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RaceTrac construction cranks up on 54W

Work is underway on the RaceTrac convenience store on Ga. Highway 54 west between Planterra Way and Line Creek Drive.

The landscape plan for the site was approved by the planning commission Oct. 22, with no less than eight canopy trees required for a 30-foot wide buffer along the highway.

The plan meets or exceeds the city’s requirements and the majority of the remaining plant material will be installed at the perimeter of the parking area, according to a memo prepared by city staff.
City officials are also encouraging RaceTrac to plant an evergreen vine at the base of a retaining wall so it can soften the wall.

Other requirements for the landscape plan include a required guarantee for all plant material to be replaced if any of it dies within two years of the issuance of the certificate of occupancy. The property owner will also be required to maintain all landscaping and meet fine grading criteria.

The commission also approved the exterior building materials and color samples for the building.



How many overtures did they turn away from a retail center? I guess they were too busy insulting past Mayors etc to pay attention to this parcel.

I suppose the rock climbing wall in the back will be one of the tallest in the State.

This will be an eyesore of the highest order in our City.

Worst Council ever.

the "tenant" will keep all the trees blooming and it will be pristine. Guess it can't be much worse than the entrance to the Home Depot shopping center which was also supposed to have been "kept up". We will be paying more and more taxes for less and less of what we moved here for. This should never have been allowed.

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Ain't that grand? 8 canopy trees. Don't need Belk's or Kohl's, but we need Racetrak? So, do we get any city tax revenue from a gas station? Huh? Huh?

I guess we do get some fee revenue from whoever it is digging up the earth and creating that quarry. He probably got a development permit and a city business license. Maybe an impact fee from the developer - Trinity Development, Vince Riggio, HMIC.
Do I remember a series of small commercial buildings behind the Racetrak? I do believe the righteous and principled Trinity Development said the retail was going in at the back and the Racktrak was just an outparcel in the front. Who was overseeing this from the city?
8 canopy trees. And I am sure the typical Racktrak worker will be out there in the early AM pruning and trimming and fertilizing that landscaping. I'm sure that is a priority for Mr. Patel --- or is that a racist comment? Sorry, sorry, sorry.You guys at the city are pitiful. Get some business people in there at the city making the important decisions.

Live free or die!

in PTC? Looks like mo' chicken coming to town.

Just keeping abreast of what's in the pipeline, or should I say a leg up on new stuff.

Havin' a little bit o' chicken fried and a cold beer next door at the RaceTrac on a Friday nite....

Cathy that is.

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