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Have you heard the latest from Washington?

If President Obama is re-elected, the Senate already has a bill in waiting entitled the Consumer Ready Environmental Energy Plan (note the acronym).

One major aspect of the plan is to require all citizens to reduce their carbon footprint by 2015.

Beginning in 2015, if a citizen cannot provide proof that they have purchased a solar panel, windmill, or electric vehicle since 2011, they will be penalized $1,000 every year until such proof is provided.

As in the Affordable Healthcare Act, the penalty will be collected by the IRS.

It is expected that the same logic applied by the Supreme Court (basically that if funds are collected by the IRS, then those funds are a tax regardless of the verbiage used in the bill) will ensure that this law will survive challenge.

I have also heard (though not confirmed) that in support of Mrs. Obama’s healthy diet initiatives, the Senate is considering a Minimum Udder Terminal Tax (MUTT) that will require each family with children under the age of 16 to provide proof of purchasing 16 ounces of milk per day, per child annually (rounded down to 45 gallons).

The proof will be provided to, you guessed it, the IRS. A “penalty” will be assessed if such proof is not provided at the rate of $10 for every gallon short of the prescribed amount.

No wonder the President has not shared his plan to close the budget gap!

Alan Felts

Peachtree City, Ga.



secret squirrel's picture

Isn't it interesting that there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in the Federal Register about Mr. Felts' "Consumer Ready Environmental Energy Plan." There is no such bill in the Senate or Congress. In fact, a simple search of the internet reveals that the only source for Mr. Felts' cute resurrection of the 70's acronym for Nixon's re-election campaign (CREEP), is- surprise- Mr. Felts' hysterical letter to the editor posted here.

While opinion pieces are viable material for news sources, I find it troubling that there is no vetting process at The Citizen for printing something so seemingly fabricated and unfounded.

Obviously the rest of Mr. Felts diatribe is tongue-in-cheek as are most of his eloquent but otherwise paranoid observations. However, while I appreciate the humor, I'm sure that's unintentional. No worries, Mr. Felts. Sometimes people can laugh at you and with you simultaneously.

LOL I LOVE the screen name !! too funny
A Bill in waiting need not be Registered, You don't really think that legislation like The Patriot Act was written AFTER 9/11 do you? or the 2500 pages of Obamacare was written AFTER he was elected? this is the trap of congress, they write Bills everyday, and WAIT until something happens and the mood of the country is right,,and bang a Thousand page law appears and is passed, sometimes DECADES after it was actually written.

the 16th Amendment proves this out, in 1888 a group of congress critters wrote a small bill to require Income tax on certain people 10 years later the SCOTUS ruled Income tax unconstitutional, with-in 3 days of this ruling the 16th Amendment was written, 15 years later under Progressive Socialist leadership Americans were sold the income tax and told it would only apply to "Millionaires" and they would only have to pay 1-3%..

Yes one MUST be suspect of internet rumors, but with things getting passed nowadays, (patriot act, NDAA, Obamacare) one must ALSO be attentive of these "desk Drawer" Bills, let's not forget, Agenda 21 was written LONG ago

secret squirrel's picture

Thanks for the history lesson. However, this class is "current events." And there is no bill, authored, proposed, or otherwise documented by anyone in Congress or the Senate with that title.

And as I said, and you overlooked, the only source for this is Mr. Felts' own letter to the editor. Google awaits your investigative powers.

I'm very much aware of the suspect "source", and would personally not put any of my Chicken's eggs in that basket. BUT be assured, now that I have read "something" future suggestions of such legislation will gain my closer attention
more readily than had I not been exposed to such an idea,,,

Rest assured of this though, just because I read that HAARP can cause earthquakes and redirect hurricanes to help/hurt Obama, doesn't automatically mean I buy into such Sci Fi ideas. Ya see they don't make Tin Foil any more
all ya can get is Aluminum Foil, and EVERYBODY knows Aluminum is a fantastic receiver, and not a material suited to Block electromagnetic impulses
: )

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