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RaceTrac, Chick-fil-A to start construction next month

The parcel is vacant for now, but activity is expected in the next few weeks as Chick-fil-A plans to start construction on its new restaurant on Ga. Highway 54 West at Line Creek Drive.

The company plans to start construction Nov. 4, the Peachtree City Planning Commission was told Oct. 8.

Likewise, activity is also expected to begin at the adjacent RaceTrac gas station, whose plan has languished for months without much on-site activity beyond grading. City Zoning Administrator David Rast told the commission that RaceTrac has been waiting for Chick-fil-A to get everything in order before proceeding.

Both businesses will be outparcels to a shopping center on Hwy. 54 at Line Creek Drive that has room for a number of other stores further off the highway. The outparcels will be served by a shared right-in, right-out intersection although there are no plans at this time to install a traffic light as the DOT has not been petitioned to put a light there.

Former city councilman George Dienhart, prior to leaving office so he could qualify to run for mayor, argued vociferously for council to vote against putting a traffic light there, even though there was no formal or informal request to put a light there. Because they weren’t willing to vote on the matter without a formal request to the city for the light, Dienhart accused his fellow council members of being in favor of the light, which he contended would make the already challenging traffic along Hwy. 54 West even worse.



I am one who will not be a customer. It is hard enough to go to Tires Plus and other needed businesses in this area. If you try to leave Planterra around 5 PM you are lucky if you get through on the third green light. Wednesday night my first stop was at the top of the hill by the teniss center. It took 12 minutes to navigate the intersection. I was being dropped off to pick up my vehicle at tires plus. From there I had to go to McDuff Pkwy so I had a light. In the end the trip took me 58 minutes from the time I left my home. Boycott them both

How will a boycott help the situation?

If the residents of Planterra( 420 plus household) refuse to patronize Race Track?/ Chic Fil et on Hwy 54 it will have an impact. I will continue to go to Chic Fil et at Wilshire but not the new 54. If enough people say from all the apartment, subdivisions etc in this area would stay away, then they would have just pass thru traffic. It would get some attention.

The high accident area that it is now will only get worse as these places open. So far no fatalities thank God but it is only a matter of time. road rage trying to get in and out make for a tragic mess. And no a traffic light will only make it worse for all of us

Might as well boycott all stores in that 1 mile strip of land zoned commercial. That will teach those them for locating in populous areas.

and vice versa. It's just not for me. Hard to get to and around on in my golf cart...just usually not worth the hassle, especially at certain times.

I was being sarcastic. Of course retail likes traffic. They spend a ton of money studying this.

Which is different than a lot of people who select housing without researching zoning and then complain when commerce pops up outside their main exit and entry point.

Did not have a crystal ball when I moved in in 95. 54 was a two lane. Just a liqueur store and gas station in that stretch.

Stop cutting through planterra

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

Seriously...or a cart ride to one of the centers south of 54 then a short walk across 54...

Anyone who lives in Planterra is continually "sickened" by the lack of concern for the quality of life of the residents here. Planterra is the LARGEST subdivision in PTC. Therefore, a LARGE TAX CONTRIBUTOR to the city tax digest. Residential communities should NOT be major throughfares... but this one is.

So after spending the past 17 years in this subdivision, I can tell you things have only gone from bad to worse. The traffic humps... NO DETERENT... Stop sign enforcement... NON-EXISTENT. The only remaining solution will be to add stop signs at EVERY INTERSECTION along Terrane Ridge and Planterra Way. As a resident... I SUPPORT THIS.


I have an idea..why don't you move if it causes this much anger in your life. Just a thought.

Just vote. Citizens have given their lives for that right. Stop spending money we do not have. myself

Who would have thunk building the LARGEST subdivision close to the largest intersection in the area would eventually bring traffic with people trying to circumvent this?

I have also made it a practice to slow down the cut throughs. If I leave the neighborhood at rush hour I let them pay the price by driving 20-25 mph, some try to pass me but I just ease over, if they want to hit me fine. I have seen PTC's finest roll through the stop sign here and they do no enforcement at all

They will just have to do it without me.

Here is a different option to voice your opinion.

On Nov. 7th from 6-8PM there is going to be a Public Open House. It is going to be the final open house of the Coweta County Joint Transportation Plan Update.

The county, along with Grantville, Haralson, Moreland, Senoia, Sharpsburg and Turin, is developing an update on the Joint Comprehensive Transportatoon Plan (CTP).

This plan is required for projects to be included and eventually funded through the regional transportation plan, and it focuses on Roadways, Bike and Pedestrian facilities, and Transit.

This will be the final open house to provide anyone an opportunity to review the plan's recommendations and provide input.

Coweta County Fairgrounds Conference Center
275 Pine Rd.
Newnan, Ga. 30263

Notice this is about roadways. If you want to give some input and get feedback on what will be growing across our border and affecting us even more for years to come, get out there, tell them how much the traffic coming out of Coweta is affecting your quality of life and tell them you want to see a plan to route eastern Coweta traffic onto I-85 and back that does not involve the use of the 54/74 intersection.

Eastern Coweta is the fastest growing part of that county. Look at the additional 400 students going into that high school addition just outside of Sharpsburg. If you have not seen that campus, you should, it is HUGE. Looks like a community college.

Planterra can make a difference in what is plannned.

From their website below:


FINAL PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE! WE NEED YOUR INPUT! There will be no formal presentation. Stop in anytime between 6:00 pm and 8:00 pm to review findings, speak with staff, and submit your comments. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: TAVORES EDWARDS Coweta County Transportation and Engineering Department tedwards@coweta.ga.us tel. #770-683-2300

One final note. At a May 8th meeting, attendees included Phil Mallon, Pulbic Works Director for Fayette County.

NUK_1's picture

East Coweta High School is on 154, you know, the same highway that goes straight to I-85 with little backup during rush hour? Yeah, those 400 extra students have parents that are instead going to go to PTC to get on 74 to get to the I-85. It's also a HIGH SCHOOL where a bunch of the students are actually driving there and parking, not heading out anywhere.

I'm amazed at how clueless and downright stupid people are about Coweta traffic patterns. Maybe some of you ignorant types need to move there and witness it because you keep talking out of your backside and showing a complete lack of any knowledge whatsoever of reality.

You off your meds lately? You beat up little animals to get your anger out? I bet you are just a real life of the party. If you are ever invited.

When you come out of your angerfog, maybe you could see the big picture and realize (I know this is a stretch for you) that growth in Coweta is directly affecting 74/54. How about the parents of those 3,400 teens? Think they might work for a living? Think maybe, oh, a few thousand of them might travel thru PTC on our state highways to get to and from their job? Or do those teens just all live in a commune together with each other and send postcards to mom and dad back home in Afghanistan? Get a grip. Your nastiness is beyond being entertaining. You could use some help.

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Do you even know where East Coweta High School is located?

Go there one morning and then tell me how you would go to get to I-85. Or, how to get Fayette county in the first place if you're at ECHS.

THere are plenty of Cowetians coming into PTC for jobs in either PTC or other parts of Fayette. The idea that you and others like Hadix claim that it's because they are trying to take 74 to get to I-85 is totally ignorant and disproven by anyone who takes 74 to get to I-85 on a daily basis.

If you think most people dropping their teenagers off at ECHS are then going back up 154 to get to 34 and then into 54/PTC.....you're clueless. Again, go there yourself one morning around 7:30 and see where the traffic is going leaving the school. Obviously, you have no idea at all right now.

Since you cannot comprehend what my point is knock yourself out on here. Your condescending trash talk is offensive and you never fail to throw in disgusting and vile retorts in every comment you make. I, frankly, find you need some professional help, since this blog is not going to solve your obvious anger issues. Your very unnatural fixation on Haddix, which you and some recently former bloggers find is the reason of all wrong in the world is pathetic. If your intent is to entertain, you miss the mark by a wide margin. If you are attempting the truth as you perceive it to be, your message is lost in the vile comments you always find necessary to add. Again, I suggest some professional help to allow you to see the world is not as threatening as you make it out to be. I am not your enemy, Haddix has no control over me as he seems to have over you and a few others and if you choose to disagree with what I comment on, try to learn some humor or at least some civility in your posts. Oh, by the way, go Sox.:)


Big game tonight...I told you it was going to be a good Series.

Who could have come up with this series of events.

No fight, I have no anger toward NUK, just concern. Besides, I truly am a lover, not a fighter. :). 6 games or 7?

NUK_1's picture

You're the Red Sox fan, not me :) Guess it beats being a Cubs' fan, though.

Cards in 7.

this isn't going to happen overnight.

Me? Don't care, just a big W at the end for Beantown and I will be ecstatic. Although, like I said last week, a Halloween victory should be entertaining for all the intown and TV viewers. Forecast of a high around 60 degrees on Thursday up there. They will be out in their shorts if it is that warm for a finale!

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