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Tolbert wins BOE Post 5

With all precincts in and only the paper absentee ballots left to count, Sam Tolbert is the new Post 5 member on the Fayette County Board of Education.

Tolbert, a Republican, held off Democratic challenger Laura Burgess with 69 percent of the vote. Tolbert ended with 25,591 votes to Burgess' 11,394. There are reportedly about 1,600 paper ballots that have to be recorded, but there are not enough there to change Burgess' fortunes in the only local countywide race.

For results from area and statewide races, visit http://sos.georgia.gov/elections/election_results/2010_1102/

With 29 percent of statewide precincts recorded, the race for a seat on the Ga. Supreme Court may be the one that requires a runoff election on Nov. 30. The incumbent, David Nahmias, had 47.5 percent of the vote early on in a three-candidate field.



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<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

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