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PTC Council removes TDK extension, Crosstown widening from plans

Last week the Peachtree City Council voted unanimously to remove two major but unnecessary projects from consideration for funding from the 2003 countywide Transportation sales tax.

Now but a distant memory are plans that would have extended TDK Boulevard from Peachtree City into Coweta County and also widened Crosstown Road from two to four lanes to handle the additional traffic.

The TDK extension was widely criticized in 2005 after it was revealed that the Coweta County Commission had approved a 3,000 home development with adjoining office and commercial property that almost certainly would have led to thousands of cars accessing Ga. Highway 74 during peak commute times.

Removing both projects means that SPLOST dollars previously planned for them can be moved to other projects, but the Fayette County Commission will make those decisions. Both the TDK extension and the Crosstown widening were going to be paid for from the “countywide” portion of the sales tax revenues which are controlled by the commission.

They also were to receive money from the Georgia Department of Transportation, but those funds cannot be moved to another project, city officials were told last week.

The Peachtree City Council is hopeful the county will use $1.8 million in countywide SPLOST funds for two critical projects that are in jeopardy of losing $962,000 in state and federal funds.

The city will need $774,000 to match a $444,000 grant from the state to add a traffic light and more turn lanes at the intersection of Crosstown Road and Peachtree Parkway.

The bill is a bit higher for the second project, a “gateway” cart path bridge over Ga. Highway 54 West near the Coweta County line. That bridge will require $1.02 million from the county to match up with a $518,000 grant from the state.

The bridge would link the residential area to the north with the Shoppes at Village Piazza shopping center on the south side of Hwy. 54.



mudcat's picture

Cross 54 from CVS to the Publix center. That would be more useful. And if you could tie the Publix side back into Robinson Road somehow, we would have a cart path that bypasses the central part of Peachtree City. If you lived off Wingate, for example, your commute time to Lake Kedron would be reduced by 10 minutes. We could call it the East Peachtree City Bypass.

Yo's picture

Publix is not in Peachtree City


This us why we have engineers to propose such plans as these. They know what they are doing.

However stupid politicians screw it up most times.

Publix is in the County.

I would agree that a bridge method is needed from the North-side at Robinson to South side at Robinson, and then a connection to go east and south. I propose no specific area or type of bridge, just a way to get across the road on 54.
Some developer should be required to build it! City maintain it.

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