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Who (and what) did we vote for in Fayette?

Which races most interested Fayette voters? The vote totals tell the tale: With a nearly 79 percent turnout, Fayette voters chose the presidential race as the most important, followed by the renewal of the education local option sales tax (E-SPLOST).

Following those two were the charter school amendment, the statewide Public Service Commission race involving Chuck Eaton and then the Post 2 Board of Education race between Mary Kay Bacallao and Terri Smith.

More than 58,400 Fayette Countians cast ballots for Mitt Romney, Barack Obama and Gary Johnson (the Libertarian candidate) in the ballot-topping race.

In the local E-SPLOST question, 56,250 residents voted. Next were the charter school amendment (55,767), the PSC race (54,319) and then the Bacallao-Smith race (54,218).

With all precincts reporting, the E-SPLOST passed with 53.72 percent of the vote and Mary Kay Bacallao won the Post 2 seat on the Fayette County Board of Education with 64.81 percent.

Also, Fayetteville voters have approved the TAD referendum 2-to-1, according to the Fayette County Elections Office.

By the numbers, here are the final unofficial tallies:

School Board Post 2 —

Mary Kay Bacallao (R) — 35,165 (64.81 pct)

Terri Smith (incumbent) (D) — 19,053 (35.11 pct)


E-SPLOST renewal —

Yes — 30,218 (53.72 pct)

No — 26,032 (46.28 pct)


Charter school Amendment 1 (Fayette results only) —

Yes — 34,465 (61.8 pct)

No — 21,302 (38.2 pct)


Fayetteville Tax Allocation District referendum (2 precincts in Fayetteville only)

Yes — 3,499 (69.88%)

No — 1,508 (30.12%)


U.S. President (Fayette only) —

Mitt Romney (R) — 38, 046 (65.07%)

Barack Obama (D) — 19,703 (33.7%)

Gary Johnson (L) — 724 (1.24%)




suggarfoot's picture

School Board Post 2 —

Mary Kay Bacallao (R) — 35,165 (64.81 pct)

Terri Smith (incumbent) (D) — 19,053 (35.11 pct)

since it is thought she became a Democrate in hopes all Dems would vote a straight ticket and elect her....can we assume since

Obama 19,703 and
Terri got 19,053.....

that some of them didn't even vote for her?

suggarfoot's picture

School Board Post 2 —

Mary Kay Bacallao (R) — 35,165 (64.81 pct)

Terri Smith (incumbent) (D) — 19,053 (35.11 pct)

since it is thought she became a Democrate in hopes all Dems would vote a straight ticket and elect her....can we assume since

Obama 19,703 and
Terri got 19,053.....

that some of them didn't even vote for her?

americanpatriots's picture

At least 650 democrat voters had the good sense to not vote the straight ticket!

I was surprised to see there were that many people in Fayette County who did not understand just how much damage Smith and her pal Smola did to our school system.

What a record of failure!

Smith and Smola will be nothing but an unhappy memory after 12/31/12. Unfortunately, the new board will be left to sort out the mess these two made.

I supect we will have yet another one, Leonard Presberg, to vote out of office in the next voting cycle. After all, he was not our choice - he was Bearden's choice and he was supported almost exclusively by Bearden, Smith and Smola.

NUK_1's picture

At least the BOE now has at least a CHANCE to address the serious financial crisis without either Smith and Smola around to create or compound the problems yet again.

Voting Ms. Smith out of office was the only thing anyone could do following all of her poor decisions.

We hope and pray that Mary Kay does a fantastic job. The FCBOE has a lot of work to do and we can expect school closures, larger class sizes, lay-offs, ect... Hopefully the full board will make sound decisions.

I do not believe however that Mr. Presburg is the problem. Had the commisioner elect Mr. Barlow not made a fool of himself at the board meeting, I don't think anyone had a problem with this gentlemans resume. He was selected based on the rules governing our county. And he voted for himself because he beleives he is a qualified and good leader. Someone in that position needs to have the self assurance to lead. I have been watching and approve of his decisions and how he makes himself available. Sometimes people have to learn to close their mouths and listen.

Sorry to start an argument over my silly opinion. I however don't believe for one second that Todd / Key / Smith / Smola / Pressburg didn't know or didn't think that Dr. Bearden wouldn't be at minimum putting feelers out for job openings after the letter written by Todd and Key this past summer. These people can't be that naive.

To agree to a confidential agreement tells any sensible person that the the board did something wrong and has something to hide. Does it have something to do with Smith, Smola, Pressburg, Todd, or Key? Guess we will eventually find out. We're a small community and eventually something will leak.

Building a school on speculation and now only having 18 kids in it is just wrong. Building on speculation should be used in private enterprises (Donald Trump) not a school board utilizing taxpayer monies. Build it and they will come is a great line in a movie, but not with people's hard earned tax money.

Approving school budgets utilizing rainy day funds until exhausted was another nail in the coffin. Anyone in the private sector that isn't standing up waving the caution flag when they see this happening would be fired. Why didn't any of our present school board members not stand on the Dias every meeting screaming we have to do something now to right the ship.

While I believe that Ms. Smith had to go, I am not enamored with the winner. But she was the best of two evils.

We are all in for a big surprise and a lot of unhappy faces when the budget is approved next year. We will need to downsize top to bottom. However our kids will adapt, survive, and do well.

One has to wonder about the motives of the Tea Party regarding the school budget. They have a nice PowerPoint presentation and I agree with many of their points, but they are a few years late raising the red flag. They have some very bright people running the organization and I commend them for their due diligence, but they can do better by promoting quality people instead of commissioners who file bankruptcy, make fools of themselves in public forums and teachers who clearly lack the financial knowledge to say they will not close schools when we all know this has to occur.

We have to be critical thinkers here, question everything, and not believe everything we read on the Internet.

Read AmericanPatriots comments below!
Notice the Tea Party Flag & Eagle.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but as long as morons like this continue to attack people, especially Mr Presberg who voted NO on the Bearden severance package and confidentiality agreement and who busted his ass meeting with PTOs across the county, how could anyone rejoin the "party".

It's a bull comment! And Husband & Father of 2 is 100%.

This is getting creepy. Are you, like, in love with Leo or something? And I suspect that you are H&F of 2 (or you know who is). Keep it up. It's always good for a laugh! I'm rotflmao right now! Have an awesome night.

Nope, don't know Husband & Father of 2.
Glad you find it funny....


americanpatriots's picture

Every now and then you come up with utter moronic nonsense!

The eagle and the flag have absolutely nothing to do with the Tea Party. I am a Navy veteran and a patriot and I just happened to like the image.

and cup or you would have really been in trouble. LOL P>S> Thanks for your service--I have a specal place in my heart for sailors-both active and retired.

Nice image...

However...what about the lump sum severance package and confidentiality approved by Todd and Key, guess that will just quietly go away as you ramp up your attack on Presburg!

Is that the cover up strategy? Point in another direction on some baseless allegation that Presburg is guilty by some odd association. If there were 4 members on the FCBOE at the time Presburg was appointed, it would take atleast 3 to approve him...which one do you think did, Todd or Key?

Meanwhile why are Todd and Key not being held accountable for their actions?

A CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT surrounding a payment using our tax dollars, and you point fingers at Presburg.

I call BULLS%#T on your orginal post! Not that I care to know, but I suspect you are either covering up for Todd & Key by deflecting to Presburg, hate Presburg because he's a Democrat or you are troubled that he is Jewish. The meeting at PTC City Hall where Presburg was grilled for not revealing his religious beliefs with over 100 in attendence confirms that issue exists in Fayette, as did Mr. Barlow's display of affection at an FCBOE meeting.

Veritas's picture

Why I don't like Leonard

Severely padded ,insinuated and or feigned experience and qualifications in his BOE resume.

Listed himself on spokeo and LinkedIn page as BOE chairman the day BEFORE the vote and then voted for himself.

Voted to settle with the NAACP without consulting city council.

Accosted a child in public over an incident that had nothing to do with him.

Knowingly and willingly with held pertinent information from other board members regarding Bearden's
Aspirations with Floyd county Before the termination agreement.

Etc. etc. etc

So I call BULLS*#T on both you and Pressberg.

And again you make assumptions about things you know nothing about.
By your own admission You have never spoken to Key or Todd to attempt to find out. You speak with no knowledge and 1/2 the information.


Veritas's picture

Your eyes are brown. Yes I do watch closely when it comes to my children's education. May be you should try to be informed instead of using 1/2 the facts. You do know Presberg's resume was in the paper.. Boy your slow.. Rivers compared to the NAACP split vote , apples and oranges. Oh you said it was a Legal reommendation Really....that was discussed in executive session.. and pray tell how would you know That?!?! hmmmmmm.Now lets get to those "comments "to who... You rely a lot on hear say.. and second hand info or were you there? Your just a little gossip monger . I actually talk to administrators , teachers, staff and yes BOE members and parents. That what keeps me obviously more aware and informed of what is and has been going on than you and "I heard tell from a neighbor's, friend's ,hairdresser's ,cousin said he said...". You make me laugh .. believe me I'm doing a lot of investigation on this non-disclosure BS. So now it's clear Your so full of BS it's runnin out your ears. ;-)

As for your comments, I understand that you are active in the schools, that's great, but to make a claim I am not is not totally accurate.

As for me, either directly or indirectly through my company we are in the schools at least 3 or 4 days a week, working with administrators and teachers donating time, money and resources to help cover budget deficits with supplies, mentoring and other services. Most recently, we provided financial support for the ESplost renewal and co-sponsored the recent FCBOE Candidate's Forum.

We spent money to promote the ESplost renewal because we witness almost every day, the shortages the schools face in such basics as pencils for CRCT testing, tissues and other essentials. We are also a member of PIE within the Chamber.

So far, this year, we have donated slightly over $50,000 in funds, that does not include our time spent on special programs and presentations requested by schools. That is why we are one of only a few county wide Partner in Education with the Chamber and I suspect we are in the top 5 companies in the county that spends this much in time and money in Fayette schools. I am sure Delta Credit Union, Kwanis and one or two banks provide more.

I believe we can agree to disagree on selected issues, but we both share a passion for the schools.

I am thankful for the education my daughter received so we give back at every chance and will remain active even though my child graduated 3 years ago.

Hopefully this clears up your assumptions as to my level of involvement.

Thank you.

Veritas's picture

Since you feel the need to keep reposting and updating your response I will oblige and answer. As typical you miss the point of what was said. No where can you find that I said you or your company were not involved in schools. Albeit through proxy of your company , staff and donating items and monies along with some interaction yourself. ( for profit) . That is the nature of your business. Kudos . I called you out into how much interaction with students, parents, stake holders administrators, BOE members , school staff from cafeteria workers to bus drivers and custodians etc. and background research you have done. By your own admission you have never spoken with two board members ,but continue to spout hearsay without investigation or enquiry. I have and still do interact on daily basis nigh on twenty years here in the Fayette county system with those I mentioned and frequently with BOE members past and present. You come in here without looking and discussing with ALL involved from top to bottom. I have mentored, coached , taught and counseled , donated my time and my families time and personal money and continue to do so. Once again read what I said and comprehend. Your involvement was not called out. Only your knowledge of facts surrounding the current and past situations impacting the Fayette county school system.
So, try again.
Have a great night.

I have not seen his resume, and do not know about Linkedin or Spokeo, clearly you appear to be watching him closely, good for you So hopefully you are watching all of them! As for your facts let's recap

1-NAACP vote per legal recommedation, well he was new - same excuse for Todd on voting for Rivers...let's hold everyone accountable then, even newbies..
Fair and balanced.

2-Accosted child - strong words, thats not what I read in the paper, and talk about piss poor behavior on the part of child and parent and dad's letter to editor to defend himself, please! I wasn't there to witness, were you? All I can go by is the newspaper.

3-Withholding information, Todd and Key surprised? After the letter they sent to the editor and comments they made to administrators that Bearden would be fired in January, really? Oh, we will never know will we, we have a confidentiality agreement.

Meanwhile whose investigating the payout and confidentiality agreement - I suspect no one is! That's the issue, forget about Presburg..$180,000 of taxpaper money was spent in a executive meeting and wrapped in an agreement to hide the facts from taxpapers.

Here are the FACTS we know

4 FCBOE members, Smith, Smola, Todd and Key voted for a 1 time payout with a confidentiality agreement with tax dollars.

Meanwhile, I'm not defending Presburg, you can hate him all you want...But let's focus on the real issue here

Oh, and if I do call Todd and Key, you think they re going to violate the confidentiality agreement they signed?

americanpatriots's picture

I couldn't care less if Presberg is a democrat, independent, republican, or nothing at all! I didn't know what his religeon was, and if I had known, it certainly would not have mattered one iota to me.

What does matter is this: Presberg knew about Bearden's job application but kept that information from Todd and Key.

I have served on serveral boards of directors, including a public company, and I can assure you I took my fiduciary duty very seriously.

Presberg violated his fiduciary duty to share information of a material nature with other members of the board, and for that, he should never be trusted in the future. Several people have expressed the same sentiment that I have, and if there was an election tomorrow, I bet anything Presberg would be removed from office for his breach of trust.

Are you just pissed (using YOUR vulgar language from a previous blog response to me) because Smith was soundly rejected or can you just not deal with defeat?

Actually, I voted for Mary Kay...not because of the issues you continually pointed out which were highly negative, but because Mary Kay's credentials as an educator impressed me and felt that she would be a great fit on FCBOE. Its a great mix with Marchman as a business professor, Mary Kay as an education professor and Presburg as an attorney.

As someone who has served on boards, you should know that can't be negative all the time.

I think Terri is a wonderful person and appreciate her 12 years of service, and yes, I did contribute to her campaign partially due to the attacking behavior. No one deserves that.

Why are you attacking Presburg yet show no outrage on Bearden's lump sum payment and confidentiality agreement. Is that not a breach of trust?

I believe in accountability and want to make sure that the focus is on all 3 not just one.

I apologize for my language, I don't like defeat and was up late last night waiting for Mitt to speak.

Steve Brown's picture

I think you will find that a lot of people from conservative circles like the TEA Party are willing to give Presburg a chance. I am holding judgement until we see where he wants to take us.

I voted for the ESPLOST only because Presburg, Todd, Bacallao and Marchman did not deserve to start in a seriously deep hole when they had nothing to do with digging the hole in the first place (it's deep enough as is). I pray they can get things back on the right track as we are all depending on the value our school system provides.

Thank you for supporting the Esplost and for understanding its importance.

I think that we need to allow the FCBOE an opportunity to do its fairness to all 5 members.

Obviously, Mr. Richter didn't get the "memo" and appears to want to "selectively" start on Mr. Presburg. As we ALL know, there are issues (of public trust) surrounding the 3 current members so in all fairness to the entire board, I propose we stop, and allow them to work, or not, and continue on this on track....Jim's choice.

I am really hoping you agree and we can have some peace here. In all fairness.



Steve Brown's picture

I was astounded to learn that Romney got 2-3 million votes less than John McCain. One report said Obama got 8 million less votes than before.

You have to wonder with the shape that the country is in why people were not showing up.

Easy one--sorry campaign run by Repubs--the RNC should be ashamed.

Cyclist's picture

will "morhp" in order to meet the national mood. Conceivably, classical right-thinking conservatives could end in their own caucus separate from the mainline GOP. Of course, this could create strong forces which could drive the party into opposing camps. I suspect we know the road that will lead to.

Cyclical theory at work.

Much more to come.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

NUK_1's picture

That is quite a decline from 2008 and sort of shows the disenchantment with the whole political process and a thumb's down to the two bozos running for the highest office in the land. It's like militant apathy.

I went with Gary Johnson Libertarian and he didn't even manage to scratch the surface either. If the LP could get 5%, they'd qualify for federal matching funds and not have to spend all their time and money getting on the ballot in some states, but it doesn't appear that the general public gives a crap except for the fervent support Ron Paul has among way too few.

If someone had told me 20 or 30 years ago that there would be more states that allow gay marriage than "legalized" marijuana in 2013, I would have told them they were complete idiots. Amazing how effective the gay lobby people are and how totally ineffective the anti-drug war crowd is.

G35 Dude's picture

I did show up and vote. But I can understand those that have given up. I believe Jessie Ventura when he says politics is like wrestling. The Repubs and Dems each talk about how they're the good guys and the other side is evil and they'll kick the other sides butt. But it's all a show. We the people are not offered a real choice. We're stuck with the 2 parities that have failed us for years. Part of the game that the political parties use to pacify the people is to make us think we have a choice. That is why we're encouraged to vote. So that we'll believe that we actually have some say in this process but you're only real choice is dumb or dumber.

NUK_1's picture

Couldn't agree more.

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