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$1.8 million for golf cart bridge? Ridiculous

The idea of spending $1.8 million for a golf cart bridge is unbelievable! Spending this kind of money would be a waste beyond compare.

Why is it needed, how many people will use it and benefit from building it? I don’t believe answers to these questions justify funding it.

Anyone on the PTC council who would vote for SPLOST to fund this bridge to nowhere should be immediately declared insane and put in a mental hospital.

We cannot afford to build or fund these types of extravaganza. There is no real justification for the bridge. We just don’t need this type of senseless spending.

If more money is needed for golf cart paths, increase the cart fee and collect it annually. There is no such thing a “free lunch.”

Larry Robinson

Peachtree City, Ga.



I agree!

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