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Change your clock, change your battery

Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Ralph Hudgens is urging Georgians to change the batteries in their smoke alarms at the same time they change their clocks back to standard time this Sunday.

In conjunction with the “Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery” fire safety program sponsored by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the American Burn Association, Commissioner Hudgens says the annual change from daylight saving time to standard time is a good reminder to make sure your smoke alarm is working as it should.

“Last year in Georgia there were 72 fatal house fires and 67 of them didn’t have a working smoke alarms,” Hudgens said. “If you have a smoke alarm, make sure it’s in working order. Changing the battery at least once every year and cleaning dust from the device are easy ways to ensure continued protection of your family and your property. Having a working smoke alarm doubles the chances you will survive a fire in your home.”

Daylight saving time ends Sunday, Nov. 4 at 2 a.m., when clocks are set back one hour.


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Just a PSA here, I was told by a Honeywell rep the other day that Carbon Monoxide detectors have a shelf life of up to 5 years on them. If your is over that, or if it was a really cheap one to begin with, and isn't quite that old, you might want to replace it. If you have a gas furnace, and or water heater, you need to have a CO detector installed in a couple places in your house.

I yam what I yam

Good advise, wish to add,
If ya think your CO detector is suspect replace it,

but if you're a
redneck from 'Possum Pouch Alabama or Frog Eye Alabama.....
hold the thing next to your tailpipe (OUTSIDE)
it ought to "beep" fairly quick...
Just for the Record, if all you have is a Tesla,, Borrow a neighbors

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