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Fayette agrees to fund library director

The Fayette County Commission has agreed to fund the position of library director for the Fayette County Public Library, in light of the funding being withdrawn by the Flint River Regional Library System.

At the Oct. 27 meeting, the commission voted 4-1 to create the position, with Commissioner Steve Brown voting against.

Brown said he would prefer to appoint an interim library director until a staffing study of the library could be completed to determine if the position could be filled through a reorganization of the existing library staff. Brown’s motion to do just that failed for lack of a second.

Brown suggested that the county should look “if there is a way to handle the workload efficiently with the current staffing that we have.”

Commissioner Robert Horgan asked if Brown was saying the library was currently run inefficiently, and Brown replied he was not.

The FRRLS told county officials several months ago that it would no longer be funding the position of library director, currently held by Christeen Snell. The county negotiated with FRRLS, which agreed to cover the expenditures through December.

The salary range for the position as approved by the commission is $67,100 to $102,000.

The job will be offered to Snell, according to County Manager Jack Krakeel, but the salary offer has not yet been determined.

The salary range was determined after getting input from a variety of sources including the job description, a salary study from the University of Georgia in 2007 and also from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Krakeel said.



BHH's picture

Why would we want to hire her?

In fairness though, offer her the job for one year at present salary and then open it up for applicants.

Library related salaries are ridiculously high in my opinion.


So just where did you see the term "Fire" anywhere in this action? "Firing" usually indicates position not considered necessary or poor performance. "Cease to fund" carries an entirely different connotation and you have mischaracterized what FRRLS is going to do (orNOT do). Are you a patron of our library? I am and know it to be superbly managed, serving our citizens well. BTW I'm guessing you didn't know that the county sends FRRLS 75K annually and gets little ornothing for it. If they stop that, it only means FC will have to find less than 25K to continue what is an excellent operation, led by an extremely efficient and successful Director. The Commissioners could have fixed this long ago but instead chose to sit on their hands until last week. And Commissioner Brown certainly jumped the wrong rabbit here, in my opinion.

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Snell has done a world class job and the 25K is a worthwhile expenditure here. Brown is off on some Don Quixote jaunt and nice to see that McCarty doesn't always drink that Kool Aid.

The FC library system is heavily utilized and those who don't ever go in there may have no clue as to what the library does or how it does it, but it's a real asset and Snell deserves a lot of credit for that and the high level of use.

Wow....a vote that was 4-1 instead of the usual 3-2, AMAZING!

the past! In 20 years or less, there will be no more paper versions of anything manufactured anymore. Production is too inefficient! Digital is it! Time to transition now! Sell the libraries to Starbucks and get out of the book lending business! Nuky, I'm surprised you are so far behind the curve on this one! AHG and BHH I can see clinging to their clay tablets till the end!

I guess you all want kids to still learn how to write cursive in school too!

Braves clearing space--who they gonna get!?

Going to vote today for the 312th time! Sorry Jorge!

NUK_1's picture

I guess I liked that the name is the same as mine!

Still, why pay $12.99 for some new releases on e-book when I get them for free at the library? For everything else, the Nook or Kindle is great, but when u read as much as I do, it adds up so the library is still in my menu of options.

you big socialist--forcing taxpayers to subsidize your extreme reading habits! How can you keep your libertarian badge after this admission!

I'm alerting Wayne Allyn Root right now!

I bet you are even reading Steve Jobs' bio on a non-digital format!

Crowell stands up for his libertarian values!

NUK_1's picture

I'll have to re-read Atlas Shrugged three times now!

same feel with cold hard surface. I stopped buying books years ago when the price got out of hand. I go to the library and get about 12 books--go home ahd have a reading fest and then repeat the procedure. No need to find space even though I have to admit I have copies of the classics which I hope some day some of my progeny wil want--right now with them it is Kindles, Nooks, etc. Technology, BAH!!!

Books have been part of my life since childhood when I would walk down to the Crossroad during the summer, meet the Bookmobile and return home with my arms loaded, stopping on the Front Porch to begin reading! I routinely use the Library's "Hold" feature to reserve new books from the NYT "Best Seller" list and am very successful doing that. Nope, for me, won't be any such thing as replacing Hard Cover Printed reading matter, just ain't gonna happen!

I reckon ya'll keep your books on top of a big cabinet with a drawer crammed full of quill pens and blotting sand!

The 21st century has arrived! Be careful of those horseless carriages now, ya hear! They tend to scare the mules!

Defend this great nation against socialism--covert all public libraries into Starbucks!

Write In Mike King for Council--I did 256 times today!

jackasses. You can hang on to all your newfangled techno toys--books will be around long after they are all gone and forgotten! When there is no electricity, no batteries, no technology, etc, you can always sit in a nice comfortable chair or hammock under a shade tree and read that book! By this time next year your Kindle, Nook, Twooter, etc will be obsolete---me, I will have my books which are timeless. Besides, it takes ten of you young whippersnappers to make one of us old geezers---

I can just envision you now, curled up in front of a roaring fire in Winter with a good Kindle! I have no animosity towards those who bypass me technologically--just a word of warning: Be careful that you don't miss some of the greatest treasures & pleasures of life by wanting to "keep up with the technology explosion. We all have to live with our own decisions--just make sure sure they're yours and not someone elses.

Mike King's picture

My daughters have kindles and simply love them. Both are 'hoarders' when it comes to hardbacks, however, and we all enjoy the gift of books during the holidays, birthdays, etc. While turning pages is preferred, kindles do come in handy on long business trips.

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Watch out for those socialist libraries.

Randy Boyett

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Who is John Galt? :P

than twice has been found by the US Supreme Court in a 9-0 decision to be cruel and unusual punishment! Good 250-page story turned into a 9,000-page tome! Greenspan should have told her to edit it down some! You know that Herman Cain ad was a play on Rand's rant in Shrugged about smoking standing for man's control of fire and self-mastery of his environment don't you! Sorry Susan B.! Am I not the only one that picked up on that!

Bama/LSU--what's the spread?!

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...but I don't think books will totally disappear. I know I hate staring at the brightness of a screen after awhile, and adjusting the brightness & tint still doesn't help a lot. Also, if I'm on a plane, the battery won't go out on my book! Public libraries are a supplement to our educational system; I think they're far too important - in any variation, digital or print - to ever do away with. Maybe we should privitize them so only those who can afford it can go read?

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