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On sale now to benefit local charity: Haddix bumper sticker

Usually on two to three mornings every week a small but somewhat vocal (and opinionated) group of Peachtree City residents gather at Mimi’s for breakfast and coffee to discuss events from local politics through world issues.

Since many of the participants are veterans of military service, one can correctly assume there is little to no political correctness or sugarcoating of facts to protect anyone’s feelings.

On many occasions our esteemed mayor has been the focal point of these discussions mainly due to the fact that the undersigned and at least one other are totally embarrassed because we actually supported his campaigns for elective office. To say that Mr. [Don] Haddix has been a disappointment is the understatement of the century.

Claims have been made to his delusional mindset that he believes he is of benefit to our fair city, and that he is consistently right on all issues despite the misgivings of practically the entire educated local populace. It is in this regard that the following offer is made to benefit a local mental health charity:

“Honk if you’re on Mayor Haddix’s enemy list.”

... If you want to help spread the joy with this bumper (or window) sticker, you can get one for a $5 donation, with net proceeds after cost to be donated to a local mental health provider.

To find a bumper sticker, inquire at Mimi’s, either a diner-type restaurant or social club, depending on who you talk to, a hang-out for people of all political persuasions, with butt-kicking sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast and the same gravy smothering country fried steak for lunch. Mimi has other stuff, but describing these makes me hungry.

Mimi’s is just off Kelly Drive at Dividend, near Planterra, nestled in the corner of the office strip near the railroad track. Ask there about the bumper sticker, they can tell you.

Michael L. King

Peachtree City, Ga.



This madness needs to stop. Mr. King you have the right. Its obvious as a veteran, you more than many, as you fought for that right. I would think you would be using it more wisely, shame on you. There is a better way to support Mimi's (you are probably part owner) and if you enjoy grease, grime fried anything, then this is the place to go.

I pray the local authorities are monitoring this publication because you are doing nothing but stirring up hate and violence.

If you are disappointed with your selection of our Mayor perhaps mentoring and helping him make better decisions is a thought.
As a retired veteran I know there must be better ways to spend your time.

You are in my prayers Mr. King and I reach out to law enforcement to monitor this man and group at mimi's, as they sound as if they may be on that road they call "just snapping" with a shooting as they try to bully and organize pure evil.

Were you awaken this morning by drivers honking thier horns?


NO NOT YET SMARTY PANTS. It does bring to mind should the Mayor and City be asking doesn't he require a permit to produce these stickers? If he is producing and selling them, would this be considered a business are there taxes involved with that $5.00 sale?

this, I think it would do nothing for our city to have its' citizens riding around with such a bumper sticker. You are a person of substance, have a good reputation. I have never heard or read anything detrimental about you and upon meeting you found you to be a very informed and charismatic person. You have indicated by your postings on this site that you have been unhappy with the status quo for some time. Why do you not run for office and change things in this manner? I think that would accomplish a lot more than some silly bumper sticker that would make non-residents of PTC look askance at us. This is the type of thing a group may sit around a table and bring up and joke about from time to time but leave at the door. Not productive at all.

I know you have read and been in the on line discussions regarding lawsuits against the Mayor. Mr. Mike has voiced vengenance and hate there, making in my opinion, horrible comments. If that's "substance and good reputation" what could possibly be your opinion of what evil and hate can stir up.

I would say mothers stay away from mimi's do not take your children in, along with anyone else who feels this man and his movement is of sound mind. Couple that with a group of men that sit around and ?laugh, is it a joke? only feeds into this bully and hate mentality.

Again I hope our local authorities will go into mimi's and monitor this group, there are so many "snapping" these days without ever showing any signs it could happen. Mike is outwardly speaking hate and enlisting others to join.

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I am not a supporter of Don(gas golf cart) Haddix but there is an element that does support him and will now probably boycott Mimi's. I'm sure she is dealing with the cost of her forced move and needs all the business she can get. Please get Mimi out of the equation.

Mike King states come to mimi's to inquire about his stickers of hate. The law does not excuse her if she as a business is supporting Mike King and this questionable venture. Has Mimi established an account for funds to be deposited in, if so what is the name of this mental organization you plan to support. Perhaps this is a non profit venture; could it be one of your group is a counsel and the funds will be directed through him. I see Pink and Red Flags here. A more suitable contribution could be made to the First Ladys charity to fight obesity as your group at mimi's is of full statue.
Mimi .........might be a good idea to talk with your/our Mayor and find out just how your role and support of Mike King plays out, actually seek some advice of a lawyer this thing might just get nasty (even more so than the grease on the tops of your tables). I'd bring elbow pads with wipes before sitting down.

O PLEASE, SHE KNOWS!!!! I can just imagine her laughing and filling free refills of coffee and 'dont cha want some pie'. It's a group of men with no wives club and mimi hears and knows all. If Mike says check at Mimi's you better believe there is probably a "check" going on. Bet its no 30 to 45 minute meeting as well, hey she gets repeat business from this group..

Ladies, of PTC and wives of this group.......check it out if you have not already. If you have I bet you have not been back, at least not for a meal. Again you never know when "they just snapped" the nicest person you'd ever want to know. Mimi's is a small space, things can bounce once it starts.

"Cost of her FORCED move" REALLY! REALLY?

Mayor does she need to have some sort of permit or license to allow this promotion of a business deal with Mike?

........wait........wait did you hear that?

lol it's coming. ;)

a scumball.



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...By presumably our mayor's most learned supporter.

I guess it's time for the next episode of "Lost".

You have issues. You're obsessed!

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