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Healthcare forum was Tea Party rally

On Oct. 28, my husband and I attended what was advertised in your paper as a “healthcare forum” for seniors at the Peachtree City Hall.

Upon arriving it was soon evident to us it was a Tea Party Rally and had very little to do, except for 5 minutes or so of a presentation by Linda Mulligan, with our choices in the upcoming Medicare enrollment period.

At the entry table Nathan Deal and Tea Party propaganda were all that was available and nothing was provided for seniors to assist them with choices. It was a nasty and angry group of folks just being told by Tea Party activists they were losing everything due to ObamaCare.

This is not what I came to hear. I have my own mind and know for a fact that ObamaCare does not mean “seniors are losing their doctors” nor does it threaten seniors’ ability to keep their own doctor.

Some doctors have said they may stop accepting Medicare. This is nothing new to seniors and didn’t happen due to the healthcare law. Physicians have been dropping Medicare since 1998.

In their presentations, both Dr. Brian Hill and Ron Bachman provided only scare figures about the recently enacted healthcare law. They didn’t provide true history or facts about the reason some doctors are receiving less to take care of Medicare patients.

Medicare benefits’ scheduled payment cuts are being set in motion by a law from 1997 (Bush Sr. was president if I recall). None of this factual information was provided to the scared and often screaming crowds of seniors incited by our speakers and moderators. Shame on them for using a scare tactic of this magnitude and in this forum.

Dr. Hill and Ron Bachman should have provided accurate information to these folks. They don’t have the right to use a City Hall to falsely inform citizens.

Hopefully the panel will use this to be sure they quit telling lies to their audience.

Jeanie Fusaro

Peachtree City, Ga.



I am not sure what "scare figures" or other information you are alluding to, as you don't specify any information. I wish you could be more specific as to the "lies", or point out what was not factual, instead of vague accusations.
In fact, the only specific "fact" you mention here, is that Bush was president in 1997. The only fact you point out is wrong. Bill Clinton was pres from 1992 - 2000.

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here is the text cut and pasted from the article advertising the event:

The event is being sponsored by The Greater Fayette County Republican Women’s Club, the Coweta County Republican Women’s Club, the Senoia Tea Party Patriots and the Fayette-Coweta 912 Patriots.

I think you will find very few people that know more about the Health Care Bill than Ron Bachman. The best way to convince people this is a terrible bill is to expose what is in it.

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By force of law.....just that simple.

Government control of your body and your money.

Repeal this largest tax in our history.

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PTC Observer: I find it ironic that government can control your body and money through Obamacare YET in Roe vs. Wade this was the entire argument that government had no control over someone's body.

Double standard, mixed messages, and all the above!

Let's make government DO THE RIGHT THING and repeal this piece of crap of a healthcare bill.

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This is not about getting better health care by fixing quality problems or processes. We have good docs and facilities, that is not what is broken. The reform is about putting some form of market influence in place that will lead to a series of improvements. There are only two ways to impact an economic sector that is this large. The best way is to gently move the economic sector by creating market benefits to those participants that move toward good practices. This is why we need a large pool of folks in the system. Providers will not be able to resist the market and will have to work within the rules. The only other way to influence a large economic sector is to regulate it. No one wants a bunch of laws on how to practice medicine or an enforcement branch of government.

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Bachman is on the payroll on Newt's PAC. He has not been elected and has not authored any peer reviewed journal articles. Everything he puts out is for money and he is making a fortune off all this. I don't mind him getting rich but I feel bad for people who buy in and are fooled. Your post sounds like you are sincere so I hope you are choosing well.

"a nasty and angry group of folks"?

Yep, definitely a Tea Party gathering!

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I'm thinking you're probably not the best source whatsoever to be evaluating what constitutes "accurate information."

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It seems to me she simply wants a truthful discussion. If your agenda is to repeal the law call your rally "Repeal Health Care". We need discussion, not cooked up marketing campaigns. Unethical deception is not a good strategy.

Winning an argument is not really winning if you are wrong. The only way to insure you are not wrong is to listen to all sides and keep an open mind.

.........are not non-partisan entities---especially in Fayette County.

They don't even claim to be "fair & balanced," like FOX News.

Even if it were illegal, nothing would be done by any law officers unless a law suit were filed. All judges would then recuse theselves.
The local "free" paper here owes no loyalty to non-partisan entities and instead wishes to sell ads instead of gettting County publishing business!

If there is a democrat in any elective Fayette Government office, I am not aware of it. If there is, they probably list themself as a republican.

Also, all of the editorial propaganda by columnists (with one possible part-time exception) and the specials from stange sounding organizations are all conservative bunches.

I do hope deception however hasn't started to get a point across.

I got acquainted with Ron Bachman when he was a young actuary working for Life Ins. Co. of Georgia in the late 70s. He became a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries and a member of the American Academy of Actuaries in 1979, 12 years after I did.

In early January, I rebutted one of his articles about how health care reform would amount to wealth redistribution, from the rich to the poor, in line with Joe the Plumber's claim.

What I pointed out was that in the real world I live in people struggle to pay health insurance premiums that get higher and higher every year, with bigger copays, larger deductibles and extensive benefit limitations, while the CEOs of the insurance companies that collect these premiums, deny some of the claims, and cancel the policies of people who might need them the most, collect annual pay of over $9 million (Wellpoint), $13 million (United Health), $10 million (Humana), $23 million (Aetna) and $25 million (Cigna), all compensation figures that came from official proxy statements filed by the companies on the Securities and Exchange Commission website.

My point was that the wealth redistribution system we have now takes money from the poor and gives it to the rich. Anything that has to do with insurance involves wealth redistribution. The people who get their insurance claims paid end up getting money out of those who pay premiums and don’t file claims. That’s the way insurance works.

But private insurance goes one step further because it is currently used to enrich some people beyond anything that could be considered reasonable. This is done at the expense of both patients and doctors, and the doctors are wrong to take their anger on their patients. In fact, doctor groups have won huge court settlements from insurers who cheated them out of a portion of their fees by rigging the system for determining the "usual, customary and reasonable" amount insurers would pay for certain procedures.

My impression of Joe the Plumber and many Tea Party activists is that they are easily fooled. There is a relentless PR machine out there spewing out propaganda designed to influence the public, and it is important we rise above the emotional content of all these presentations and stick to the facts.

Claude Y. Paquin

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insurance companies.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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Ever wonder why you don't hear a lot of screaming from insurance companies and drug companies about the new healthcare law?

As MOM says, follow the money.

Notice what the insurance companies are now doing to rates naitonwide?

Notice that the drug companies haven't made a peep about HCR?

Hmmm.....wonder what that's about?

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If the Tea Party was truly interested in a legitimate discussion (a huge assumption, I admit) on health care, they should arrange a debate between Mr. Paquin and Mr. Bachman. I would pay a hefty admission charge to watch those two gentlemen present their respective positions.

May I suggest holding this debate at the local library, since a library (unlike the Tea Party folks) has significant experience in recognizing the differences between fiction and non-fiction.

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