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Judge Edwards denies bond for man accused of beating 3 women

A local man accused of brutally beating three women including his wife Oct. 8 at a home on Sharon Court will remain in jail pending trial.

Robert Scott Kelly, 40, was denied bond Oct. 30 by Fayette County Superior Court Judge Christopher Edwards.

Kelly is accused of attempted murder and aggravated battery for the assault on three people that sent all three victims to the hospital. Sheriff’s Detective David Gunter testified that Kelly used a pair of pliers during the assault, knocking several teeth from the face of one of the victims, who was 82 years old and still in the hospital some three weeks later, recovering from the attack.

Assistant District Attorney Robert Smith argued that Kelly should be held without bond in part because he called his wife, one of the victims, from jail. Smith said that was an indication Kelly might threaten or intimidate witnesses if released from jail pending trial.

Other members of the family told law enforcement that they feared Kelly might conduct another attack if he was released prior to the trial, Gunter said.

Deputies said Kelly fled the scene of the attack but was arrested minutes later on Ga. Highway 54 near the Frank’s at the Old Mill restaurant.



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Another piece of human debris that should be parachuted over the Atlantic without a parachute...... Git a rope.....

White Trash.......

<em><strong>Stupid can't be fixed. We can only vote him out</strong></em>

of battered women and let them have at him with whatever weapon they choose (short of shooting or hanging him--that would be too easy). In no time he would be screaming to be taken to a jail cell. Then part of his sentence should be that once a week this beating be repeated. Of course the bleeding hearts would think this is terrible but I have always felt an eye for an eye was justice.

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