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Haddix nuked as regional transportation representative

It did not take long Monday night for the mayors of Fayetteville, Woolsey and Brooks to undo what had been done recently: the appointment of Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix as one of the two Fayette County representatives on the Regional Transportation Roundtable (RTR) that will help decide on projects for the upcoming July 2012 vote on a 1-cent sales tax for regional transportation projects. Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele was elected to be the new representative.

Though the group of mayors had originally elected Haddix to represent the county’s municipalities, the 3-0 vote changed all that. Haddix and Tyrone Mayor Don Rehwaldt did not attend the meeting.

Steele, Brooks Mayor Dan Langford and Woolsey Mayor Gary Laggis noted their concerns about Haddix’s future effectiveness on the RTR made up of representatives of the 10-county Atlanta Regional Commission. Central to their concerns were recent remarks by Haddix and Rehwaldt that Fayette County might be better off leaving the ARC and joining the Three Rivers Regional Commission.

The three mayors said they believe they had the prerogative under the statue pertaining to the House Bill 277 regional transportation initiative to unseat Haddix and vote Steele into the position.



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This makes me sick, but the political machine in Fayette County is up and running. Ken Steele and Jack Smith are pulling the switches and pushing the buttons.

As another commenter said earlier, Ken Steele is going to flush Fayette County down the drain.

The fight to "take back" and save Fayette County continues.

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It goes the Director Todd Long next, so it not a done deal yet.

Rather than get into this claim versus that here is what HB 277 says:
<cite>(a)... On or before November 10, 2010, the mayors in each county shall elect the mayoral representative to the regional transportation roundtable and notify the county commission chairperson and the director of that mayor's name... </cite>

That was done, announced, I was seated and we have been meeting.

<cite>(11) 'Regional transportation roundtable' or 'roundtable' means a conference of the local governments of a special district created pursuant to this article held at a centralized location within the district as chosen by the director for the purpose of establishing the investment criteria and determining projects eligible for the investment list for the special district. The regional transportation roundtable shall consist of two representatives from each county, including the chairperson, sole commissioner, mayor, or chief executive officer of the county governing authority and one mayor elected by the mayors of the county; provided, however, that, in the event such an election ends in a tie, the mayor of the municipal corporation with the highest population determined using the most recently completed United States decennial census shall be deemed to have been elected as a representative unless that mayor is already part of the roundtable. In such case, the mayor of the municipal corporation with the second highest population shall be deemed to have been elected as a representative. If a county has more than 90 percent of its population residing in municipal corporations, such county shall have the mayor of the municipal corporation with the highest population determined using the most recently completed United States decennial census as an additional representative. The regional transportation roundtable shall elect five representatives from among its members to serve as an executive committee. The executive committee shall also include two members of the House of Representatives selected by the chairperson of the House Transportation Committee and one member of the Senate selected by the chairperson of the Senate Transportation Committee. Each member of the General Assembly appointed to the executive committee shall be a nonvoting member of the executive committee and shall represent a district which lies wholly or partially within the region represented by the executive committee. The executive committee shall not have more than one representative from any one county, but any member of the General Assembly serving on the executive committee shall not count as a representative of his or her county. </cite>

There is no removal provision like there is for members of the MARTA. As well the MARTA members get paid.

We will see.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

So Donnie, are you saying you have a lifetime appointment to the RTR? I don't think so. Most folks in your situation would have the class to step aside just because your fellow mayors and other elected officials no longer have the confidence in your ability to represent Fayette County. But apparently your ego and megalomania will not allow your to do so. You sir, need professional help.

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Unless something strange happens the RTR dissolves in October of 2011.

Actually, with Steele I am opposing his agenda. As well there are other elected officials who support me, including in ARC.

You are assuming you know all that is going on. You do not.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Your comment that others in ARC support you is ludicrous! They support your stance that Fayette drop out of their organization and move to Three Rivers? LOL!!

But then again, it doesn't matter what they think about Fayette's representation. Go back and read your cut and paste....they don't get a vote on that, Donnie!

I am assuming nothing. But what I do know is the majority of the other Fayette mayors no longer have confidence in your ability to represent Fayette in RTR.

That being the case, why don't you do the right thing and resign? Wait...I can answer that question....your ego and pride won't let you.

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You imply that only you know what is best for Peachtree City, you most certainly do not. For once in your life take the high road and bow out gracefully, to do otherwise will only embarrass our city and humiliate both you and your family.

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Thanks, Mr. Mayor, for sending this information along.

There is nothing of substance in Donnie Darko's cut and paste regarding the appt to RTR. The issue at hand is, with the vote of the Fayette mayors, does that mean he can be replaced? Donnie's blog entry does not address that. The second and most important issue is SHOULD he remain on RTR if the majority do not want him to. As I stated in this thread earlier, most people would step aside if the majority took a public vote of no confidence. However, Donnie's ego and self delusions of grandeur apparently will not allow him to do so.

I had no idea we elected a megalomaniac.

How on earth could a small town Mayor have megalomania!

there isn't enough power there to prompt it!

The job is nothing but a severe headache and with ulcers soon.

Should be done by a professional hire who is educated at it, and where the mayor attends meetings and seminars and eats rubber chicken at the Rotary club. Has the council fire the hired hand if necessary.

Otherwise it has to be political.

What has to be done to implement this? (and oh, yeah, the Chiefs work for the hired hand.) No contracts.

Don't call foul now. The guy has always been a control freak with no practical background. He has not worked in I think something like five years. Don't cry now, he's in until he is elected out so get use to it.

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Glad to see not all local governments are asleep or stuck in Utopia, far away from reality. Along with the PTC Council vote already(sort of meaningless but indicative of how the rest of the cities also feel), I think it's beyond clear that most of Fayette County does not want Haddix on the RTR any longer.

Why do you care to remain on the Atlanta Regional Commission?

The minute you arrived, you complained about the tax claiming Fayette should switch to The 3 Rivers Commission...You spoke loudly using your typical forum (The Citizen) ...everyone heard you, Fayette County, ARC, everyone but 3 Rivers (small oversight).

So, you don't want to be in the ARC, and now you got voted off but you say "let's wait and see".

What is your game for God's sake!

You can not continue to operate and lead as a mayor with the "take no prisoners" attitude.

Stand your friend.

Haddix is up to his old tricks of trying to turn the issue around....

Unfortunately what he is telling you is:

Haddix and Sturnbaum play this same MACHIAVELLIAN game with the city council too...they try to keep the other 3 in the dark all the time, trying to control information because they believe information is the key to "control"..both are major control freaks

Luckily most PTC citizens are beginning to figure this out.

The question is when do the citizens band together and recall Haddix!

No one seems to want to admit Sturnbaum is the leading factor in this duo and his little buddy Haddix is NOT running the show. So glad someone finally knows what the deal is and states it.

Umm hmmmm...

....on the ARC?

Wouldn't "NUKED" mean that it was a done deal?

The state has nothing to say?

Maybe next week I can be put in as Chairman and Steele will be bumped, then the week after, Bob Lenox can be added after another NUKING?

This paper can come up with some of the dammedest headlines with 3-4 words that are as partial as the Constitution was to King George!

Can't we vote on these headlines? No? Thought not!

No they and we don't need anyone from PTC with the attitude that Mayor Haddix brings to the table.

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