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Sandy Creek High School hosts Accident Avoidance workshops for parents, teens

In two weeks — Nov. 10, Nov. 12 and Nov. 13 — you’ll be seeing green flags, checkered flags, orange cones and vehicles swerving through obstacle courses in the Sandy Creek High School parking lot.

No, NASCAR hasn’t come to Tyrone, but what is billed as a life-saving teen driving course has.

The Accident Avoidance Workshop offers an 8-hour, parent ride-along program in which students are trained on their own limitations and their vehicles’ limitations in simulated emergency driving conditions. They’re taught how to get the most out of braking and maneuverability without ever losing control of themselves, or their vehicle.

“Amazingly, and disappointingly, every fatal teen accident in the state of Georgia this year was caused by something that could have been prevented by applying the content taught in the Accident Avoidance Workshops,” a news release for the program says. “In other words, had they taken the workshops, they might not be dead.”

“Georgia only requires driver training in ‘normal’ driving conditions. This means as long as you learn all about the ‘lines and signs’ and what the laws are, you’re good to go. Consequently, 1 in 4 of them will crash before they’re 17, and car crashes are the #1 killer of our teens ... because they’re undertrained, and we all know it,” the news release says.

The course is open to any driver of any age and from any school so long as the driver has a permit or license and basic vehicle control.

Cost is $225 for student and parent, or $265 for students and both parents.

Classroom session is Thursday evening at Sandy Creek. Driving sessions are Saturday and Sunday.

Call 770-971-0571 to register.


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