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Cities want Haddix ousted from transportation group

The city councils of Peachtree City, Tyrone and Fayetteville voted Thursday night to ask for a new representative to be appointed to a regional transportation group

in place of Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix.

With a potential 10-year regional sales tax reaping an estimated $700 million a year, Fayette’s two representatives on the Regional Transportation Roundtable are charged with getting high-priority transportation projects on the list for potential funding.

Peachtree City Councilman Eric Imker said Fayette’s ability to negotiate with other members of the 21-person roundtable has been “irreparably damaged” by Haddix’s failed bid to remove Fayette County from the Atlanta regional area.

That, Imker said, could severely damage Fayette’s ability to get crucial projects on the list for potential funding.

“I can’t possibly see how any fruitful negotiations can happen when one person has identified themselves as so negatively opposed to actually even being there,” Imker said.

Haddix insisted that he cannot be removed from the roundtable and said he would not resign. The legislation that created the roundtable doesn’t provide for any member to be removed once appointed.

Imker, however, indicated that by Wednesday a group of Fayette’s mayors will meet to remove Haddix from the position. Haddix was appointed to the roundtable several weeks ago by a 3-2 vote of those mayors with Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele breaking the tie in Haddix’s favor.

It was pointed out that since the legislation requires roundtable representatives to be chosen by Nov. 10, the mayoral group, of which Haddix is a member, could convene again and vote to change their minds by appointing someone else instead of Haddix.
Tyrone and Fayetteville’s votes were unanimous, while Peachtree City’s vote was 3-2 in favor, with Haddix and Councilman Doug Sturbaum voting against.

Haddix asserted that he was having fruitful discussions with several roundtable members. He promised to get cart path funding allowed under the regional tax, and previously has said he would advocate for improvements to the interchange of Interstate 85 and Ga. Highway 74 in Fulton County, an intersection that gets clogged during commuting hours which significantly affects commuters in western Fayette County.

The motion to ask the mayor’s group to select a different RTR representative passed 3-2 with Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch, Imker and Councilwoman Kim Learnard voting in favor.

The roundtable consists of 21 members, two from each county: one of which is the chairperson of the county commission and the other is a mayoral representative from that county whom is selected by the majority vote of all mayors in the county. The 21st member of the roundtable, as authorized by the legislation approved last year, is the mayor of Atlanta.

The project list for the 10-year regional transportation sales tax will be compiled by the roundtable. The tax is expected to raise $700 million a year and is pitched as Atlanta’s “best shot” at helping alleviate gridlock and improve traffic for commuters.

Haddix has argued that Fayette County could avoid the tax altogether by leaving the Atlanta region and moving to the more rural Three Rivers regional commission. His argument went nowhere two weeks ago as he was unsuccessful in convincing his own council that it was the right move; doing so requires approval of the Peachtree City Council, the Fayette County Commission, the state legislature and also the Three Rivers Commission itself.

Several residents at Thursday night’s council meeting criticized the bid to remove Haddix from his roundtable seat. A few, specifically former Peachtree City Mayor Steve Brown, were highly critical of the possibility that Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele would be the most likely candidate to replace Haddix.

Brown, who was voted in as a Fayette County commissioner earlier this year and will assume office Jan. 1, alleged that Steele is a big supporter of mass transit for Fayette County, which he said is not in the best interest of Peachtree City. Brown also claimed that Steele “has siphoned millions upon millions” of tax dollars away from Peachtree City.

Resident Robert Brown argued that Haddix was the better choice to serve on the roundtable because “it is better to have somebody who will stand up and fight for what is best for Fayette County.”



So when Vanessa Fleisch, Eric Imker or Kim Learnard makes a negative comment we disagree with we should demand they resign their posts.

This is the most dysfunctional bunch of clowns ever. They ought to run for Congress.

But in the process, be sure to
1)have the only other alternative to represent Fayette be someone who will put trains and stations and commuter lots right down the heart of hwy 74 and thru our industrial park. Make sure good 'ol Ken Steele gets the credit for that, too.
2)jump on the "I'm ignorant and uninformed in the ways of how regional govt. works, but I'm still gonna make sure someone who does know how this stuff works doesn't get a chance to represent us."
3)get the most pussywhipped councilor ever (Erika Imker) to agree with two of the most hysterical and periomenopausal women to come thru this county since Chief McIntosh's 2 wives had to go it alone when he was knocked off.
In the words of a very famous local yokel, "Do these council members have any discernable principles of governance underlying their approach to casting votes? To ask the question is to answer it: None that are on consistent public display." (Thank you, Cal Beverly 10/12/2010 editorial) Truer words have never been spoken. Amen, Cal!

Since the horrible Mayor was unable to get Peachtree City out of the ARC and avoid Atlanta or some other big boogie-man group building transportation in & out of Fayette to the rest of the region, then the terrible Mayor must be removed by all of the other people in the ARC who appointed him, and another unknown appointed in his place!

Obviously, according to three PTC council members, if the horrible Mayor couldn't negotiate Fayette County into Podunk South, Ga region, then he certainly isn't capable of producing a list of good projects to do with the
new sales tax coming! And, we ain't going to help him neither!

This is very similar to what is going on in Washington, D.C., where we have a horrible President who couldn't put 15,000,000 people to work without spending taxes, nor could he pay off the 15 trillion dollar debt
($15,000,000,000,000) in two years.

Poor old Bush added 5 trillion to the debt in his 8 years, started two wars, where 200,000 civilians have died and 75,000 have been wounded (35,000 of ours), unknown killed of ours, and we are about to have to leave it worse than it was when we started, 9 years ago! And he left a little depression. (15,000,000 unemployed and will be 500 bank failures).

President Obama I suppose had promised to resolve all this within two years (will be two years in January) and he failed, thus we will just kick out a bunch of democrats and form up new leaders: O'Donnell, Palin, Paul, and Boehner: weren't they all around when it happened?

But what has this got to do with the horrible Mayor of PTC?

We didn't want him in the first place! He is a meddler! And he can't come up with any money to fix everything without taxes being raised.

Wait a minute, none of this makes any sense yet! I don't understand.

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He's really come into his own as Brown the second. He can't be removed? Ever? Even by majority vote of those who appointed him? Huh?

When everyone is lining up against you and your omly supporters consist of 2 clowns named Brown, it is time to rethink your position. Remember Mr. Haddix you represent all the people in Peachtree City and your job is to be a leader - not a ruler. Following in the path of Steve Brown and Barak Obama is not a winning strategy.

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PTC, Tyrone and Fayetteville don't think you're a good representative to the regional transportation group and chronic whiners Steve and Robert Brown do. Use some common sense and step down and let someone else who doesn't have a totally closed mind and who actually represents FC and not himself take over the spot.

Good move, Council! I think we have just seen the beginning of the end with the Donnie Darko/Doug Starkdumb administration. Anyone who thinks that Fayette doesn't belong in the ARC is just plain ignorant especially when over 70% of the citizenry drive to their job in Fulton, Clayton, Cobb and Dekalb counties. And those of you including the Brown Clowns trying to scare the locals with visions of trains and buses running through The Bubble, you know good and damn well that is not going to happen.

on AJC if anyone is interested. Frankly, you wonder how people can be so stupid.

Oh are right, Spy! As Ron White says "You can't fix stupid!". Hmmm...on second thought, maybe this is why Donnie Darko and Doug Starkdumb want to hook up with Three Rivers. The emails are more entertaining than those coming from ARC. lol

My oh my...sounds like Three Rivers is a real pro-feshunal operation.

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Oust his butt, PTC thinks they're more important that any city in Fayette county anyway.

Steele would make the better choice.

and Haddix.

I live in PTC, and I enjoy being a part of Fayette County. I do not think I'm better than anyone. Been on the Southside of ATL my entire life. And to those who think we will have trains/buses soon, that comment is laughable.

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The political machine is working hard to control the future of Fayette County.

The folks pulling the switches and pushing the buttons are backed by the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Regional Transportation Roundtable. Mayor Haddix had the courage to stand-up to the big boys and they are subversively infiltrating local governments to oust him.

Some people in Fayette County can't see that.

All the figures surrounding Fayette County are presented by consultants that are hired by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

According to some folks on the Fayette County Board of Education, they built Rivers Elementary School because the consultants projected that we would need that school. Dare we say they were wrong?

The consultants skew figures to fit the ARC agenda and our representatives work like crazy to prove the consultants right.

Who pays for it? In one way or another, the citizens of Fayette County pay for it.

So far, Mayor Haddix is one of a very few who has had the courage to stand-up to the big boys. I admire the man. I admire anyone who has the courage to stand-up for the people. I am sick and tired of being governed by people who don't even live in this county. I am sick and tired of having my life controlled by politicians who live in Fulton, DeKalb, Clayton, Gwinnett, Cobb and etc. If some people in Fayette County can't stand strong, they will allow outside forces to completely control this county. If Mayor Haddix is ousted from the RTR, the people of Fayette County will never have a voice and the political machine knows that.

By the way, I live in Fayette County but I don't live in PTC.

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Claims are statements that can't be proven. Reporters love that because they can print the wildest claims without any fact checking - as long as they attribute the claim to someone.
Here's the latest:
"Brown also claimed that Steele “has siphoned millions upon millions” of tax dollars away from Peachtree City"

Actually the siphoning was done by Greg Dunn and Linda Wells because of their intense distaste for the "all about me" mayor of PTC during his reign of error (not original with me, but accurate). Steele and Fayetteville were simply the receptacle that collected the siphoned dollars. Always glad to set the record straight when a brown claim is spotted in the punchbowl.

And on to Haddix. If he resists Steele or anyone else replacing him next week when the mayors meet, we have a real problem on our hands in PTC. Brown has already proven to us that an inexperienced and arrogant mayor can cost the taxpayers of PTC big time. No need to rerun that- especially this year with a different mayor. I say if he refuses to step aside we start a recall petition before his self-centered actions cost us dollars and reputation.

Live free or die!

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Amazing how Brown feels like a Mayor of Fayetteville "siphoned millions from PTC" (which is laughably dumb and typical Brown) and also forgets that Steele is the guy who voted for Haddix and not himself to head the regional transportation group in the first place.

Oh well, the mantra of DEVELOPERS!!!!BANKERS!!!! has now been replaced with the amazingly powerful Mayor of Fayetteville, you know, the guy who Brown constantly says favors "mass transit/MARTA" which is also a total distortion of the truth.

I always thought the FC commission had control over county monies flowing to cities, but I'm glad Brown has enlightened us all that it's really the Mayor of Fayetteville Ken Steele who has that authority and control.

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the real problem will be all the facilities expansions that will be needed to hold the ego's of all the politicians we have voted into office.

Clearly, their collective egos are bigger than the buildings they occupy.

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Lets see, Haddix says "Haddix asserted that he was having fruitful discussions with several roundtable members. He promised to get cart path funding allowed under the regional tax, and previously has said he would advocate for improvements to the interchange of Interstate 85 and Ga. Highway 74 in Fulton County, an intersection that gets clogged during commuting hours which significantly affects commuters in western Fayette County."

Then Brown says "alleged that Steele is a big supporter of mass transit for Fayette County, which he said is not in the best interest of Peachtree City. Brown also claimed that Steele “has siphoned millions upon millions” of tax dollars away from Peachtree City.

So far all I see from both these people is what is best for PTC, yet I believe that their function is to represent all of Fayette. So far I don't see that happening.

I yam what I yam

Don Haddix's picture

I referenced 285 and 85 as well. I didn't reference any project out there for east Fayette simply because there are none on the table that benefit all of Fayette.

Bus and Rail do not and are not wanted. But Steele is an avid supporter. He publicly stated it more than once in 2008 to other elected officials. The Outer Loop cutting through Fayetteville and the center of Fayette County are not wanted or good for Fayette either.

To make the unconstrained list a project must already be planned or at a minimum have the engineering and base studies completed. I am aware of no Regional Project fitting that criterion in our Transportation Plan. The Outer Loop and Concept 3 (bus and rail) are already on the List because, like Concept 3, it is part of the HB 277. If one is found I will most assuredly be looking at it.

The motorized path issue does benefit all of Fayette. But it is a Local, not a Regional issue. As are, I believe, all the projects in the County and City Transportation Plans for Fayette. So that is our decision to make as County or City to build or not build as long as they comply with the Criteria List.

My point here was the Regional List. We cannot submit plans for another County. They must submit the plans and then we has a Roundtable will review the final Constrained list from the Director and maybe put some back in the Unconstrained and move some from the Unconstrained to the Constrained.

There is a great misconception and actual misrepresentation of what constitutes a project and what the Roundtable can and cannot do.

One simple example is the statement by Steele that if the County does not want something it will not happen. That is false. If the Roundtable puts it on the Constrained List, in example the Outer Loop and or Concept 3, that goes to the voters Fayette has zero say if approved Regionally. In fact the RTR ceases to exist after the vote to put the referendum on the ballot or not. Then the State is in total control and as long as the money is there when that projects priority position in the list is reached it will be built.

Here is the simple picture. Developing the final criteria and establishing the executive committee is where we are now.

First quarter 2011 cities and counties can submit projects for their cities and their counties, not other cities and counties. No 'wish list' projects will be accepted, there must be a minimum of engineering studies and other base requirements already completed now, per the DOT. The DOT already has a thousands of projects collected from County Transportation Plans, ARC, GRTA, DOT, Transit groups, etc.

Second quarter the projects will be filtered by the Final Criteria. If it does not fit the criteria it is eliminated. The the DOT reviews the projects and establishes costs, impacts on congestion relief, etc, who pays and builds and so on.

Third quarter are public hearings.

Fourth quater RTR approves or not the sending the voters. We can move some projects around but we cannot add any new ones. RTR disbands.

2012 voters decide if allowed to vote.

2013 projects begin. Totally controlled by the State. There is no local say on what is nor is not built.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Well tell me this then, how do the cart paths in PTC benefit the whole county, and lets go one step further, the 85 and 74 interchange helps the whole county? Lets see you split those hairs.

I yam what I yam

Don Haddix's picture

The current language prohibits money spent on paths of any kind for any type of motorized vehicle. PTC is not the only city with paths. There were/are plans to build paths in the County as well. So it isn't just PTC nor only golf carts.

As for 85/74 it helps Tyrone, Brooks, Woolsey, and the southern and central portions of the county as well. It is far more than just PTC.

The challenge will be to get it on the Final Constrained List with any kind of high ranking. The project's benefit would be to Fayette and South Fulton. Fulton has a lot of high ranked projects impacting Atlanta.

Beyond that there are already over 5,000 collected projects for the ARC region. So there will be a lot going on the two fronts of this issue, meaning getting or not getting it to the voters while at the same time getting individual projects on the Final Constrained List with a high ranking if it does go to the voters, which I believe it will.

With that said please point me to a Regional Project that aids eastern Fayette?

I know Steele wants some work in Fayetteville designated Regional but I don't see that happening. It would be local, but if wrong, and as part of the the over 400 Fayette projects already submitted, if the DOT would designate it Regional or State so be it.

It was interesting at a joint GMA (cities) and ACCG (counties) training Friday that HB 277 was a side bar and even class subject. There is a lot of pressure being put on legislators as it is not popular in most of the State. How that plays out will be interesting.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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Well you got me Don, you split those hairs, which city is it with the cart paths, besides PTC. Brooks, you really think 85/74 helps Brooks? Woolsey is a hell of a stretch. I guess if you think broad enough, it would even help Griffin and actually anywhere you want to write down. As far as pointing you to a Regional Project that benefits eastern Fayette, isn't that your job? No, wait, all you seem to be concerned with is PTC. Why is west Fayette regional and east Fayette not? Also tell me how Steele is so powerful he can divert all those millions from PTC to Fayetteville?

I yam what I yam

Has anyone of you ever fed the hogs with slop when there are maybe 10 in one pen and they haven't eaten since breakfast?
The will nearly kill one another to eat first and sometimes tear up the trough! They aren't necessarily hungry, just want it while they can get it!

Passing a new sales tax and THEN asking what would you like to have for this new tax pits all of the hogs against one another and all hell breaks loose.

This is what happens when a state has a weak state government who vote no on everything and then pass local taxes by conniving---thereby making them appear "conservative." (conniving by allowing a few counties to vote for all).

Either that, or begging the federals for billions of tax dollars to finance what the state needs rather than propose it themselves! Hypocrites! Or maybe just "Liberals in disguise."

We sure have some gullible citizens in Georgia, and many ignorant acting ones also! They know better.

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This has nothing to do with how I vote, Don here seems to have a skewed sense of entitlement and doesn't seem to want to represent all Fayette, just his little portion. Somehow getting funding for PTC cart paths helps all of Fayette, I just can't seem to see it that way.

I yam what I yam

Residents from all over Fayette and Coweta use them on a daily basis. All you have to do is check the folks parking at Drake Field and near the City Hall. I have no problem with it, just don't act like that only PTC folks use them exclusively.

hutch866's picture

Lets see, you look at the car and can tell what part of Fayette they're from, or do you look at the people and can tell what part of Fayette they're from? How does that work?

I yam what I yam

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I can't explain it, but I know a PTC resident when I see one.

And frequently, it's that cheap perfume permeating the air as they pass by!

using the paths to know. It's not rocket science. How many folks do you actually think would drive from PTC to use the paths? How many hours have you spent watching sunsets on the dam at Battery Way Park? I've talked to literally hundreds of people who get much enjoyment out of the paths. Come on down, it's a blast.

Don Haddix's picture

Fayetteville and Tyrone have paths.

Nope, it is not a stretch on Brooks and Woolsey. How do you think residents who commute north get there? They either go through PTC via 74 or through Fayetteville via 85.

Within the Fayette Transportation Plan I do not know of any Regional Projects. Outside of Fayette 74/85 is the project that most benefits any of Fayette.

Yes, there is the Outer Loop and rail and bus in Concept 3 via GDOT, GRTA, regional transit groups, etc, that are Regional in Fayette. But Fayette overwhelmingly wants nothing to do with them. Do you want them?

I cannot just invent projects. Just putting on paper we want X to be built will not work. There has to be a minimum of engineering studies, etc, in place to submit anything. There just isn't time to develop something new from scratch.

I have the Congestion Study Maps, plans, proposals and a lot more data. The TSPLOST Regional component is dominated by road projects basically between 20 bisecting 285 and the north half of 285 and Transit. South of 285 there is nothing on the high ranking road projects at all.

It is going to be an uphill battle to get anything down our way on the Final Constrained List with a meaningful ranking. That will not be voted on until the 3rd quarter of 2011 so there is a lot of work to be done from now until then getting others on board, especially from Clayton and Fulton, who would directly benefit. Or trading votes with other Suburban Counties that face the same issues with low priority projects that really have no impact on us or our projects on them.

As for the money issues I am talking here as the RTR Mayor. As the PTC Mayor all I will say is there have been millions paid by PTC to the County over the years that should not have been paid due to double taxation. Those are ongoing issues between the County and us.

There is really nothing more I believe I can say beyond this. Those who want rail and bus are not going to agree with me.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

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I'm sure the people in Woolsey have nothing better to do with their time then go way out of their way to go through PTC. As far as I know, Fayetteville has one path a couple of miles long down Redwine, doesn't help out much as it doesn't really go anywhere. Donnie, don't put words in my mouth, I never said I want bus or rail, Marta ain't coming here, they can't serve what they have, let alone spread 30 miles south of Atlanta. I will admit that you and Brown do use that as a great scare tactic.

I yam what I yam

Don Haddix's picture

For Woolsey or Brooks it depends on where you are going. I never said anything different. It really depends on the person.

I do not know where all the paths in Fayetteville go but there were plans for more, at least at one time, in the near past.

No, I didn't put words in your mouth, I asked to be clear on where you were coming from, nothing more. But you didn't answer the question, actually. Do you want bus and rail here?

As well, who said MARTA? GRTA runs buses as well. GRTA already is running van pools here. Concept 3 and other legislation, actively being pursued right now, would merge all into one entity and pursue expansion. Concept 3 is not a scare tactic, it is a reality with the last update late this year. The effort to merge and expand are active right now. The Outer Loop is actively being pushed right now. Public meeting were held last month on the north side to get it started..

The Regional Transportation Committee began operations in January 2010. Right now they are working on getting the legislation passed to form the Regional Transportation Agency and empower it.

The RTA is modeled on the Chicago RTA system.

Even Steele never said bus and rail isn't coming here, period. His claim was not right now.

There is nothing to stop buses from coming here immediately under these plans if passed. Does not say they will but it sure does not say they will not. We will not know that until a year from now if in the final list and 2012 if it passes the public. But I strongly believe they projects will be in the list and they will pass in 2012 because of just two or three of the Core Counties overwhelming the votes of every other county.

There is nothing imaginary about the plans and proposals already in place. They are very real.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

What would be some of your suggested projects for east Fayette County?

I honestly don't have any reason to go that way except once or maybe twice a year so I have no incite as to what could be done to improve anything in that area.

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

The very first thing you did to the folks on the ARC was to alienate them. The very first thing you did was to say you want Fayette to leave the ARC. I'm not sure what train of thought you were taking with them, but it was obviously a big fat fail. Now other cities in Fayette County want you off the case, and frankly, I don't blame them.

Didn't the majority of Fayette County "alienate" the ARC bitching sbout Atlanta?
Of course they did and when Haddix tried to do as you wished, get out, you now want back in! (or something, I don't know what you want)
What do you want----in or out of ARC?

Makes no dam sense. You hate the man!

"Bus and Rail do not and are not wanted."

Where exactly are you getting this information?

Don Haddix's picture

That is a fair question. The answer is living here almost 24 years now, polls, emails, personal conversations all over the County and more. Being elected encourages a lot of citizen input.

When it came up during one election it stimulated a ton of input from literally hundreds of people.

Even Mayor Steele says 80% of Fayette does not want bus and rail. He is absolutely pro rail and knows if rail were to come it would be serviced by bus routes throughout the County. Chairman Smith also is pro rail but has said it isn't wanted.

As a side bar it is interesting on the LCI Poll regarding Transit as income went up use and desire for Transit went down. If I have your income level pegged any where close your demographic opposed more than wanted.

If you ever want the Power Point on the Poll, Concept 3 or similar send me an email and I will send what you want.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

PTC Observer's picture

Why don't you simply post a link to the PP here? If it isn't on a server put it on the PTC website.


Don Haddix's picture

I dug through my files and found it.

<a href=" target="_blank">Concept 3</a>

<a href=" target="_blank">Transit Planning Board Concept 3</a>

As well here is from HB 277:
(f) The Atlanta Regional Commission in conjunction with the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority and the department's director of planning shall utilize federal and state planning funds to continue the development of the Atlanta region's Concept 3 transit proposal, including assessment of potential economic benefit to the region and the state, prioritization of corridors based on highest potential economic benefit and lowest environmental impact, and completion of environmental permitting. Any new transit management instrumentality created as a result of the Transit Governance Study Commission created pursuant to this Code section shall participate in the Concept 3 development activities that remain incomplete at the time of the creation of the new regional transit body."

Also found the link to the Poll:

<a href=" target="_blank">Poll</a>

I also have the congestion maps but no link.

Hope that helps and does not confuse to much.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

I will read all of it.

Please email any/all documentation you see fit to

I'm curious as to why this keeps coming up.

I'm pro beaches (Atlantic please, I like the surf) in Fayette County too, but good luck getting that accomplished.

I have a relative who drives to Vinings every day to her job which moved there a couple of years ago!
Sure be nice to get on a train there and back.

$20 worth of gas a day plus wear a car out in 3 years! Can't sell home and move either.

Costs 20% of wages to do that!

It might be nice if Fayette didn't have anybody (or allow anybody) making less than $80,000 per year but that ain't gonna happen!

The Romans made such mistakes.

All of the leading indicators in all the data you provided clearly show that either mas or alternate transportation options are desirable by the majority with the exception of non-commuters and those who commute 15 min. or less.

I would argue that non-commuters don't count and those that commute 15 min. or less aren't commuting beyond the county they live in. Both of those groups have nothing to gain by passing this bill.

"As a side bar it is interesting on the LCI Poll regarding Transit as income went up use and desire for Transit went down. If I have your income level pegged any where close your demographic opposed more than wanted."

I would suggest that you re-read the poll data as it clearly shows that both men and woman earning $60+ are in favor of either mas and/or alternative transportation options.

<a href=" Depth: 10 Worst Cities For Commuters</a>

<strong>No. 1: Atlanta, Ga.</strong>

"Here, in the fastest-growing city in America, more people flood the roadways than the infrastructure can handle. Commuters spend 60 hours a year stuck in traffic, second only to those in Los Angeles. If that weren't bad enough, Atlanta is so spread out that only 29% of drivers get to and from work in less than 20 minutes, the third worst rate in the country, and 13% spend more than an hour getting to work, the fourth worst rate in the country. The local train system doesn't service the entire city, and thus fails to relieve the pressure."

You are so right on. this mayor nor anyone in his family do not commute none of em work

bad_ptc don't you just love his reply so general. he heard, he has talked to people, he has lived here over 24 years. so what i have done all those things as well and the majority i know think bus and rail is a plus. newnan has a great bus express system and it is outstanding and successful. have you noticed how many more EMPTY stores we have, have you noticed we keep bulding strip malls that sit empty.

Think about why Ken Steele is putting his shoulder behind building the West Fayetteville Bypass. Steele's buddies Bob Rolader and Brent Scarbrough are going to start building houses there.

I was working a job where Scarbrough had a grading project and they made it pretty clear about their future plans around the bypass.

I was for extending TDK Drive so call me a hypocrite if you want. As for Steele though he's about to flush the heart of the county down the drain.

NUK_1's picture

.....especially the part about him siphoning millions of PTC's money away. It's not Mayor Steele, it's KING Steele! He has the power to override the FC commissioners and write himself a blank check!

Exactly what does the WFB have to do with "mass transit" or "MARTA," two things that Steele has never even come close to endorsing, unlike the WFB which he definitely does.

ginga1414's picture

Thanks so much, CCB, for confirming the information concerning Steele, Rolader and Scarbrough and their plans for the WFB/Parkway. We've know it all along but a lot of folks refuse to listen.

NUK_1's picture

Which is why he always posts something totally inaccurate and then runs away for a month. Rinse and repeat.

I want one of the screeching zealots like Haddix, Steve Brown, CCB and a few others to please explain to me how Ken Steele-Mayor of Fayetteville-"siphoned millions" from PTC as Brown claimed. I would also like to know how Ken Steele-Mayor of Fayetteville-has so incredibly much power that his desires override ANYTHING the FC Commission does. Oh wait.....the FC Commission are the ones who are allocating SPLOST money? You mean they are the ones who decided to build the stupid WFB? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! It was all Ken Steele-Mayor of Fayetteville! He;s like GOD here.

The zealots and anti-anti-anti-everything crowd like Brown, Chase and Haddix always need someone to demonize because their own ideas fail to stand up to scrutiny and are heavily rejected by voters. Both managed to win being mayor of PTC on an anti-agenda. Brown discovered that being against everything before and then having to flip-flop the exact opposite direction while demonizing everyone besides goat-herders was a big FAIL. Blaming developers and evil bankers cost him thousands of votes(wow, we're a community of only developers and bankers I guess)in his landslide defeats for Mayor and against Ramsey. But hey, people have short memories so he managed to find another "demon" this go-round and make it to the FC commission so hurray! Enjoy your one term, again.

Haddix is already running into the same sentiment of "enough of your blowhard BS, just govern already" and he's been Mayor for all of a year. True champions of the people indeed.

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The real question in my mind is not all the discusson on Haddix or Steele, the real question is who in their right mind authorized this ill conscieved law.

I know that Ramsey and Chance voted for it, but what I don't understand is why they simply didn't use the taxing authority that exists to fund these "projects". It's like they sit around the state captial trying to figure out new ways of taxing citizens without thinking about the options they have already.

The regional planning carried out by the state has been poor anyway, why enhance poor performance with new regional TSPLOSTs?

Let's get together contact our representatives at the state level to repeal this poor way of funding road projects. Let those that use the roads pay for them, toll roads or gasoline taxes are fine with me. Let's don't shaft the taxpayers with another tax when all the other road taxes will surely go up too.

And let's don't use the excuse that the law is already in place and there's nothing we can do about it, that's bull!


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