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Republicans with victory will end up chasing unicorns on the right

By the time this collection of musings from the political left hits the paper, I feel with certainty that the Grand Old Party will have the House back.

Congressman Boehner, with gavel in hand, can begin implementing his “Hell no you can’t” philosophy of undoing two years of policies set forth by the President and his former majority; policies the GOP have resisted like mules resist tugs at their reins.

These Republican principles, which dovetail almost seamlessly with Tea Party philosophy, sound inspiring and empowering when chanted in unison through megaphones:

1. Government is generally the problem: Regulation, social programs (e.g., entitlements), and government intrusion in our lives.

2. Bring back ethics and openness to government. No guilt by unseemly associations.

3. Return to fiscally responsible, pro-business policies and lower the budget deficit while cutting taxes for all.

Yes, these sound like principles no reasonable person could deny. But digging beneath the surface of just verbalizing this recipe for a conservative takeover of government, I am struck by the fissure that stands between these words and their actual application in the real world which most of us live in. It’s easier to catch a unicorn than to cite a time in history where across the board tax cuts balanced a federal budget.

Have you ever noticed that those who rail against government as being unable to do anything right usually draw paychecks from their jobs in local, state, or federal government? These are typically the same group of people with taxpayer-funded healthcare who adamantly oppose taxpayer-funded healthcare.

When I ask, “If the government does nothing as well as the private sector, how do you explain G.I.s?” You know, the world’s greatest military completely recruited, trained, equipped, and deployed by the government? They then stammer, glance at the talking points scribbled on their sweaty palms, then repeat that government needs to get out of the way ... because it’s bad ... Says so right here on my hand.

Speaking of which: How did that deregulation work for us? Whether it be of offshore drilling or financial markets, and whether those responsible be Democrat and/or Republican, how did the financial, housing markets, and oil rigs fair outside of a reasonable level of government oversight? Not too well.

That’s why President Bush and his economic team were forced to implement the TARP. “Bailouts” as a rule were opposed by Republicans/Tea Partiers newly concerned with national debt. Many of these folks are the same voices that use to cheer “buy American,” but became infuriated that the government would dare rescue GM and Chrysler. They wanted GM and Chrysler to die, if the market willed it, their corpses picked at by the surviving auto and auto parts makers.

So much for “jobs jobs jobs,” eh? Well, now that new Chrysler and GM sheet metal are zipping all over Fayette County, I believe hindsight arguably shows wisdom in the TARP and Detroit bailouts. I like a world with Challengers, Vettes, and Camaros in it; not to mention the jobs of the men and women who design, assemble, sell, and repair them.

As a side note, future Speaker Boehner has told us how anti-business President Obama is. How might the Congressman from Ohio explain the S&P 500 companies having their strongest third quarter earnings in 20 years according to USA Today? Eighty-one percent of those companies exceeded their earnings forecasts. With such an anti-business President, no less.

Let’s look locally to the application of smaller, less expensive, less intrusive government. Fayette County and Peachtree City are the epitome of Republican governance. And in the ten years I’ve lived here, this small, less intrusive government has protected my kids from their gas and electric scooters by making them illegal anywhere except in our yard. They have protected us from indoor smoking. They have protected the cart paths from Segways, unleashed chihuahuas, and soon, from gas (drill baby drill) powered golf carts. Oh yes, and storm water has gotten quite a bit more expensive too. Small, less intrusive government in action.

The Tea Party Republican/independents are quite a phenomenon whose name breeds confusion. They woke up conveniently after President Obama’s inauguration in 2009 feeling overtaxed. The problem was Taxed Enough Already is a great acronym, but terribly off base.

Our tax burdens have not been lower in 60 years, according to Newsweek and USA Today. I suspect this is why we began hearing concerns of the budget deficit instead. The problem here is we’ve been running federal budget deficits since 2001.

Was the Tea Party asleep? And if not, what was the magic number at which the deficit became a problem? They were such a problem that a political neophyte like Senator Obama was just an “empty suit” and not up for the task of leading us out of our multiple crises.

Flash forward less than two years, and suddenly the “answer” is shake up Washington with new blood like Rand “Say no to the 1964 Civil Rights Act” Paul and Christine “I’m not a witch, I’m you” O’Donnell. And by the way Miss “I’m not a witch,” Bill Ayers is surely wondering when the guilt by association is coming from half Governor Palin. You all remember, ”pallin around with terrorists.” Apparently half governor Palin has no problem with warlock dates on Satanic altars.

So, as I await Congressman Boehner’s proclamation that Speaker Pelosi is relieved of duty thereby freeing a path for conservative solutions, I ask:

Will he restore ethics in Washington by handing out tobacco lobby checks to colleagues like he did in June of 1995? When will a Fair Tax candidate make it out of the GOP Presidential primary to satisfy the TEA Party wing of the GOP? What programs will Speaker Boehner move to cut? Will TEA Partiers and those fearful of socialism decline all social services based on principle?

When will small government take a woman’s legal right to choose away? When will the separation of Church and State be challenged and what changes should that challenge bring? And who will he blame if his solutions do not bear fruit?

He should expect no help on the economy from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. McConnell told the National Journal, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president,” so I suspect his energies will go towards keeping the economy unstable and the citizenry divided.

There is a chance that Speaker Boehner just may tell us in two years that he’s caught that elusive unicorn, but my guess is we’ll be able to pull off the duct-taped horn to reveal the mule in disguise.

Kevin King

Peachtree City, Ga.



Good to see your name again, buddy. Your commentary is the sanest journalism I've seen yet, in this paper this week.... bravo!

Yes, interesting to see "Hack" surface as an article contributor rather than 'dukin' it out in the "Recent Comments" section. However Kevin's spots have not changed and, like many other dishonest liberals, he has mischaracterized Rep. Boehner's "Hell No, You Can't" into a totally different meaning--perhaps a natural response when one is of his leaning. For those who don't know, Rep Boehner uttered those during a speech on the House floor when talking about the Healthcare Legislation. He asked the question of all members "Can you to home and tell your constituents that this legislation was crafted in total transparency, with no back-room deals" and answered the question himself with that "Hell No You Can't!" And that's the rest of the story. I doubt that Kevin learned that tactic at the Colorado Springs School for Aspiring Zoomies.

has any legislation been crafted in total transparency? If that were the basis for 'legitimate' legislation, when wouldn't even have the original Constitution.

Nice try at deflection! I can only speak for myself when I say that all the legislation I ever crafted was done in total transparency!

As someone pointed out to me - <cite>there may not be receptive listeners,</cite> but it is so important to hear another point of view! We'll see what happens in 18 months. It's only fair to give 'them' the same amount of time they gave the Majority Dem House.

The Wedge's picture

Nancy Pelosi became the House Speaker of the Democratically controlled US House of Representatives on Jan 20, 2007 following the 2006 midterm elections. Therefore, by your own statement, one should allow a Republican controlled congress 4 years to try to make a positive difference. 18 months is an inaccuracy by the standards you set forth.

Just tired of those who expected OBAMA to solve this mess in 18 months. John B won't have John B yelling Hell No - so maybe something can be done. John B didn't start his 'yelling' until 2008, when Obama was elected. The standard should be every Congressman doing his/her level best to get us out of this mess - who cares at this point who stands at the podium!!!

What amazes me is the number of African-Americans that simply can't admit what a horrible President B.H.Obama is thus far and what bitter failure the democrats have been to the democratic faithful.

The close minded hyphenated population are going to support him no matter what happens. This blind faith and excuse making stinks of racism to me.

National debt triples- no problem, foreclosures at a record pace- no problem, unemployment more than double- not a concern, taxes on the rise- no problem, buying over a trillion dollars of our own debt by printing more money- so what, socialization of businesses, banking, insurance, and medical care - no problem, Jobless claims at record levels- so what, the dollar dropping like a rock and gold at all time highs- who cares, lowest level of home ownership in over 30 years- so what.

There is simply no amount of evidence that exists that will change the mind of the close minded. It looks like we are guaranteed to have poverty and a lower socioeconomic class for many years to come and that is GOOD news.... for the democrats.

The irony is that the vast majority of democratic supporters have been supporting liberals in the name of "Justice", "Opportunity" and "Equality" for decades and it has only assured themselves of multi-generational dependency and the same old failures over, and over, and over, and over...

How's that whole Detroit/Chicago/Philadelphia/Cleveland/Cincinnati/DC (Any Democratic controlled city/state government) project working out for you democrats?

Despite throwing five, ten, twenty times the amount of money and social programs at schools and places like those in DC failure abounds and the promise of America is exchanged for a government check, card, and housing subsidy. A slave labor vote.... and the rich whites like Gore, Kennedy, Pelosi, Reid, Brown. keep promising the moon, sun and stars and the kool-aid drinking government slaves keep voting for the master that binds them to the failure of mediocrity and dependency.

Yes, keep blaming the party whose majority ratified the voting rights act and freed the slaves - cause they want to take away your government entitlements ... oh, and break the cycle of dependency.

There is even a name from those who would figure it out and stray from the plantation- Uncle Tom, sell-out, self-haters... yea.... the system has been nearly perfected. By the time most people figure it out it's too late for them - but not their kids- that's why there is even incentive (financial) for the family to be broken and the mother to remain unmarried with children and to incarcerate and ostracize as many men of color as possible.

But hey, that's just my theory.

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

PTC Observer's picture

Faith is a belief in something despite what we see in reality.

You know like believing that the government can protect us and take care of our every need. That we should put our lives and property at government's disposal because people who operate the government are so much more ethical and honest than us. So much more intelligent and all knowing, almost god like. We, the uninformed ignorant masses need to have our political elite to take care of us from cradle to grave.

Yes, now that's faith.

[quote]National debt triples- no problem, foreclosures at a record pace- no problem, unemployment more than double- not a concern, taxes on the rise- no problem, buying over a trillion dollars of our own debt by printing more money- so what, socialization of businesses, banking, insurance, and medical care - no problem, Jobless claims at record levels- so what, the dollar dropping like a rock and gold at all time highs- who cares, lowest level of home ownership in over 30 years- so what.[/quote]

A 'white' man left the office of President and our country with a surplus. A 'white' man left the office of President and our country in serious debt. A 'black' man is now in the President's office - and there is a slow ,laborious recovery of our country's economy - a recovery after 8 years of ALL OF US allowing a 'white' President to take us down the tubes. Is that racist enough for you Johnny B Good? 13% of our population is not enough to put a 'black' man in office because of his race. 13% of the population is not enough to keep him in office. The hyphenated population (which one are you talking about since we now have to identify ourselves by our race in this country) all have one name in common - AMERICAN. We have worked hard and long to change the debilitating 'welfare state' that has kept 'black's in bondage/ and poor whites not much better off - and we don't need a Johnny come lately Johnny be good to 'open our eyes'. How many of our 40+ presidents have had their birthright questioned; asked about denying their mother's 'race'? etc., etc., etc. There is valid disagreement on how to solve our economic problem - but one cannot deny that 'racism' raised its ugly head during the arguments/discussion. Your holding on to the idea that when Republicans took hold of the South politically - Jim Crow stopped - is an insult to everyone's intelligence. Good leaders, both Democrat and Republican worked hard to stop legal segregation. Jim Crow was tough to beat – and southern Republicans put up a good fight. Fast-forward to 2010 – <strong>Southern Republicans are not racist </strong>– but some politicians have learned to use the difficult- to -break racist mores that have been ‘tradition’ in the south in order to ‘scare’ the southern Republican base. There are ‘black’ Republicans in Fayette County who support ‘conservative’ values – and not the ‘liberal/social values’ of progressives. Back in the day, both parties had ‘liberals and conservatives’. One party found it advantageous to use the vestiges of racism to solidify a ‘base’. As long as this approach is used by a segment of the Republican Party, blacks, Latinos, and other minorities will stick with the Democrats – regardless of the color of the President. <cite><strong>What amazes me is that there are those who don't see what is happening to the Republican Party. The color of the President is not the issue - it's the cry for a return to the 'way it used to be' that has minorities in this country wary.</cite></strong>

The Wedge's picture

When you state the following: "We'll see what happens in 18 months. It's only fair to give 'them' the same amount of time they gave the Majority Dem House." it seems obvious to me that you care very much who stands at the podium. Especially when you couch your statments in an "us" vs "them" fashion

PTC Observer's picture

Yes, that's correct I don't believe you are a receptive listener.

I believe you were saying a few weeks ago that we simply had to wait for the mid-term election. We waited and there was a message, not the one you liked. Are you listening?

Now you are saying that we simply need to wait 18 months. Well I have news for you MOM, the outcome will be much like we witnessed on Tuesday this week. You know why? Because the idea of a socialist democracy is a bankrupt notion, it has failed in every attempt at gaining power. The only way a socialist philosophy can "succeed" is through force, Cuba, FDR and North Korea come to mind.

The demographics are working against Mr. Obama; the heartland is on to him. Just look at the political map today vs. Monday, it's going to get much worse for his agenda.

America has shrugged, get use to it.

[quote]We waited and there was a message, not the one you liked. Are you listening?[/quote]

The message is loud and clear. Get people in Congress who can work together and HELP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE OUT OF THE MESS WE'RE IN!! The Democrats still have the Senate - and Obama is still President - with veto power to keep the corporations and big business at bay. If the Republicans in the House and Senate cannot offer SOLUTIONS to our problems - other than NO TO OBAMA - they'll be gone in 2012. Returning to what was is not the message that the people sent. The message is DO YOUR JOB, GET US OUT OF THIS MESS! WORK TOGETHER OR GET OUT OF THE WAY. To focus on getting all Democrats and Obama out in 2012 will not get us jobs and improve our economy. If Republicans and Democrats can work with their colleagues across the aisle - progress will be made. If not - the American people are the losers. Getting Obama out - and no jobs in not a victory for anyone. Congress – Democrats and Republicans - better concentrate on JOBS.

PTC Observer's picture

I can hear you but I believe the outcome will be quite different than the one you envision, dear lady.

First and foremost, we cannot continue to rely on a government that gets us into these messes. It doesn't matter if they are Republican or Democrat they have both proven that they do not serve the interest of the people. They serve their own interest first. That interest is power.

You seem to see everything in terms of parties, my guess this is because you are some kind of political hack for the democrats? Anyway,the message that was sent last Tuesday, from the heartland is quite simple, and it was not a Republican message. It was a message from the people. 1. Reduce the size and scope of government, 2. Reduce taxes and 3. Get out of our lives (examples of many, repeal Obamacare or end the FED). We don't want or need the government's help any longer, in fact the more help we seem to get from government the more screwed up things get.

That's it MOM, nothing more nothing less. The heartland doesn't care if it is democrats, republicans, whigs, federalist or tea partiers that accomplish this feat. They just want it done.

So, if the Democrats continue to deny the message by not listening then they will meet the fate as the Bull Moose Party. They will simply go out of business. Just keep you head buried in the Obama sand and you will find out. It's coming again in 2012.

Mr. King, right on the button. Anyone over 40 and that has paid to politics and elections, and is not genetically predisposed to swallow Tea Party notions hook line and sinker every time they come around, should not be duped this time by the same old 'let's cut' diatribe this time. But, I am fearful that there is always a new generation ready to take the populist bait.

Cyclist's picture

Good to hear from you. Sorry you're not happy.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

carbonunit52's picture

Good to have you back. Of course, there was some good news for all of the citizens of the United Stated of America that came out of the elections: O'Connell and McMahon lost. Oh happy days!

I predict that the Republicans will pick up where they left off and demonstrate their unique ability to be sore winners.

I may be wrong (I hope that I am) and what I see as the meaningless huff n' puff coming from the Republicans could actually yield tangible accomplishments for everyone.

I personally like Barack Obama, even though I disagree with some of his tactics. He is being called a failure by some, and vilified by all Republicans, but let me point out an accomplishment that will forever make him a success, and that is the pride and self-esteem boost that he gave to our black brothers and sisters when he successfully became a candidate for, and won the office of, the President of the United States, and that is nothing but a good thing.

<Cite>“If the government does nothing as well as the private sector, how do you explain G.I.s?” You know, the world’s greatest military completely recruited, trained, equipped, and deployed by the government?</Cite>

<strong>Is there a private industry/competitor equivalent in America that I am unaware of?</strong> I know that the military uses several private companies and employs thousands of civilians but I was not aware there was anything to compare.

If not, why would you "...<cite>ask, “If the government does nothing as well as <strong>the private sector,</strong> how do you explain G.I.s?”</cite>"

That might well be one of the most rambling attempts at venting I have read in years. I guess 'Massa' King wants all the conservative 'enemies' to go to the 'back of the bus'.

I hope you feel better soon.

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

Best letter I have seen in this newspaper for a long time,Mr. King. I wish you had a regular column that would contribute some balance to the opinion pages.

I am nearly 70 years old, and would like to add that there is nothing like a few decades of living to help a person see through the fog of political mumbo-jumbo and revisionist history. Thanks again.


PTC Observer's picture

You could see through that fog better if you take off those rose colored glasses.

From a fellow senior citizen.

You're quite fortunate that you planned well in order to give up your well-earned social security. With today's medical costs - stay in optimum shape. A one day visit to the hospital - depending on the reason can cost between $5000- $20,000! That would wipe many of your fellow citizens your age out of the ball park of financial security. I'm speaking from experience - without the assistance of 'rose colored glasses'. To the younger generation who are willing to give up 'social security' - SAVE AND PLAN WELL!! Be prepared to sacrifice today on the possibility that you may live past 60.

PTC Observer's picture

"Will TEA Partiers and those fearful of socialism decline all social services based on principle?"

I am not a "Tea Partier", but I am fearful of my government. Yes indeed I would gladly give up all my social services that are redistributive in nature. Please government protect me from my own government, external foes, and social engineers like Mr. King.

I am very tired of watching political hacks tilt at windmills.

jpopeye's picture

I've been puzzled all day on this - as I recall the Obama/Clinton and McCain/Huckabee/Romney primary debates were focused on a range of issues. It was pretty close to the election when the country was made aware of an economic collapse. It became the main focal point between November and January leaving us all wondering if a Depression was avoidable.

You can argue over the best response and hindsight is always perfect. I think the President has admitted there were things he could have done better. Let's put that aside for a moment.

The thing that I can't understand is how to explain the Bush administration position. The only two choices seem to be a. they were so asleep at the wheel the did not see economic disaster coming, or b. they concealed it. Neither is good and both are close to treason in my book. Does this bother anyone else?

[quote]the Bush administration position. The only two choices seem to be a. they were so asleep at the wheel the did not see economic disaster coming, or b. they concealed it. Neither is good and both are close to treason in my book. Does this bother anyone else?[/quote]

My father told me - if you can't quite see the motivation for an act - follow the $$$ and see who profited.

Follow the money, it leads to the "new world order" and a third world United States. -GP

<strong>Profited</strong> is the operating word. Many who profit don't give a darn where it 'leads to' - as long as their balance sheet shows a profit. Until the American people see their role in this situation - and cease to continue down the road of 'me first', nothing will CHANGE.

PTC Observer's picture

Everyone knew MOM says follow the money.

The American people were quite happy as long as their housing prices were going up and they were able to borrow more and more money against their new found equity wealth.

The tipping point came when everyone knew it was likely going to come to an end.....this started happening in 2007. The cards collapsed when the election was happening because there was going to be a significant change in power back to the Democrats.

Now who's to blame....the American people for living beyond their means? The FED for keep interest rates below true market rates, the politicians who supported the FED policy so they could "insure" a "right" to affordable housing. B. Frank, Chris Dodd, the Congress and yes the President. The politicians and the banksters were way too close, and still are. President Bush vetoed less legislative crap than any President since Jefferson. Compassionate conservatives, what a joke.

So, if you want to know who's at fault? Go look in the mirror. Ask yourself who was supporting this corrupt way of doing business. Your answer if you are honest is "you".

jpopeye's picture

Thanks for posting.

If it was money that implies the financial collapse was hidden or at least ignored. I would not think the collapse was just blown off, there must have been some failed strategy. If the administration was ignoring or not addressing the collapse on the horizon there must have been some thought that we were going to pull out - I mean nobody allows the cash cow to starve.

Or would it be possible power brokers were willing to allow collapse because their insider knowledge gave them the foresight to profit in even a collapse environment? I don't really believe anyone would do that. For one it is risky, two it is too made for TV for me to buy in.

I think it must have been a failed strategy. Which underwrites the idea that we have to move away from whatever the strategy was.

It is not about jamming and ramming policies, and taxed enough, nor Christianity (Values), it is about just who was elected President last election.
It is intolerable and real scary to the radical right.

There will be little change over the next two years due to the deep, deep hole in which we found ourselves a little over a year and a half ago!
No one can find 15,000,000 jobs nor pay any debt anytime soon!

Every recession or depression brings out the rabble rousers!

Do you really think it is about who and not what? Here is the real problem. Governement versus Freedom. Everytime government grows we have a little less freedom. Now that we know what "hope and change" really means, things have changed. America is speaking, loud and clear. -GP

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