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Coston loses to Tyrone incumbent by 6 votes

The votes were cast Tuesday night and the recount came on Thursday. When all was done, incumbent Tyrone Councilman Ken Matthews beat challenger Pota Coston by a slim margin of six votes in the race for the Post 3 council seat.

Matthews won the contest taking 659 votes while Coston received 653 votes. A total of 1,317 votes were cast, representing a 29.8 percent turnout of Tyrone’s approximately 4,000 registered voters.

Fayette County elections supervisor Tom Sawyer said he was contacted by Coston, asking for a recount in the race that was decided by a razor-thin margin. Sawyer then contacted Matthews and the recount was conducted Thursday morning at the elections office in Fayetteville.

Coston was accompanied for the recount by Fayette County Issues Tea Party representative Bob Ross and attorney Wayne Kendall. Matthews was also present for the recount.

Sawyer said he explained the process to the two candidates, then reset the machines and ran the ballots. The number of votes for each candidate remained the same as the number counted Tuesday night, Sawyer said.

Sawyer noted that he had received three calls from citizens interested in voting in the contest but were unable to do so because they had moved and were no longer eligible to vote in the election.

Sawyer reminded voters to register to vote at the appropriate polling location if they move. The new registration can be accomplished by visiting the Ga. Secretary of State website at and accessing the My Voter Page.



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So what's your point?

I yam what I yam

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Some in Tyrone are wondering if the Tea Party and the NAACP have ganged up on poor little Tyrone to make SURE we get someone who didn't get elected, but that THEY feel is better for us? Both seem to have sent representatives to ask for a recount when Coston lost.

In the past when we have had county wide elections for BOE and BOC, it was nothing to see people from all over the county politicking in all areas. But this time, Peachtree City Tea Party members were in little Tyrone waiving flags for Tyrone's LOCAL election. This raised plenty of Tyrone local eyebrows. Resentment of the outside influence made more locals come out to vote. It backfired badly. But it has Tyrone wondering...why?

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So you think it's suspicious for a recount when there is only a 6 vote difference? If you think the election was rigged, why only cry on the "C"?

I yam what I yam

suggarfoot's picture

I don't for a minute think the election was rigged. I think it was tight. What I'm referring to is what came out of the woodwork TOGETHER, asking for a recount. I don't understand what tea party rep was doing in a local election when he doesn't live here. The lawyer for the NAACP and Pota being black, I get, the Tea party putting themselves behind Pota in an election in Tyron, I don't get at all.

I don't live in Tyrone, but thought both candidates would be successful. Anyone who loses by that slim a margin would ask for a recount.

Looking from the outside, I would say that the County Tea Party and the commissioners could have won, had Ms. Coston been victorious. They could then claim the lawsuit was not true since an African American is able to win in FC.

My guess will be that Mr. Ross will just claim that she was a personal friend whom he thought was the better candidate. And that should suffice.

But perhaps there is something sinister going on because one commissioner may lose a seat if the NAACP wins.

Maybe you need to ask Mr. Ross and commission directly to see what they say.

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You have made very good sense. As usual, Tyrone being used. Not very nice. Thank you for your insight. I have nothing against Pota as a person, I just hate users, that being the Tea Party rep in my eyes. We knew something was up, but what you said...fits.

Think about it suggarfoot. Which Tea Party leader went on record to fight against the NAACP regarding district voting stating that African American candidates have failed to win election in Fayette County due to poor campaigning or facing a more qualified opponent, not because of their skin color. Someone was out to prove a point this election.

Who had the most to gain if Ms. Coston won the election? Our Tea Party Commission? Who could than fight the NAACP lawsuit stating that Ms. Coston won because she was the best candidate and it had nothing to do with skin color.

By losing with Mr. Ross's backing, the NAACP is now just going to be able to add another bullet point in their fight for district voting by saying "we told you so".

The Tea Party may have put the final nail in their own coffin.

Wanted to see if you spoke to Mr. Ross or Commission yet.

Earlier this year, Mr. Ross offered his "expertise" to African American citizens who may consider running for office.

I guess he thought that if he could help Ms. Coston win the election, then this would prove the NAACP wrong. I don't think he thought that even with his "expertise" she would lose and put another nail in the coffin.

Since she is more than qualified for the post. (And, she had an expert run her campaign). Her loss will only solidify the NAACP's claim and perhaps speed up the district voting process. A good barometer regarding the Tea Party Commissions involvement into Tyrone would be Mr. Barlows vote for Ms. Coston. Since had she won, he might not lose his seat.

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