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'Macbeth' presented at Clayton State

“Macbeth” marched on to the Clayton State Theater stage for five drama-filled evenings starting Thursday night. The curtain rises in the Clayton State Theatre, room G132 of the Arts & Sciences Building, at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free with Laker ID for Clayton State students, faculty and staff members. General admission is $5 for non-students.

“Macbeth,” directed by Patricia Henritze, Clayton State assistant professor of Theater, says “Macbeth” is just as relevant today as it was in Shakespeare’s time, and her student cast makes the performance one well worth attending.

“It’s all about unleashed ambition and what happens when you only value power and money,” she said. “Macbeth goes from a guy with everything -- love, family and friends -- to a violent guy with no one to turn to.  

 “The cast has done a great job giving the play a Shakespearean feel, while also being themselves. We’re not playing fake British people; we’re really relating the play to the here and now.”

“To perform Macbeth is almost a dream come true,” said Darius Booker (Hinesville, Ga.), who plays the lead role. “Originally I wanted to be something ghostly, maybe one of the witches, representing an omen. To get Macbeth was unexpected, it was a great opportunity.

“I’ve been creating Macbeth with my own heart, in my own way.”

 Henritze, whose 10-minute play “Destiny” premieres at the Short Plays Series of the EstroGenius Festival in New York this week, says that the Clayton State adaptation of “Macbeth” takes off right away. 

 “We’ve had a blast working on fights and movement – and the lights, set and costumes are really cool,” she added.

Clayton State Theatre performances of “Macbeth” will be on Saturday, Nov. 10, Thursday, Nov. 15, and Friday, Nov. 16. All performances in G132 of the Arts & Sciences Building will begin at 7:30 p.m.


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