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PTC to Fayette: 'Give us $1.8 million for Crosstown turn lanes, gateway bridge on 54W'

Thursday night the Peachtree City Council voted unanimously to petiton the Fayette County Board of Commissioners for funding help for two big-budget transportation projects. The city wants help making improvements to the intersection of Peachtree Parkway and Crosstown Road, and with building a new “gateway” cart path bridge across Ga. Highway 54 at the far western city limits.

The city is hoping to convince the Fayette County Commission to fund both projects with revenue from the countywide transportation sales tax that ran from 2004-2009.

City staff is recommending that a proposed traffic light for the Parkway/Crosstown intersection be removed from the project.

Instead, the city would be adding additional lanes to the intersection to help traffic move better. With the traffic light, the city was due to get $444,000 in state funding, but another $774,000 would be needed to finish the project.

Those figures most likely will change without the traffic light, assuming its removal meets with approval of the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The “gateway” cart path bridge on Hwy. 54 West will need a $1.03 million contribution from the county. The city already owns land for the bridge site on the northern side of Ga. Highway 54 West, at the corner of MacDuff Parkway. The bridge would link the Shoppes at Village Piazza shopping center with the path along MacDuff Parkway.

The bridge could also be accessed via the Platnerra Ridge subdivision by going through the Line Creek Nature Area, noted City Manager Bernie McMullen.

It will take about several years for the gateway path bridge to be built, as the city will have to start the state’s plan development process that takes several years to get through, said City Engineer Dave Borkowski.

While the intersection work at Peachtree Parkway and Crosstown Road will also require a DOT approval, the project is already approved as designed and the nod is necessary to remove the proposed stoplight. If approved, that would allow new turn lanes to be built at the intersection to improve traffic flow.

The unanimous vote from council also cancelled a path project that was completely isolated from any current path section. The cancelled project would have led from Cooper Circle to the city’s Baseball and Soccer Complex which is on the west side of Ga. Highway 74 south, where no other path curently exists.



jqp_ptc's picture

I've been going through the intersection at Peachtree Parkway and Crosstown at least twice a day (during peak periods) for almost 7 years now.

Leave it alone. That's a million bucks that doesn't need to be spent.

Sure, there's the occasional stutter in traffic because someone was talking on the cell phone and not paying attention to who's turn it is, but that certainly doesn't require spending a million bucks and screwing up traffic for a year.

It's almost like we're a kid with a $5 bill in our pockets roaming the aisles of Walmart looking for something to buy.

Leave it alone. Save the money - just pay attention at the intersection.

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I've been going through there almost daily for 20+ years and have seen few problems. In fact I've seen only a couple of accidents there and none of them serious. It's very simple, pay attention and take your turn.

I'd also add the "gateway bridge" to the list of wasted money. Since we have council and the guy, now a commissioner, who blew the close to million dollars for a chunk of land for the bridge it's probably a done deal.

You got it right!
Especially the last paragraph.

Been done that way in GA for 200 years. Even the land where the stagecoach stopped at Shakerag and the road west was dedicated long before the horses stomped the trail there, and the trees were all chopped down for firewood and cabins.

Even the horse changing stations and the bean eateries with terrible coffee along the way were owned by politicians. Three hots and a cot, and entertainment, were also available if you could afford to stay!

Talk about bed-bugs! We haven't come very far since then, really.

that 4 way is just about the most efficient intersection in the city. Everybody takes their turn (literally) and especially at peak hours, the traffic just flows right thru. Are cars backed up? Yes, same as at every traffic lighted intersection at peak times. But there is no wasted stop time, waitng for a light to turn green, when there isn't traffic at peak times, either. This is a classic case of, if it ain't broke don't fix it. And don't spend money we don't have. Again, they city will still have to come up with at least 20%, even if we do get help from the county. Many thousands of dollars. Like you said, the drivers going though there are locals who have lived here for years, and are used to it. As for the others, pay attention.

Don't understand!
Once TDK is opened to Coweta County in the future, such changes to that intersecton will definitely be needed!

One must strike while the iron is hot (money available).

If there were not 25% of the drivers at that intersection who jockey to be next, whether they are or not, it could be easy enough.
It is amazing just how many do not know who is next! Much less themselves!

Those are the same people who speed up when they see a yellow light 50 yards ahead in order to make it!

Hey, money is cheap right now---0% to banks from government. 20% from banks to users! Yes, we subsidize banks more than people.

jqp_ptc's picture

Ah, but if you don't pave the runway, the jumbo-jet cannot land.
25% of the cars do not do the wrong thing. I think you exaggerate perhaps a little.
A light will make the intersection even MORE congested.
Go visit the light in front of Best Buy some time. What a joke.

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You don't need to blow money like that...NO NO NO. Let's spend the money keeping the nasty trash that's coming from Riverdale into our city. More police, better training, a wall even....but no is the answer to your golf cart bridge! Give me a break!

We all do just fine at crosstown. Even the nasty drivers do ok on that corner. So dont waste the money. Buy all golf cart owners tasers so we can assist when we see a problem from out of town. Thats money better spent

way beyond the city budget means right now, and probably for the next 5 years, at least. I don't care if the city only has to pony up "only" 20%. The city's portion is still in the hundreds of thousands of dollars that we don't have. At this same meeting, didn't they also approve almost 100 thousand (for just the city portion and for only the first 2 years worth of upkeep) just to plant flowers and trees and shrubs on 54 from 74 over to the Coweta line on the median? That doesn't even take into consideration the ongoing maintenance needed from years 2 to infinity that has to be added for Trugreen or public works or whomever does our landscaping maintenace contract. These are state highways, GADOT is responsible for all landscaping on 74 and 54, but since PTC insists on higher standards than GDOT are willing to give us, PTC has taken over the cost of all this landscaping (pruning, fertilizing, trash p/u) with absolutely NO reimbursement from GADOT for the amount they would have had to contribute in the first place. This is 2010 people, not 2005. The good ol' days of money pouring in to finance the budget are gone for the near future, so why is Council committing money we don't have to this now? And from the same meeting last week, this median landscaping money is NOWHERE in any budget now. Hasn't been included in any 2 year, 5 year plan or further. Heck, does the city even have the costs in yet for the path extension going across the side of Camden Apts. property from MacDuff to connect with the path by Jersey Mike's subs? You know Camden is going to get from the city what it can for an easement across it's property. That little stretch of pavement isn't even part of the 54 Gateway bridge project, and we don't know the cost yet on that, either. It's nuts. What happened to tighta*& Erika Imker who ranted and ranted from from the time he was voted in to office in Jan. till he crapped out on the 1.25 mil increase in July? His rants went on and on and on about no money thru 2013 and not even a whimper about committing more and more money that isn't even allocated anywhere. Just a 5-0 vote to go ahead with more and more spending. Watch these upcoming .25 mil increases scheduled for the next 3 years become .50 or larger, as the project list just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The county tax payer could care less about PTC gateway bridge for golf carts. If it is so imoportant to PTC assess a tax on the golf cart owners to pay for something only they will use. Leave the county money alone. It's hard enough to keep them from wasteing our tax dollars.

The above article reminded me of the commission of Simpson-Bowles to recommend budget cuts and tax increases just released as a summary.

i will list a few of them below but keep in mind even these changes would only save 3-4 trillion dollars and would still continue to add to the federal deficit!

Cut Social Security benefits--mostly by shoving out the retirement age.
Actually reduce the percentage corporations now pay as tax (35%) before deductions, to 25%. However when the eliminated deductions are effective, they would actually pay more at 25% since they have a lot of deductions--health care for one.

Same for workers---reduce rate, eliminate deductions (house interest, marriage, etc.)

Release 10% of federal workers (adds to unemployment).
Freeze federal wages (and SS)
Add at least 15 cents per gallon tax on gas.

Eliminate earmarks.

Reduce defense spending. (several bases on foreign soil)

Reduce aid to states.

Reduce foreign aid (can't to Israel and Egypt)

I don't know when we will stop these games about the hole we are in with debt, banks, foreclosures, commercial empty buildings, 15,000,000 unemployed, etc., and face our depression!
Devalue the dollar, default on our loans to some extent, trade our food for ability to sell autos, etc., in foreign countries, and nationalize Transportation, oil, health, retirement, and banks.

Gradually build up manufacturing again for at least some jobs. We are going to be stuck with at least 10% + for a very long time.

Who you vote for does matter--thieves can not be turned loose.

Are we to start more wars to cover up this crap, as we have done before?

Cyclist's picture

Are you complaining?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Yes, I am complaining. What they are proposing, assuming all of it got through as a law--which is impossible, it would not do anything to help the situation soon!

It would not do half of the job of balancing the budget, nor reducing the deficit!

The summary doesn't even mention yet the coming bank failures, commercial foreclosures and hundreds of thousands more home foreclosures and individual bankruptcies. Nor unemployment.

It is, in a word: Farcical!

reference a truly "positive" comment from Bonko lately?

I do not speil false "positivity" when their isn't any?
That is what got us into trouble!
(Oh, don't worry about the banks or the wars, look at the profits and the good times we are hnaving)

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