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Rivers Elementary targeted for sale

So what was the Fayette County school property that led to halting the work of the redistricting committee in mid-October? Turns out it was Rivers Elementary School.

Superintendent Jeff Bearden confirmed Friday that he gave the school system’s Community Advisory Committee that information at a recent meeting.

“I told the Community Advisory Committee that Rivers is the property under consideration. I have not yet released the name of the potential buyer. At this point, they do not want their name released and I do not want to do anything that may potentially jeopardize the possible transaction,” Bearden said.

A Nov. 1 post on the “Take Action for Public Education” page on Facebook noted that Bearden disclosed to members of the superintendent’s advisory council that “the proposed purchase/lease purchase is for Rivers.”

It is currently unknown why Bearden passed the information to the advisory group. What is known is that Bearden at the Oct. 15 meeting of the Fayette County Board of Education recommended, and the board approved, putting the work of the redistricting committee on hold until an undisclosed potential property deal could be addressed.

Bearden said that due to a potential property deal that had surfaced and might impact redistricting he was recommending that the work of the redistricting committee be put on hold. Bearden said it could take a couple of months to determine if the property deal would be finalized. Bearden kept his remarks brief and did not identify the property under consideration.

The redistricting committee was formed during the summer to develop and recommend student attendance boundaries based on the two options identified by the school board. Option 1 included the potential closure of Hood Avenue Primary School and Fayetteville Intermediate School along with Fayette Middle School. The idea was for Hood Avenue and FIS to be transitioned to Rivers. Option 2 dealt with the potential closure of Brooks and Tyrone elementary schools and the closure of Fayette Middle.



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Maybe that will give the small, local schools some hope.
Good luck to all the parents of the small children in elm. You have been so used and my heart goes out to you.

It has been said in the past however, that every offer to rent, has been nothing. It seems others don't have much money now, or smell blood in the water and want the school for as little as they can get away with. The "deal" may be no "deal" at all.

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It got built anyway amongst the howls of people who were questioning that "wisdom" at the time.

Here's hoping the deal goes through and this albatross can be gone and off the books of the BOE. It would be a nice start to the radical recovery to make the BOE somewhat solvent instead of completely hopeless financially.

I had guessed this a few weeks back when they school announced they were going on hiatus regarding the re-districting. I still feel the people need to get back to work and come up with two plans. One, utilizing Rivers and a back up plan if it is sold.

Rivers was built on speculation. We had a short window when we had a lot of people living in mobile homes or renting. When the economy blew up, these nomads left to find work and took their kids with them.

We should never have built that school until we had to utilize temporary trailers to accommodate the added students for a number of years.

This is a rapidly growing open Facebook blog that anyone interested in what's happening in Fayette schools can join.
Concerned parents, PTOs, members of the community are joining and participating in a positive way.
A few FCBOE members and candidates, as well as a few mayors and council members are already members and active in posting, exchanging positive ideas and suggestions.

The best thing is everyone has to use their real names.

Thank you to the concerned parents who created it!

[quote=Larry Sussberg]This is a rapidly growing open Facebook blog that anyone interested in what's happening in Fayette schools can join.
Concerned parents, PTOs, members of the community are joining and participating in a positive way.[/quote]

Care to share a link?

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