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Bearden misses cut for Floyd County top job

Fayette County School System Superintendent Jeff Bearden lost out in his bid to become the next head of the Floyd County School System. Bearden was one of two finalists for the top job, but the Floyd County Board of Education on Nov. 5 selected one of its own to fill the position.

The northwest Georgia board voted Monday to hire Jeff McDaniel, the school system’s chief of academics.

That leaves Bearden without a job when his “mutual termination” from the Fayette system becomes effective Dec. 31 this year.

The Floyd County website in late October announced that Bearden and McDaniel were the two finalists for the position. It was on Sept. 19 that Bearden and the Fayette school board entered into what they described as a mutual termination agreement that cited Dec. 31 as his last day of employment.

But according to documents on the Floyd County School System website, Bearden completed an application and résumé for superintendent’s job on Sept. 4, a full two weeks before he and the Fayette County school board agreed to the mutual termination. Bearden’s application was date-stamped by the Floyd County School System on Sept. 6.

So did anyone on the school board know on Sept. 19 that Bearden had completed his application for Floyd County back on Sept. 4?

On his Floyd County application Bearden said school board Chair Leonard Presberg and Vice Chair Terri Smith were aware of his application submittal. And on his résumé, Bearden listed Presberg, Smith, school board member Janet Smola and school system attorney Phillip Hartley as references.

As for the two remaining board members, Marion Key and Bob Todd indicated that they were not aware of the Floyd County application at the time of the Sept. 19 meeting.



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How is Bearden going to get a job when he left his last employer under a non disclosure agreement. If there had been a good reason to terminate him it would have taken place without all the hoopla. With a little cogitation it seems apparent that the board wanted the non disclosure and got him to agree to it for a years pay.

4 on the board are hiding from something they must have done or said. Probably something that would have received state attention and unneeded expense. Just my opinion

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Believe me I'm sure there is plenty of blame to go to all involved. But,I get tired of hearing the speculation about "it had to be the board ... The board had something to hide etc etc" That may be true but so may another scenario . So if we are to speculate lets consider all the scenarios. Maybe Bearden asked for the non-disclosure clause.( There are also RUMORS his departure from his last employer may have been under similar circumstances... Rumor) just as rumors and speculation here. He was after all seeking employment in Floyd county and may be did not want them to find out somethings he may have done to jeopardize the school system and it's accreditation.. I do find it odd that not one single reference in his résumé to Floyd was anyone one from his previous school system.
Everyone always seems to miss the other obvious quandary. With his recent contract extension he legally was entitled to 3 yrs pay. In a no fault agreement usually the employer is still legally bound by the contracts terms of salary. But amazingly ( and I hate his severance deal too) he only gets one year salary. Look no further than Clayton counties former super that they had to pay out the remainder of his contract 3 or 4 years worth of salary. I'm just saying look at all possibilities before assuming too much. Either way Fayette county citizens and students got the shaft.

No, I would say he made the cut but didn't finish in the money!

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[quote]No, I would say he made the cut but didn't finish in the money![/quote]

I beg to differ. Did you see his severance package? ;-)

The article was about Bearden NOT getting the job in Floyd County--nothing to do with his severance package. He was one of two finalists for the job--I call that "making the cut".

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we should all move on to more important issues. For example, what are we going to do about our school system?

This horse is completely beaten to death.

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What's done is done .

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