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Judge sends PTC teen to prison on cart theft charges following new arrest for sex crime

A Peachtree City teenager was sent to prison for five years after his probation was revoked Wednesday based on an alleged sex crime involving a 14-year-old girl.

Joshua Phillip Mobley, 19, of Wisdom Road, has only been charged at this point with aggravated child molestation, but Fayette County Superior Court Judge Christopher Edwards ruled there was enough evidence to determine he had violated his conditions of probation from an incident last year involving a stolen golf cart.

With his probation revoked, Mobley will have to serve a five-year prison term for the various offenses tied to the golf cart case including entering an auto, theft by taking, loitering/prowling and obstruction of a police officer. Mobley pled guilty to those counts in court Jan. 11, officials said.

Mobley will face a separate trial in the future for aggravated child molestation based on his arrest for the April 27 incident after a sexually-explicit photo of Mobley and the 14-year-old victim began to make the rounds at Fayette County High School, police said.

In court Wednesday, prosecutor Robert Smith entered into evidence a photo of the alleged sex act that sparked the police investigation which led to a charge of aggravated child molestation. The photo was taken by a friend of the victim in the case, police said.

Smith noted that the alleged crime occurred in a breezeway of the Concord Village Apartments in Peachtree City more than four months after Mobley promised the judge he would avoid committing future crimes in return for the probated sentence.



Thank you Judge Edwards and prosecuter Smith for a job well done.

secret squirrel's picture

Well, if this gentleman, perhaps, is an otherwise fine, upstanding, church-going citizen, maybe Scott Ballard can step in and come to his rescue. I mean, it's 2013. Child molestation isn't <em>really</em> a crime anymore, right?

Here's to hoping this one gets what he has coming to him regardless of where or how much he tithes.

This kid was a promising football player in Middle School, until he got injured at practice.

I wonder if that injury never happened how things would have been different in his life?

He could have gone on to be a Freshman in college playing football, instead of being sent to prison. A simple twist of fate?

PTC Observer's picture

"If" is the biggest word in the English language.

In the end it is all about the choices we make and taking responsibility for our actions. Sadly, we don't do a good job of teaching this fact to our children.

If the kid learned his lesson AFTER the judge gave him the pass (for a stupid youth mistake).

Your right, he had choices: School, work, military (All good and productive)

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