of "bring back civility to Peachtree City" and he is the guy who slaps a lawsuit on the current mayor for a comment he made in an email communication to a city employee. Not to mention that he started a business with the City Manager while in office, a major conflict. Not to mention the all expense paid luxury junket then-mayor Logsdon took to Asia from a company that was extended local tax breaks.

He almost built the TDK Extension (he campaigned for it) until the public got so hostile that he backed down and had to admit the project would have been disastrous for the city. And then there was the budget train wreck he left us after campaigning as a financial guru (that is missing in his campaign this time around).

All of this is on par with Lane Watt's current lawsuit regarding defamatory remarks to be named later, much later, probably never.

I was not going to get that far out on campaign stuff, but Neil's defense of the unsavory bunch got me motivated.

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