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Rep. Yates: Big win despite distortions

The national election is over generally and hopefully we will have a conservative U.S. House of Representatives with the national debt now at $13.28 trillion. If you compare this to the debt of $258.6 billion in 1945 after fighting WWII — the highest cost war of all time — this is a shocking indictment of Obama and the Democrat Congress.

Speaker Ralston and Lt. Governor Cagle announce the creation of the Special Joint Committee on Immigration Reform. Hopefully we will be able to correct some of the problems ignored by Obama and his administration. They have appointed several able legislators including my good friend Rep. Matt Ramsey, Peachtree City.

On Oct. 19 I attended a forum in Griffin featured by the American Business Women’s Association. The invitation came from Mrs. Wanda Cronic Howell, a person I respect very much due to the way she runs a successful business, particularly after the death of her father June Cronic, a very respected and successful businessman.

On Nov. 2 I received the largest win ever at 70 percent in my re-election to the Georgia House of Representatives. I want to thank my supporters for their vote of confidence. I will continue to work very hard for you.

I regret to have to tell you that my opponent ran the most shameful campaign against me that I have faced in 20 years of campaigning. Since none of her statements were true I will continue to campaign in an honorable manner, which I believe my constituents appreciate.

I can be reached at 217 State Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia, 30334 (404-656-5126). I can also be reached at night at 770-227-1474.

Rep. John P. Yates

District 73

Griffin, Ga.



Using your own words against you is "shameful"? Pffft.

Rep. Yates fought Germans in WWII, however, now he wants to turn the United States into East Germany by building towers at the Mexican border staffed with National Guardsmen given blanket orders to shoot anything on sight. <a href="

His opponent used his own words against him, and Yates calls that "shameful".

His Big Win is like all his facts that he tells...2010 Yates 14,363 Votes- Carroll 6,169 Votes; 2008 Yates 4,281 Votes- Williams 1,985 Votes; 2000 Yates 9,339 Votes- Howell 4,305 Votes and in 1996 Yates 7,207 Votes -Harris 4,757 Votes. No one ran against Yates during the other years. The Facts Mr. Yates (or Mr. Ramsey) It was a Higher number of voters in this election's total and Ms. Carroll had a high number for a democrat in Fayette County. Come on Mr Yates, Quite being so Bitter!! You Won

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