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Deli meal deal draws overnight PTC crowd

The newly opened Schlotzsky’s Deli in Peachtree City was offering quite a special deal to their first 50 customers. The first 50 people to purchase a six pack of Cinnabon received free Cinnabon for a year or sandwich, chips and drink for a year.The deal was enough to get some people to camp out at the store starting the night before. Photo/Ben Nelms.



Fake, affluent PTC, look at yourself! Here's your 99% living beyond their means! Residents camped, overnight, for free lunches for a year? What is wrong with the economy here? The million dollar houses are clearly a sham, which points ever more heavily to the cavalier acquisition decisions made by local government who will not make economically and environmentally responsible decisions to use more fuel efficient vehicles in official fleets. Why does PTC need officers in a sports utility vehicle? Weather in this area is great 9 months out of the year. Why aren't there more motorcycle patrols? Its curious enough that squad cars arrive in packs for an infraction, but when its minor and non-violent, why can't the the motorcycle patrol handle it and call for back up if needed? Motorcycles get *how* many more miles per gallon? And with the ongoing drought here, inclement weather is barely an excuse.

Its further egregious that county code enforcement has to travel in full size sedans. Really? There are so many fuel efficient versions that would respect the taxpayers, and still provide room for whatever gear the staff needs to carry out its duties. The pompous attitude of this government is inexcusable.

late to get your year's supply of sinny-bons? Wasn't there a Slotsky's here before? Could these be the same items left over from then? Why wasn't this opening advertised more? I think it is a conspiracy---must be that dratted MadMike and his make believe little elves. I think Mikey is going to use his ill-gotten bounty from Slotsky's to entice whoever his new bromance may be. Did you happen to see a middle-aged man with a silly grin on his face, wearing a wife beater T and low riders and lots and lots of gold dangling, pushing women and children out of the way so he could get to the head of the line?
P.S. He may have been carrying a Vote For sign.

I only learned about it tonight. Actually, I think its a conspiracy with doctors and local weight loss clinics. A Cinnabon a day for a year? That's gonna look REAL good! ;)

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