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Fayette man arrested in F'ville armed robbery

An armed robbery early Monday morning at the BP station at 450 North Glynn Street in Fayetteville left the store’s employee injured after being beaten in the head with a metal pipe. A Fayette County man was arrested a short time later in south Fulton County and has been charged with the armed robbery and aggravated assault.

William Paul, 33, of Hilo Road south of Fayetteville, was charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault and battery, according to Fayetteville Det. Mike Whitlow.

Whitlow said Paul approached the BP store clerk outside the store at approximately 1:20 a.m. and demanded cash from the register.

“The clerk refused and attempted to defend himself by fighting with Paul,” Whitlow said. “Paul produced a metal pipe and struck the clerk several times in the head and face.”

Whitlow said Paul entered the store and took two cash drawers containing an undetermined amount of cash.

The clerk called 911 after the robbery and was subsequently taken to Atlanta Medical Center where he remains in good condition, said Whitlow.

Paul was arrested by Fulton County Police after he robbed a Waffle House restaurant approximately three hours later, Whitlow said.

Whitlow said Fayette County deputies who were assisting Fayetteville officers with the investigation heard the Fulton County call and responded to assist Fulton deputies. Fayette deputies relayed the information about the suspect to Fayetteville investigators, Whitlow said.

“After viewing video from the Fayetteville store it was determined that Paul was the same suspect in the Fayetteville robbery,” Whitlow said.

A search warrant was executed at Paul’s residence by investigators from Fayetteville and Fayette County. The search resulted in several pieces of evidence being located, said Whitlow.

Whitlow thanked the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office and the Fulton County Police Dept. for their assistance in the case.



brooksdad's picture

Yet another instance where a greater service would have been done by/for the clerk...had he or she been armed. Hope the clerk recovers fully and this guy stays locked up.


Honestly, is it really necessary to have a store open at 1:20 AM? I know free country and all....

NUK_1's picture

That's a really old looking 33 year old dude right there. Looks more like he's been hit in the head with a metal pipe than assaulting someone else.

Meth head

Robert W. Morgan's picture

I know that some of these stores are even open all night, but what is the point? A few dollars of extra revenue? Is that worth putting your employees at risk? Why not just close and lock up when it gets dark and let these idiots go rob something in Atlanta?

You can still sell gas without a clerk and an open store. If your response is that you make most of your profit by having people come inside and buy some beef jerky - you an irresponsible idiot.

Live free or die!

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