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Vrana named interim PTC manager

Nikki Vrana, Peachtree City’s administrative services director, has been appointed to serve as the interim city manager with the pending retirement of current City Manager Bernie McMullen.

As administrative services director, Vrana supervises the human resources, municipal court, city clerk and public information functions of the city.

Vrana previously served as an executive assistant to McMullen and later as administrative services supervisor before she was promoted to her current position in January 2009.

Prior to starting with the city, Vrana previously served as a human resources specialist and senior accounting technician with the Fayette County Board of Commissioners.

Vrana’s appointment came after a brief mid-meeting executive session Thursday night during which the City Council adjourned to another room to discuss the matter. Georgia law allows council to meet in closed session to deliberate upon the hiring or promotion of an employee.

Prior to the closed session, there was some sentiment to have the discussion in public. Soon after, Councilwoman Kim Learnard made a motion to appoint Vrana as the interim city manager, seconded by Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch.

Councilman Doug Sturbaum then asked if council would consider appointing Leisure Services Director Randy Gaddo, and Learnard rescinded her motion.

Council then voted to go into executive session, and after re-adjourning into open session, the vote to name Vrana as the interim city manager was unanimous.



Good choice! Her knowledge and experience should provide a smooth transition to the new City Manager. Wow....I'm impressed...Council is on a roll! First the vote to remove Donnie Darko as the Fayette transportation representative and now the naming of Vrana as Interim City Manager.

Agenda Item 11-10-02 (Watch the video)
Haddix: Consider appt. of interim city manager. I'll entertain a motion for council to go to another room for a short executive session on personnel.
Sturbaum: I make a motion that we adjourn into a short executive session for the purpose of personnel.
Erika: I'm not sure we actually need to do this. Can't we discuss it in public here?
Meeker: That's council's perogative.
Learnard: I make a motion that we appoint Niki Vrana interim city manager eff. Jan 1st.
Fleish: I second.
Sturbaum: I was going to ask about discussion on someone else. I was going to ask about potential of looking at Randy Gaddo or something & I wanted to get council's feel on that. So that's why I wanted to go into executive session.
Learnard: I rescind the motion.
Erika: Is the motion to go into executive session still valid?
Sturbaum: I would have to restate the motion.
Meeker: (Again, more advice.)
Sturbaum: I'll restate the motion.

Proper vote is then finally taken to go into exec. session.

Look closely at this pattern here. The 3 girlies have their act all set up before walking in the door. Circumvent the normal decorum of allowing our democratic process to play out to discuss personnel issues without the public humiliation to parties being discussed. Then, boom, boom, get the motion passed. How do you think an excellent candidate, who has just as much to offer (maybe more?) to this city as anyone else, feels about not being afforded the few minutes to allow his name to be considered by the 3 girlies? Erika knew this was an option, and attempted to deny him. Spit in the face of more city employees, you three. And while you are at it, how long will it be before you comprehend proper etiquette and rules of order for a job you have been at for 11 months now? Ted Meeker (city attorney) must be as sick of telling you how to walk, talk and chew gum at the same time as we are of hearing him tell you over and over and over.

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They all have one vote and they all voted to name Vrana. They did go into executive session and discuss. Nothing was done that would violate any Open Meetings laws or ethics, and Meeker makes it clear they can discuss in public they want to. They decided instead to go into exec session instead of everyone came out and voted for Vrana.

This has nothing to do with Niki or Randy or any other singular employee, and you know it. Going to play the "What, Who ME?" game? Pathetic. My post stands. If you want to pretend you don't have the grey matter that the rest of the voters have in figuring out the machinations of the these 3, knock yourselves out. It's now public record and the pattern has been set. They might consider more legal advice than Ted has to give them.

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They haven't broken any laws. They were elected and each have a vote. If they decide that all 3 of them will always oppose Haddix/Sturbaum(who always vote together), that's perfectly fine and legal to do so. If the voters don't like it, they can vote them all out in the next election. Otherwise, TOUGH.

Your post said they were all "undemocratic" and then were asked HOW IS THAT SO? and you have said nothing to back up your claim.

What was undemocratic? They had the option of discussing this in public or in executive session according to Meeker. They chose executive session (which I think is proper). Your statement that no one else was allowed to be considered cannot be validated since we don't know what was discussed in executive session. I have a lot of respect for him, but if it came down to Nikki Vrana or Randy Gaddo, they made the right call by going with Nikki. Her experience with the city is much broader and deeper than Gaddo's.

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He's been with PTC much longer and his experience is far deeper than Vrana's. Besides Recreation, he is over the Library, Kedron, has to keep up with all the sports associations, fields, etc.. He's also had stints as being PW Dir after the massive crime ring was caught and they had no management at all, a stint on the Tourism Authority, oversight of the Kedron rink construction, the Library expansion/renovation. etc.etc. Nothing against Vrana, but I would have voted for Gaddo. I believe he also has a grad degree in Public Administration. Vrana likely will do fine in the interim role, though.

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Randy Gaddo and if he had been selected I have no doubt he too would have done fine in the interim role. You make good points about Randy's background and just my opinion but I think Nikki is the better choice. Hey, the city was blessed to have two good candidates to choose from!

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