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Bearden passed over for Floyd County job

Fayette County School System Superintendent Jeff Bearden was one of two finalists for the superintendent’s job with the Floyd County School System. But the Floyd County Board of Education on Nov. 5 selected one of its own to fill the position.

The Floyd County school board voted Monday to hire Jeff McDaniel, the school system’s chief of academics.

The Floyd County website in late October announced that Bearden and McDaniel were the two finalists for the position. It was on Sept. 19 that Bearden and the Fayette school board entered into a mutual termination agreement that cited Dec. 31 as his last day of employment. But according to documents on the Floyd County School System website, Bearden completed an application and resume for superintendent’s job on Sept. 4, a full two weeks before he and the Fayette County school board agreed to the mutual termination. Bearden’s application was date-stamped by the Floyd County School System on Sept. 6.

So did anyone on the school board know on Sept. 19 that Bearden had completed his application for Floyd County back on Sept. 4? On his Floyd County application Bearden said school board Chair Leonard Presberg and Vice Chair Terri Smith were aware of his application submittal. And on his resume, Bearden listed Presberg, Smith, school board member Janet Smola and school system attorney Phillip Hartley as references.

As for the two remaining board members, Marion Key and Bob Todd indicated that they were not aware of the Floyd County application at the time of the Sept. 19 meeting.



guess he'll just have to struggle by for the next year on the over 100k he sucked out of FC taxpayers.

Just what dirt did he know about that would make the board agree to his package? And to keep it all hush hush. The stench is overwhelming on all of this.

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There was a wonderful old black lady that raised me..she use to tell me.."Baby just can't stir shytt without getting a little bit on ya"

Do you think just maybe Floyd county thought this whole drama over here and references were just a little too 'stinky' to mess with?

Nobody wants dodo on them.

[quote]There was a wonderful old black lady that raised me..she use to tell me.."Baby just can't stir shytt without getting a little bit on ya"[/quote]

You obviously didn't listen to a word she said.


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Did Jeff Bearden, Superintendent, withhold UGA’s forecast enrollment numbers from the redistricting committee members?

Click on the following link to view UGA’s student enrollment forecast that was done in 2011 (the chart is on Page 1 and the numbers are on Page 2). Ignore the warning, this is standard language – it is safe to open the file.

I was told that some members of the committee were furious when they learned that Bearden only gave them forecast enrollment numbers through 2012 and withheld the 2013-2021 numbers.

The UGA study shows a STEADY DECLINE in student enrollment beginning 2007 and continuing EVERY YEAR through 2021. And, that could mean we will have to close more schools in the future.

Don’t forget, construction began on Rivers and Inman in 2008 while Terri Smith was the BoE Chairman from 2003-2008. Thus, the decision to build these unnecessary schools was on her watch!

By only giving the committee information for 2010-2012 and not the numbers for 2013–2021, their work was seriously compromised.

I commend you that at 4:30 PM, just a few hours before the polls close, you are still posting away.

As you know, Dr. Bearden is leaving in 6 weeks, and chances are Ms. Smith may not be elected....

Meanwhile, one of the biggest frauds committed by FCBOE on the taxpayers is this 1 time severance payment and surrounding confidentiality agreement. $180,000 paid and kept a secret using our tax money.

4 people voted in favor of it. 1 is not running for re-election and as of tomorrow, the other might be defeated.

Are you going to pursue this issue as well?

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There is enough blame to go around to the Board and Bearden. But I’m not getting into that right now. I would like to point out what all of you seem to be missing. Bearden just had a contract extension. Unfortunately one year severance seems like a lucky break .Actually, I wish they could have held him off and just fired him at no additional cost for breech of fiduciary responsibility as was his modus operandi after Dr. Tolbert passed away. To me if Bearden was full of “common sense” ( What a Crock) and no fault of his own. Why would he not push for the remainder of his contract to be paid out? Why settle for 1 yr when contractually he had contracted 2yrs with the extension.Clayton counties Super had to be paid out through the rest of his contract, as this is common practice in a no fault termination agreement. Also why can we not suppose that Bearden may have been the one that negotiated for the non-disclosure agreement. He was ,as we now know , being considered and actively seeking another position.
Just Sayin..

Maybe, but a letter to the editor was written to the newspaper by 2 board members which is public record. This blog is also full of negative comments so not sure Bearden needed a confidentiality.

There is a lot to consider plus one needs to consider which members voted and how.

Not to mention, why would any elected official agree to any confidentiality agreement when our tax dollars are used.

There is no excuse. It was not in the best interest of the citizens.

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We deserve to know the truth and I'm confident the truth will somehow leak out.

I'm sure Ben Nelms won't let this issue die and I can assure you neither will I nor many many others.

I predict that Terri Smith will not get over 25% of the vote. She and Smola will soon be just a very bad memory.

We need to know why Todd, Key, Smith, Smola voted YES to pay the severance and a confidentiality. Only Mr Presburg voted NO.

That's taxpayer money

Thanks again

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