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PTC ready for long lines as businesses required to show ID in person

Peachtree City Hall is geared up for long lines anticipated this week thanks to a new change in state law that requires a business representative to present their identification in person so it can be checked for their immigration status.

This is now part of the process for receiving an annual occupational (business) tax license from the city as each business must have a representative sign the occupational tax forms and also an E-Verify form used to check one’s immigration status, according to city spokesperson Betsy Tyler. The E-Verify form can be notarized in advance or at City Hall, and businesses are required to pay their annual occupational tax fee by check only.

Although both customer service windows at City Hall will be set up to deal with the influx of business representatives wading through the process, the city also has a queue set up in the lobby so city employees can review forms and check to make sure each company’s stormwater payment is up to date.

The city is trying to make the process “as painless as possible” for local businesses and also remain easily accessible for those who need to purchase a golf cart decal for example, Tyler said.

Previously, businesses could provide a copy of their identification document via mail, but the change in state law says they now may be accepted either electronically or in person, Tyler said. The city does not have a system that allows acceptance of the identification document electronically, she added.

The new law does not require for the owner’s immigration status to be checked, only that of the business representative, Tyler explained.


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