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On sale now to benefit local charity: Haddix bumper sticker

Usually on two to three mornings every week a small but somewhat vocal (and opinionated) group of Peachtree City residents gather at Mimi’s for breakfast and coffee to discuss events from local politics through world issues.

Since many of the participants are veterans of military service, one can correctly assume there is little to no political correctness or sugarcoating of facts to protect anyone’s feelings.

On many occasions our esteemed mayor has been the focal point of these discussions mainly due to the fact that the undersigned and at least one other are totally embarrassed because we actually supported his campaigns for elective office. To say that Mr. [Don] Haddix has been a disappointment is the understatement of the century.

Claims have been made to his delusional mindset that he believes he is of benefit to our fair city, and that he is consistently right on all issues despite the misgivings of practically the entire educated local populace. It is in this regard that the following offer is made to benefit a local mental health charity:

“Honk if you’re on Mayor Haddix’s enemy list.”

... If you want to help spread the joy with this bumper (or window) sticker, you can get one for a $5 donation, with net proceeds after cost to be donated to a local mental health provider.

To find a bumper sticker, inquire at Mimi’s, either a diner-type restaurant or social club, depending on who you talk to, a hang-out for people of all political persuasions, with butt-kicking sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast and the same gravy smothering country fried steak for lunch. Mimi has other stuff, but describing these makes me hungry.

Mimi’s is just off Kelly Drive at Dividend, near Planterra, nestled in the corner of the office strip near the railroad track. Ask there about the bumper sticker, they can tell you.

Michael L. King

Peachtree City, Ga.



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