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3 firefighters hurt in blaze

Three firefighters were injured when part of a home collapsed during a structure fire east of Peachtree City late this morning, officials said.

Two of the firemen were airlifted to metro Atlanta hospitals with serious but non-life threatening injuries; the third was taken to Piedmont Fayette Hospital with minor injuries, officials said.
Although the structure collapsed around the firefighters, they were able to get out on their own, officials said.

The fire at 180 Platinum Ridge Point was reported shortly after 11:15 a.m. by the homeowner, and the house was evacuated while fire crews were dispatched to the scene, said Lt. Donnie Davis of the Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services.

The first unit arrived within eight minutes and saw heavy smoke coming from the eaves of the home.

The fire was located on the upper floor of the house but it is not immediately known how it started, officials said. The fire will be investigated by the county fire marshal’s office.

High winds likely aided the fire, and the county firemen got assistance from their counterparts in Fayetteville and Peachtree City, officials said.



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Photos from the fire on Platinum Ridge Point today. Three firefighters were injured during this fire, two seriously.


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Many thanks for the photos.

According to a Fayetteville firefighter that I talked with during lunch; those injured are doing better.

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[quote=Cyclist]Many thanks for the photos.

According to a Fayetteville firefighter that I talked with during lunch; those injured are doing better.[/quote]

Thanks for putting that out. I've been wondering how they were doing. These guys and gals do this stuff day-in and day-out and most of us never see them doing it. I just LOVE being able to show folks all the good stuff that our Firefighters, EMS and Law Enforcement do for us each and every day!


You capture in your photos the Fayette County that I love and share with family and friends. Thank you. Lots of good stuff going on here - and you've recorded it!

You do a great service to this community and we are grateful.

Nice pics Kombat!

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