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Tolbert wins BOE Post 5

With all precincts in and only the paper absentee ballots left to count, Sam Tolbert is the new Post 5 member on the Fayette County Board of Education.

Tolbert, a Republican, held off Democratic challenger Laura Burgess with 69 percent of the vote. Tolbert ended with 25,591 votes to Burgess' 11,394. There are reportedly about 1,600 paper ballots that have to be recorded, but there are not enough there to change Burgess' fortunes in the only local countywide race.

For results from area and statewide races, visit

With 29 percent of statewide precincts recorded, the race for a seat on the Ga. Supreme Court may be the one that requires a runoff election on Nov. 30. The incumbent, David Nahmias, had 47.5 percent of the vote early on in a three-candidate field.



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vote for Brown this time either.

in the races where there is no opposition. What's the point?

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As I said elsewhere, I considered the merits of Mickey Mouse for this race; it certainly would have been an improvement over the only choice on the ballot and I couldn't bear to leave it blank like I normally do in un-opposed races. Goofy would have been perfect, but I don't know his last name (or is it his first name that's missing?) So I decided to go with the local boy, Bald Cyclist. Wouldn't you love to see how many write-in votes were cast in this race and what the names were? I'd be willing to bet there were a whole lot more of them than is typical for an un-opposed race!

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Everyone's GPS was leading them to that school rather that the Peachtree City Christian Church that is really 500 Kedron Dr. Your rudeness led everyone that made it to the line at Peachtree Christian Curch to hope you never work the polls again. Fayette County Board of Elections... We know you know you have to hire retired people who are more available and they are usually reliable; but the very very wrinkled old lady in the white shirt at Kedron Elementary walking around was just a B!+ch.

Surely you must know that many of those folks at your polling place are volunteers, not county employees. Too bad you had a bad experience. You might want to try "Early Voting" next time--I've done that that for 3 yrs and experienced zero problems.

are paid over a hundred dollars for a 6am to 8(?)pm day. Not a lot of money, mind you. And I have encountered many non yankee poll workers who are too busy snacking or reading their novels to act like you even walked in the room, so just keep the snotty yankee comments out of your complaints. As a matter of fact, for the one day privilege of voting in a free democracy, quit yer yapping altogether. Like it was mentioned above, you can vote for weeks before the election, so quit whining. And since when do you need a gps to find your polling place in PTC? Oh, guess Democrats need them. Give us a break.

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I'm absolutely converting to early voting. I voted late and the 1 hour wait conviced me not to go thru that again.

perhaps you shouldn’t have voted.

You obviously don't have the good sence God gave an iPhone so what makes you think you have a clue who to vote for?

Did your iPod/iPad give you suggestions?

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how to spell sense. An iPad may help your spelling.

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If you live in Kedron and meed a GPS to find Kedron Elementary, you are a moron. It's right there -- on the hill -- overlooking Hwy. 74 -- next to KEDRON Aquatic Center? And directly across KEDRON Drive (go figure!) from PTC Xtian Church, in case you had to be redirected there. But I guess you'd need a GPS to find that too? Probably need a GPS to find your house, huh?

Man, there are some ignorant arrogant people who reside in PYC!

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the GPS led us to. Kedron Elementary, and that's not where our polling place was; for some reason they had another polling place further down the road. And by the way I don't live in Kedrow; never even been down that road. You do, and you just proved you would have gone there too. Yes there are some ignorant people in PTC (not PYC) who speek without knowing what they're talking about. Shut up and learn idiot!

I always check to make sure my polling place had not changed before elections. When I returned to PTC after moving away for a number of years, I called way ahead of time to make sure where my polling place was located. Did everyone in your neighborhood go to the wrong place? Just how many people did you meet who had used GPS to find this place? Perhaps this poor, little, wrinkled old lady was sick and tired of people who did not take the time before election day to find out where they were supposed to vote and then took it out on her. As long as I have been voting I have never run into a rude poll worker, nor a rude post office worker, etc. Perhaps, that is because I always try to be pleasant to them.

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location. Congradulations on having the time to call way ahead of time to find your polling location. Amazing you've never experienced rude pole workers but it's been my observation that Yankees are so used to rudeness they don't notice it among each other.

Maybe the difference is I look on people as people, not southerners or yankees, and I try to treat each person as I would like to be treated. If someone even looks as if they are going to have an attitude I simply look at them and ask if they are having a bad day--that usually takes care of that problem. Yes, I had or took the time to make sure of my polling place--didn't take that long--not as long as it took you to go to the wrong place and then have to find the correct place. I could quote you many platitudes to cover this situation--i.e., 'a stitch in time saves nine', 'an ounce of prevention----' but then you are probably too busy to read them or take them to heart.
Well, at least you voted and that counts for something.

One reporter on CNN said this morning that there were several democrats still in the Senate who were of the "Older variety," and could die soon, which would allow a new republican governor to appoint a new republican to replace them.
This is just another way to get a polarized majority I suppose.

I still don't see what this new conglomeration of congressmen and women can do to get us 15,000,000 jobs in the next two years!
And where will they get the money to loan to banks to loan to businessmen!

There simply is way too much foreclosure stuff out there to get the banks out of a bind.

Even if the new House could figure a way to put all those people to work, either the Senate or the President can stop it if they wish. I doubt they would if the answer indicated that they had found 15 million jobs and money to loan to business.

They also could cut taxes greatly and it still would take years to clear out the current bank problems and unemployment,
Meanwhile the debt would skyrocket due to lack of tax income!

However, many will feel better about their "values," now I suppose!

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Donald Duck got my vote against Westmoreland and Mickey got my write-in against Ronnie.

Maybe one day we'll get some good leadership options in those positions.

Other than that I love the results as compared to what we had. The good news is alot of this silliness coming out of Washington will be slowed at the very least. Maybe...just maybe some of the 'fresh blood' entering the GOP will help to reform it. Just maybe.....

As for Georgia...we are stuck with the same-ole-same-ole 'speak against it but vote for it' Republicans that helped to get us in the position we are in. Albeit...they ARE a hell of alot better than what was replaced yesterday.

Oh well.... Let's continue cleaning house... in both parties.

As for I celebrate by purchasing a trailer and putting an order in for a new ***FORD*** truck. Oh..I'm also enjoyng the gnashing of the teeth. ((Grin))

See ya'll......

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

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