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Ga. Supreme Court to hold session in restored Coweta courthouse

The Supreme Court of Georgia will hold oral arguments in Newnan next Tuesday in the recently-renovated historic Coweta County Courthouse located downtown on the square. The court will hear two appeal cases involving a death penalty from Clayton County and one between Gwinnett County and restaurant owners over the responsibility for repairing a sinkhole.

Supreme Court public information officer Jane Hansen said that each year the court travels outside Atlanta to hear cases for the purpose of making the court’s business and the judicial process more accessible to the public. The session, which begins at 10 a.m., is open to the public, Hansen said.

Hansen said that in the Tuesday session the court will hear two appeals. One appeal involves a death penalty case from Clayton County in which a man has been sentenced to die for the 1997 murder of his neighbor.

The second appeal involves a dispute between owners of a Popeye’s restaurant and the government of Gwinnett County over who is responsible for paying the cost of repairing a sinkhole.


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These second graders from Kedron Elementary School led the April 20 Fayette County School Board in the pledge of allegiance. The students, from left, are Tabitha Htoka, Blythie Barrow, and A.J.

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“Flies at the Well,” the exciting new musical re-interpretation of the famous 1948 John Wallace murder trial, had its first staging outside of Newnan last week, April 17-19, at The Fourth Wall, a t