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Girl, 16, life-flighted after PTC cart crash

REVISED FOR PRINT Nov. 2 — A woman lost control of a golf cart carrying four children and a teenager off Kedron Drive in north Peachtree City Friday night and careened into a tree. The single cart wreck resulted in the teenager being life-flighted to Atlanta Medical Center. The other four passengers, ranging in age from 1 to 7, and the 24-year-old driver were treated and released at Piedmont Fayette Hospital.

Peachtree City Police spokesperson Rosanna Dove wreck occurred on Oct. 29 at approximately 8:07 p.m. in the area of the multi-use path at the intersection of Kedron Drive and the aquatic center.

Dove said the vehicle’s driver, 24-year-old Peachtree City resident Angelica Maro-Soto, apparently lost control of the vehicle. The 1984 Club Car cart ran off the path approximately 33 feet and sideswiped a tree.

Dove said a 16-year-old female passenger in the front seat was thrown through the front windshield and struck her head. The girl was life-flighted to Atlanta Medical Center and her current condition is unknown.

The driver and the other four young passengers, ages 1,2,6 and 7, were all taken to Piedmont Fayette Hospital for evaluation and later released, Dove said. The names of the underaged passengers were not released.

Dove said further investigation indicated that the brakes on the golf cart were not in working order to some undetermined degree during the time of the accident.

Maro-Soto was issued a citation for failure to have the vehicle under control.



with nonworking brakes? 1984? On the vertical drop path next to the aquatic center? Gee, wonder how that could happen. Or rather, "no comprende". Poor girl, hope she recovers.

Because the drop was only 33 feet, I'm thinking it was that very short piece of cart path directly across from the field hockey/indoor lacrosse arena. You go straight downhill to a sudden dead-end.

Five people on a golf cart would probably tax the brakes to begin with. I've had to basically stand on the brake on that hill with just 3 people in a cart.

It's a tricky turn under the best of conditions.

Bacon, do you know if the driver was cited for driving while Hispanic? Certainly there must be an ordinance against that in Kedron.

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would think of such a thing......sounds really really racist to me.

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multi-use paths.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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In looking at the accident site, they were extremely lucky they didn't hit the tree head-on. The city needs to either add speed bumps to that hill, or replace the tree with a runaway cart ramp.

Red Dog

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We agree that those involved were lucky, but aside from a sign (in English) warning of a steep hill nothing else is needed. Acceptance of personal responsibility is what is required.

Do you know if the sign was in Spanish, also?

Guess 1984 with worn brakes was all they could afford as a first car!

Sad, as you say.

If that had been the Mayor's golf cart, would the ticket have been issued?
The Chief's? A councilperson? A Congressman?

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to see that hill is steep!

I was just following city logic. After the bad accident on the steep hill near McIntosh H.S., in which a speeding golf cart ran over a bicyclist causing life-threatening injuries, speed bumps were installed to slow the carts down.

I'd certainly prefer if the golf carts would just slow themselves down, but some drivers just have no common sense.

Red Dog

My post was a tongue-in-cheek comment in reference to Mike King and moelarrycurly, who seemed to suggest that the driver was at fault because he couldn't read English, obviously because of his Hispanic surname, and, well, that he kind of had it coming to him for, well, I guess being here with a Hispanic surname. Whereas, Bacon indicated that navigating the hill was pretty difficult for everyone, hence my direct reply to his post. Get it?

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by joining in this dialog you are just as racially insensitive as those other guys.

I am really surprised, you being a liberal and all.

So you think Angelica was a "he"?

No, my error. I got mixed up. I thought the female passenger that was ejected from the vehicle was Angelica. I stand corrected. Will be in the stocks in front of City Hall tomorrow morning. I'll be the one without the Tea Party victory sign.

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Just so there's no confusion, signs are placed atop hills prior to entering cartpaths of golf courses where a danger exists and prudence on the part of the operator is required. The same can be done here, but to require the placement of speed bumps or tree removal further reduces the personal responsibility that is expected (by me at least) of anyone operating a golf cart. To be blunt, I don't need 'government' to tell me I'm going downhill.

Further, to post a sign in any language other than english reduces the priority of individuals to assimilate into America and our culture.

No suggestion was made regarding anyone's comprehension or lack thereof.

Most of us do not drive on "golf courses."
I suppose if we could afford $50-75 (plus membership and hot dogs), several times a week, our brakes would be in better condition.

Anyway these Mexicans couldn't get around to wash restaurant dishes and do housework if they didn't have a 20 year old golf cart in which to get there!

Ever been a caddy?

Half you jerks on here are racist or if not, sure sound that way, there goes your PTC bubble again......... as I said idiots.

Maybe you should worry more about who, and what type condition the carts are in, that your PTC Mayor and City Hall is issuing permits to, soaking you fools up the creek in money NOT well spent. HaHa it is so funny when you think about what little is required, while all along you riches are paying for it too and really getting the short end. If you can't speak a word or even hear, you can get a permit and god knows it don't matter what condition that cart is in, because they sure aren't checking them. And I would feel pretty sure in saying that the one year old and two year old were probably being held in the laps of the 6 year old and 7 year old. Take a ride to Target and watch the Peachy teens ride around in them hanging out body and limbs screaming and having a good old time while mommie and daddie are doing god knows what cause you don't need a license to drive one. IDIOTS

the hate, the hate.

No not hate, just plain talk. Even if the city is a 'golf cart' community take ownership. The less fortunate are buying and using these carts but you must have some better seated rules and ownership of your privy and prudish community. When the more fortunate don't stand up and demand due diligence the fault remains with you. My heart goes out to this family and/or group of friends. It could have happened to anyone even your peachy teens; let us not forget the insinuations posted here. Perhaps this is a less fortunate family, with a cart in need of maintenance and a cart overloaded with passengers that's the point.

Yes, pumpkin, you are right that we must fight the insinuations running in this thread that those in the accident got what they deserved for being Hispanic and being in PTC. However, you seem to have much animosity against PTC dwellers, which run the gamut from the uber wealthy to the struggling single parent.

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