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F'ville library 'flasher' arrested

A Riverdale man was arrested Monday after he exposed himself and "performed a lewd act" to a female victim at the Fayette County Library in Fayetteville earlier in the day, Fayette County Sheriff's investigators said.

Jeffrey Leran Boozer, 32, of Riverdale

was taken into custody thanks in large part to a witness who was able to get a tag number from his vehicle, officials said.

Boozer left the scene when confronted by the victim, officials said. He was charged with public indecency.

According to state Department of Corrections records, Boozer served nearly 10 years in prison after a 1996 conviction for armed robbery and aggravated assault in Clayton County.



kcchiefandy's picture a fence between Fayetteville & Riverdale, kind of like N. & S. Korea?

Gene61's picture

Can we include gun towers?

I'm Sick to death of Riverdale trash.
Build the wall - include the Gun Towers - and we'll all take turns.

Would be cheaper to cut it off. Problem solved

If things work right, he'll wind up right back where he came from and will perhaps have some of his old buddies to welcome him and keep him comfortable. I remember reading somewhere about some town would take creeps like this and buy a bus ticket for them to some other state and escort their ass onto the bus. Sorta like "Internal Deportation"---maybe that's what it will take to reduce the nr of dangerous creeps in our S. Metro area.

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I can remember back in 1990 Fayettville was the rich side of town very nice place to live. Here it is 2010 I won't even drive into city to shop because of the crime. Well I guess if I needed to find a pawn shop or a check cashing store Fayetteville is the place to go. At least Autreys won't go out of business because gun sales are boomin! There is only one way to solve the problem increase the police force by a factor of three.

We have always had a bunch of cops in recent years! We have 3 times as many now as pre 1990!
Still robbery and the like have gone up 5 times or more!

Do you really think a "factor of three," (15 times as many cops as pre-90) will resolve the issue?

Could it possibly be that we mis-manage the whole force?

We have about a dozen different "police" units in Fayette. Several "cities" have a "force," the Sheriff has a force, the state police work here, the GBI works here, the FBI works here, the DEA works here, the Marshals work here, ICE works here, and of course now we do "game warden" duties with some of them! (detectives and IT people not counted). (don't know how many emergency stations we have).

Every one of these groups has about 20% of the force who do not "force" much!

ONE "force," in Fayette County (Sheriff-- do jail & court only), could eliminate all of those 20%ers who do not force much!

One Chief of Police for Fayette County, with shift commanders and one assistant, and an office force about the same size as one of the several now, could put many more on "out there" duty.

We won't even discuss Fire departments combining---too political!

Don't know of any such thing in downtown F'ville--but then I don't look for them either.

I had the need to call on the services of the Fayetteville Police Dept. The officer who responded was professional and knowledgeable. I witness daily the cooperation of the Fayette County law enforcement agencies. I feel perfectly safe in Fayette County and Fayetteville. Thank heavens for the observant witness. We citizens do have a responsibility for our own safety. We are in a national situation where crime escalates - no matter if you live in Fayetteville or BelAire. Now jail this miscreant - and throw away the key. (Sad to say that we'll spend more on him then we spend on a student's education)

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I really want a very very tall wall built between Riverslum and Fayetteville. When we moved here in the early 90's it was a nice place to you can't even go to the darn library without dealing with the thugs. I was driving through the Pavillion on Sunday morning and saw 4 thugs walking their pit bull on a tow chain through the parking lots...something I never would have seen 10 years ago. No thanks to you Clayton County nasties...get out and stay out. I vote for the wall and watchtowers. You have ruined our fine city.

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A few months ago I went to the Fville library to stimulate my mind when I walked past one of those private computer booths and saw a young man getting some very differint stimulation from the porn which was very obvious and unmistakeable on the monitor. While I have no issue with someone doing this in the privacy of his own home, the library is NOT the appropriate venue for viewing this approached a librarian and told her what I saw. I expected the man to be kicked out of the library and possibly have his card taken away....instead she very kindly asked him not to do that sort of thing anymore and that was the end of it as far as I could tell. I will still go to the Fville library, mainly for convenience, but I really have to question how their employees are trained (or not trained) on how to deal with the sexual deviants who appear to be attracted to this particular location.

I didn't know Prince was in town.

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