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Owens wins mayor's race in Senoia

Senoia voters have elected Councilman Larry Owens as the city’s next mayor.

The Nov. 5 mayoral election saw Owens competing with Senoia Downtown Development Authority Chairman Suzanne Helfman and retiree Don Rehman.

Of the 500 ballots cast, the unofficial results showed Owens with 256 votes, Helfman with 209 votes and Rehman with 34. Those numbers gave Owens 51.03 percent of the vote while Helfman received 41.84 percent.

In the photo at right are Senoia candidates Suzanne Helfman (L), now mayor-elect Larry Owens and Don Rehman at an October forum. Photo/Ben Nelms.

Coweta County Elections Supervisor Jane Scoggins said the only votes outstanding were the provisional ballots which numbered few than 10.

Also on the ballot were the uncontested races for Post 1 candidate Chuck Eichorst and Post 2 Councilman Jeff Fisher.



I would first like to congratulate Owens on a hard fought victory. To Helfman I would say that there is no shame in obtaining 41% of the tallied vote. She did well in my opinion. As for Rehman, your "white night" crusade to save the public from the evil empire was truly a figment of your imagination. Only 7% of the tallied vote. REALLY? You were dismissed by the voting public in the same manner that both courts dismissed your suit. You made your bed, now lie in it:)

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I don't live there but like going there and I applaud the voters for their choices. Rehman is a nut-job.

Also saw that Founder's has now been bought by Zac Brown after the recent scandal with Founder's owner and sexting(good grief,idiot!)and Brown will be re-opening it soon.

I believe that Rehman owes the public and our city government a formal apology for the false accusations and claims that he has made. The only thing that he was ever able to prove was that he didn't know what he was talking about.

Mr. Rehman can be consoled by the facts that his slightly less than 7% performance is almost 2% higher that the other 'NOT DON' in PTC!



Perhaps Rehman will now inform all of the supposed 286 website followers he claims to have that he only received about 7% of the vote. You may have their email addresses but its been made very clear that you don't have their support like you might have thought.

Don "reefer madness" Rehman got the double "hit" this week. On Monday the Georgia Supreme Court rules in favor of Senoia. On Tuesday the voters resoundingly reject him with less than 7% of the vote. On Wednesday Don sends out an email to all in his subdivision telling them he is taking all his toys away and he is not going to "play with them" anymore. I just hope he takes this same attitude city wide!
Larry ran a good campaign that included all of Senoia with a message that was well received by the majority of the voters. He stayed positive.
Suzanne's campaign was narrower, focused more on downtown. Her lack of an
"all of Senoia" message gave her strong support in the historic district but not as much in the subdivisions.
The voters have spoken and now Larry has the job of leading the Senoia Council for the next four years!

My grandfather used to say that "if you can't stand the heat, then get the #8@! out of the kitchen". Perhaps next time he won't start so many fires all over town with people. Don't let the door hit you in the...!

And start a clown show.

At least the Don of Senoia never got elected unlike the Don of PTC.

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