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D.A. King to speak to Republicans about illegal immigration

D.A. King, a nationally recognized authority on illegal immigration and president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society, will be the guest speaker at the Fayette County Republican Party's November First Saturday Breakfast.  Mr. King is a former Marine and a 27-year resident of Marietta, Georgia, who has been studying our illegal immigration crisis for more than eight years.  In 2003, he set aside his twenty-five year old insurance business to devote full time to educating people on the crisis. 

King writes on border security and illegal immigration in the Marietta Daily Journal and other Georgia and nationally read newspapers including the Washington Times and the Atlanta Journal Constitution as well as the subscription Websites, Insider Advantage Georgia, and the Southern Political Report.  He has appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 Live, PBS, Fox News, CNN Espanol, CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight, CBS Evening News, MSNBC, Univision, and in a 2004 CNN Presents one hour documentary on illegal immigration in Georgia. 

The Dustin Inman Society, which was founded by D.A. King, is a non-partisan coalition dedicated to educating the American public, the media, and elected officials on the consequences of illegal immigration, illegal employment, illegal administration of Public Benefits, our un-secured borders and the breakdown of the rule of law in our republic.  The organization was named in memory of Dustin Inman, a sixteen-year-old youth from Woodstock, Georgia, killed by an illegal alien in 2000.  King has been a tireless advocate for use of the 287(g) enforcement program in Georgia and is proud that it has proven to be a successful tool in removing and deterring criminal aliens and saving lives. 

The breakfast will be held at the IHOP, 705 N. Jeff Davis Dr., Fayetteville, at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Nov. 6.  All interested Republicans are invited to attend.  For more information, please call 770-716-1545.



Have they ever held an event/meeting in any place in Fayette County other than the IHOP in Fayetteville? How about Tyrone, Peachtree City, Brooks?

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GOP meetings were held there long before it was IHOP. I believe that it was Ryan's steak house way back when. In years past, Baci's has also hosted the breakfast. It simply takes a lot more room to host Republicans in Fayette County than it does Democrats. I believe that the Democrats meet (caucus) once a year at the corner table in Dunkin Donuts (assuming that it's not taken). This year, Bacon will give a presentation on the status of "hope and change" while the other three chant "it's Bush's fault).

I haven't been to a GOP monthly breakfast in years but I plan to go to this one to hear D.A. King speak. I suspect that we will probably see the high Sherrif there too - he gave a good talk on the illegal problem at a Teaparty hosted forum several months ago.

DA King, High Sheriff, TeaParty, WOW, you is in high cotton!

Is the ACLU to be there also? How about Roy? Will Judges Caldwell and the other one also? How about the girlfriends of the judges?
Are there any other officers in the outfit DA King started, or is he all of them?
The Mexican Ambassador is visiting the Atlanta Consulate--maybe he will come.
Will the Log Cabin Republicans be there?
Is George and Dick coming?
What will all of you discuss? I know it won't be anything we need like schools, water, bridges, roads, fishing ponds, more money from Washington next year, higher state taxes and fees, money for unemployed Georgians, taxes for more and more hospitals, more laws for lawyers to law with, cost cuts in taxes for all Georgia businesses, higher sales and other taxes, and of course--How to pay Limbaugh $100,000 to speak 20 minutes plus limos, cigars, liquor, women, (needs a fourth wife), and a luggage carrier---human one.

Cops love IHOP.
Cornbread are square---biscuits is round!
(pie r square)

Also, they can say bad things in the back!

D.A. King, a man who hates Hispanics with the intensity of a thousand burning suns, brings his "Lets all hate the Mexicans!" roadshow to Fayette county.

Perhaps King will reprise his infamous 2007 speech to Newton county Republican party, where he first rose to prominence declaring "illegal immigrants are not here to mow your lawn - they're here to blow up your buildings and kill your children, and you, and me."

D. A. King, employed by the Inman Society which he created, and once said to the Atlanta Journal,"Mexicans aren't here to mow your lawns, they are here to blow up your building and kill your family!"
He considers them responsible for all of our American dope addicts (who wouldn't take dope if the illegal Mexicans didn't supply it, I suppose).

He speaks to and is involved also in several other radical groups in the United States.

He is trying now to get Georgia to adopt the Arizona law which says that any cop can arrest a person for any braking of the law, any, and check them for citizenship, and if they can't prove they are citizens, he , the lawman, can deport them immediately.
They don't go into much details about how to do that exactly.

Is this paper and the Fayette Republicans a part of this sort of support, or what? If not they should disown King--even if they print him.

This man is a rabble-rouser, and he knows that Peachtree City police nor the Fayette Sheriff wants no part of this program!!!!!


Every time I read one of King's <strong>"White skinned immigrants GOOD....Brown skinned immigrants BAD"</strong> rants, I'm reminded of the classic quote from Orwell's <em>Animal Farm</em>: "Four Legs GOOD...Two Legs BAD"

The work on the stupid "virtual fence" on part of the Nexican border was dropped a couple of weeks ago--nothing worked in tests done, nothing. Could have been "jimmied" around easily.

This whole "fence thing" is a joke as a vote getter for ignorants!

Just don't hire them, put hirers in jail when they do.

Thjey really don't want this--it would cost them twice as much for labor then---but votes---yes!!!

In accordance with their bylaws, bashing of Mexicans must be performed in an Indian owned restaurant.

Mr. King was such a terrific speaker this morning! It bodes well for King that the nuts here have to resort to race-baiting lies to try to marginalize the majority of Americans who agree with King that we must enforce our immigration laws.

One point he made over and over today: Illegal imigration is not a seperate issue from EDUCATION, TAXES,HEALTH CARE, PUBLIC FAFETY OR ANY OTHER GEORGIA ISSUE!

The mystery is why the Dems will support illegals who are stealing jobs from working Americans? Is it skin color that drives ALL of the loony mindless left?

Great meeting today, watching my country fade makes me sad but Mr. King made me want to do someting to help. We must enforce our immigration laws!

Sad American Fayette

Note that Crispy Bacon cannot address a single point in this letter and seems to be quite upset that this guy hit the nail on the head. We think he is a racebaiting liberal who will smear anyone he cannot overcome with facts.

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