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Starship opens at Thomas Crossroads

It has been the story of a business opening that polarized a community like few others. But after nearly two years since applying for a business license to operate Starship Adult Novelties and Gifts on Ga. Highway 34 at Thomas Crossroads the company’s Coweta County store opened Monday, with more than 550 sales on its first day.

Starship owner Kelly Rogers said he decided to open the store to recoup some of the past losses that stemmed from not being open while he awaited for the federal lawsuits to run their course.

The store’s first day of business racked up 556 sales, Rogers said.

“We’re not open fully,” Rogers said, adding that the parking lot was full all day. There were also a dozen cars in the parking lot at 8:30 p.m. “(Monday) was the best store opening we ever had and it was the number two selling store of the 22 in the company.”

The store is outfitted with a variety of offerings such as knives, swords, games, cigars, incense, t-shirts, lingerie, candles, oils, shoes, cards, PG-13 first-run movies, tobacco pipes, jewelry safes and furniture.

A separate area of the store contains the novelties that pertain to adults. A sign above the doorway to the section states that the items inside are sold as novelties and that some items may be designed for bona fide medical, educational or scientific purposes. We are prohibited by Coweta County ordinance from selling these items for non-medical, non-educational and non-scientific uses, the sign says.

Starship got a favorable ruling on April 19 when Coweta County Superior Court Judge Jack Kirby ruled in favor of Starship Enterprises in its lawsuit against Coweta County after county commissioners in January 2009 denied Starship a business license.

In his ruling, Judge Kirby reversed the county’s decision to withhold Starship’s business license and ordered the issuance of a business tax certification to the company contingent on three stipulations. Those include Starship’s compliance with county ordinances pertaining to commercial businesses, that the company conduct and provide monthly audits of its retail inventory and sales for the first year of operation followed by quarterly reports thereafter and that the Coweta County Business Tax Dept. have authority to make unannounced visits at its discretion.

Starship subsequently filed a federal lawsuit claiming Coweta County’s actions to prevent the store’s opening is unconstitutional. Atlanta attorney Brian Spears in the filing is asking for compensatory damages against Coweta County and Business License Director Eva Wagner and punitive damages against Wagner. The filing also requests a jury trial where applicable.

The federal lawsuit was to be heard by U.S. District Court Judge Jack Camp. But Camp’s assignment to the case was pre-empted after he was charged last month with a variety of criminal acts, including the possession and use of illegal drugs purchased from a stripper at Atlanta’s Goldrush Showbar and carrying weapons during a drug transaction.

The Starship affair surfaced in public in early 2009 at a county commission meeting where more than 300 residents were adamant that the store not be given a business license. A number of those residents told commissioners they would prefer to take their chances in court rather than have the board approve the business license.

Starship, under a different venue, later received a 4-1 recommendation from Coweta County’s Tax Rate Review and Appeals Committee to have its earlier business license denial overturned.



someone named spy already scooped ben on this one. Enough with the free advertising, OK?

And I don't understand a bit of it. That's why I posted what I did the other day.

I'll have more of a report this weekend...might stop in after a movie Friday evening.

[quote=Spyglass]And I don't understand a bit of it. That's why I posted what I did the other day.

I'll have more of a report this weekend...might stop in after a movie Friday evening.[/quote]

Sex and sleaze sells, hence we get lots of articles about Starship, Judge English, and the Tea Party.

You have a great sense of humor Bacon. I am pretty much the political polar opposite of you, but I appreciate your sense of humor and intellect. The liberal friends that I have that are very bright have always puzzled me. I feel like they should see things like I do and they express the same frustrations with me.

(All of that being said- your tag hurts my feelings. I have debated saying anything to you because it is certainly your right to post it - but it is hurtful to me. It's well within your rights to post. I have never been angry when I heard the 'N' word, was called the 'N' word, or when I have seen a 'joke' that alludes to it, only hurt. I won't mention it again but I bet if I feel this way, so do many others.)

Your friendly local teabag supporting, fanatical, right wing, extremest, Christian, party of no, 'enemy', 'hostage-taker', neoconservative, gun and bible clinging, homophobe.

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Bacon take that crap off your tag line!

BBC Radio: Niger President Impeached. Tea Party: We were one letter away from a celebration!

The world is passing you by. Still want Stonewall Jackson as President do you.

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[quote=T-Man]The world is passing you by. Still want Stonewall Jackson as President do you.[/quote]

Do right is telling Bacon to stop using a tag line that is offensive and race baiting. Do right referenced the tag in his post above.
And if you really think that Thomas Jackson (aka Stonewall) was a president versus Andrew Jackson, then you are a sad person.

Misunderstood Doright s message. Just appeared as is to a reader. Sad person comment should have been left in your head. Just making historical time referrence not who was President at the time.

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but notice that I prefaced it with a conditional "if", therefore if it does not apply, then there are no worries. There was no conditionality with calling doright ignorant. Both of us probably read what we wanted to read in these statements and acted accordingly. cheers

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Stonewall Jackson was a West Point grad, considered by military historians to be one of the most gifted tactical commanders in United States history, and an extremely innovative/gressive general. He probably would not make a bad President - even today. Certainly he would be dramatically better than what we have now.

To briefly continue your education; The Civil war was NOT fought over slavery - contrary to what you have been told by those pathetic leeches who are still milking the system.


To move swiftly, strike vigorously, and secure all the fruits of victory, is the secret of successful war.

—Jackson, 1863


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