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Thanks from an older voter to helpful young person at PTC precinct

Last week, while early voting, I had a most pleasant experience happen that restored my faith in today’s young people. Often, young folks of today are assumed to be selfish and inconsiderate; however, my experience proved otherwise.

I arrived at the Peachtree City Library and, because I am now using a walker, parked where I thought I would be close to the entry for early voting.

I made my way to what I thought was the correct door, wondering how I would open such a heavy door while holding on to my walker.

To my surprise, a young woman, possibly late teens or early twenties, opened that door for me. Immediately, I realized that I was at the wrong location, and the young woman pointed out the correct door, which was some distance away.

This was going to mean moving my car to avoid a longer walk to and from that location. To complicate matters, moving my car would also involve folding up my walker, putting it back into the car, and then getting it out again at the closer parking location.

Sensing my hesitation, the young lady offered to move my car closer to the new location.

What a blessing that offer was! Once again, this polite and thoughtful young lady held the door open for me to enter the early voting location.

Negotiating entries and exits, heavy doors, and parking places has become quite a challenge since I began using a walker. However, I want to remain as independent as possible and certainly wanted to exercise my duty as a citizen to vote.

This experience was so much more pleasant thanks to the courtesy of this young woman. I failed to get her name and can only identify that she was wearing a Georgia Tech jacket, but I would like to publicly thank this young person who helped me so much.

Although what she did may have seemed insignificant to this young lady, it made a significant difference to me. So, a genuine “thank you” to the young lady in the Tech jacket who made me believe in today’s youth again. I hope she reads this letter .

Gabrielle Kesler

Peachtree City, Ga.


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