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Mayoral maelstrom may be over: Steele trumps Haddix on roundtable

For all intents and purposes it will be Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele who will be one of the two Fayette County representatives on the Regional Transportation Roundtable that will produce a list of proposed transportation projects for the 10-county Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). The final list to be determined later will go before voters in mid-2012 in the form of a 10-year, one-cent transportation sales tax.

Georgia Dept. of Transportation Planning Director Todd Long said Wednesday that, given the stipulation in the law, the group of Fayette County mayors had until midnight on Nov. 10 to make any other change of mayoral representation beyond the one made earlier this week when the mayors of Woolsey, Brooks and Fayetteville voted 3-0 to change the representative from Peachtree City Mayor Don Haddix to Fayetteville’s Steele. Haddix had been elected earlier in the fall to be the county’s mayoral representative. Neither Haddix nor Tyrone Mayor Don Rehwaldt attended the meeting Monday night when Steele was elected.

Questioned about which mayor should represent the county on the RTR, Todd on Thursday morning said he had received no other communication from Fayette County by midnight on Nov. 10. That said, and with Steele being the most recent selection by the Fayette mayoral caucus on Monday, it will be Steele that will represent Fayette beginning in 2011, along with the new Fayette County Commission chairman.

Long said the one-cent transportation sales tax legislation (House Bill 277) was very clear that a mayoral representative was to be elected by Nov. 10. The bill was very quiet on how that was to be done, Long said.

“I got a mayor representative from Peachtree City and (now) I’ve got a revised representative (in correspondence earlier this week) from Fayetteville,” Long said. “Common sense says you need documentation.”

The reason for that documentation deals with what Long said is outlined in the legislation that establishes the roundtables. The roundtables, he said, were intended to be locally controlled. Otherwise, the legislation would not have passed through the General Assembly, Long told The Citizen yesterday.

“The bill is very clear that the state is not part of the local selection process of a mayoral representative on the roundtable. I really do not think any of our 159 counties want the state to step in and decide representation from a county. As far as I can tell in my reading of the bill, a county can change their selection as many times as they want to before submitting a name to be on the roundtable by November 10,” Long said in an email sent last night. ”I have heard from many of you and have talked to the press several times. I have been consistent in all of my answers. The last correspondence we have received was from a majority of mayors from Fayette County indicating that Ken Steele was chosen. It matters not that previous elections were held. I hope this clarifies my position and we can move forward.”

Haddix in an email Thursday night and subsequent to the one sent by Long gave his perspective on the issue.

“That is not agreeing with my communications with Todd Long. In an email conversation Todd Long said this needed resolved at the local level. He neither sided with Ken Steele or me. Like it or not that was a legal position to kick it back to Fayette County. It was made by the official at the final step of the process. My position is that the bill required an election on or before November 10. That was accomplished with my name submitted and publicly acknowledged by Ken Steele in a press release. So a legal decision and announcement was made per HB 277 and Ken Steele made it,” Haddix said.

“Now, what will happen if both of us show up at a meeting? If one is seated over the other that is a legal decision. If no one is seated that is a legal decision. So no matter how you phrase it Todd Long has already made a legal decision in kicking it back and will have to make another if we both show up for meetings,” Haddix continued. “So, what are my options? That would be to resign, refuse to resign and go to court or refuse to resign and not go to court forcing either Steele to go to court or Todd Long to make a decision on who, if anyone is seated. None are good options in my book.”

Haddix in his attempt to resolve the matter of Long’s statement solicited the opinion of state Rep. Matt Ramsey, an attorney with a Peachtree City law firm. Communicating Ramsey’s response, Haddix in a Wednesday email indicated that Ramsey had said, “This required being taken to court to resolve it. He neither sided with Ken Steele or me. But that, again, was a legal decision.”

Contacted Thursday, Ramsey provided The Citizen with a copy of his exact response to Haddix.

“No, I am not making a statement as to the appropriateness or inappropriateness of any action by the DOT. You said in your original email that the guy at DOT is ‘refusing to take a position’ and I'm suggesting it would be inappropriate for the DOT, or any executive branch official for that matter, to in any way arbitrate a dispute such as this,” Ramsey told Haddix.

“As for my position, I believe in a very strict construction of the U.S. and Georgia constitutions and strongly believe in adhering to the constitutionally mandated separation of powers set out in both those documents,” Ramsey continued. “Our Constitution set up an explicit and distinct separation between the judicial, legislative and executive branches of our government which should be followed to preserve the proper checks and balances established in our system of government. It would be a gross overstep of my role as a legislator to render a legal judgment or opinion in a dispute over the application of a statute in a local matter such as this. Repeated examples in recent years of elected officials ignoring the fundamental framework of our Constitution are exactly why people are mad at government, as you suggest they are. Arbitrating disputes and interpreting laws is the province of the judicial branch of government.”

The mayoral maelstrom, at least in part, stems from recent comments by Haddix, and Rehwaldt, surfacing the idea that Fayette County might benefit more from moving from the ARC to the more rural Three Rivers Regional Commission. Those statements were a main thrust of the meeting Monday night when Steele was elected to replace Haddix as the Fayette mayoral representative.



Well Mayor Haddix, it appears that you were WRONG about being removed from the RTR.

NUK_1's picture

I think it's far too much to hope that this episode with the RTR and who will be the FC representative is actually over with egomaniacs like Haddix and Steve Brown involved.

mudcat's picture

It has only been 2 days since I wrote that being Worse Than Brown was almost impossible, but Mr. Haddix has now demonstrated his focus upon self over service. By not gracefully stepping aside the RTR seat he's an embarrassment to the county and the city. Remember please that he is airing all this dirty laundry before DOT - an agency with most of the power and money to get things done (or not) in and around our county.

Now this bonehead, self-promoting move by Haddix does indeed qualify him for one of the many Worse than Brown criteria - specifically annoying the DOT. Dumb as the Haddix letter and his public posturing about the "legality" at least the DOT people are not openly laughing at him as they did (and possibly still do) with the brown clown. I acknowledge that Haddix can jump into first place in this category by showing up at the next RTR meeting and refusing to leave, but he wouldn't do that. Would he? Would he?
So I think he's definitely infected by the WTB syndrome from which there is no known cure. It is simply a matter of progression towards irrelevancy.

There are so many things wrong with your comment above that it must be challenged.

First, there has to be someone "worse" than another for you all of the time! All do a bad job.

Haddix was elected to the job and now is accused of being nasty by the same elector (Steele)! What is Haddix to do just resign it? Makes him look guilty of something which he is not. He is the Mayor, whether he suits all is not important until election time. Even Lenox junction got to serve out his terms. (you know---old "I'll buy it for one million")

I don't know what the "dirty laundry" is, maybe you can elaborate?
I'm not laughing at Haddix as your are, I'm frowning at all of the ones who want him to cow-tow to every whim!

I would certainly show up at that meeting and take the Chairman's chair--He was elected to it and must be removed by some higher power than a peer!

He should be irrelevant to such as you!

There are 110,000 of us now in Fayette County and a half dozen cotillion attendees (still do it)who aren't as important as they were in 1800!

"Haddix continued. “So, what are my options? That would be to resign, refuse to resign and go to court or refuse to resign and not go to court forcing either Steele to go to court or Todd Long to make a decision on who, if anyone is seated. None are good options in my book.”

Your egotism and self delusions of power have no end do they, Donnie! But you are so wrong. The good option is to take the high road and resign.

Your continued efforts including the threat of legal action to remain on RTR even now after Todd Long has issued a very clear and logical reason as to why you should be replaced are embarrassing. Go home!

The next mayoral campaign cannot get here soon enough!

quiet on how that was to be done", said Long. How eloquent is this guy?

Ken Steele, the ball is in your court. Now show us how powerful YOU are, Mr. Professional Politician. Be sure to get your instructions before you go from Learnard, Fleisch and Erika. Tell Lilly Langford and Lucy Laggis everything you do, too.

Do you hate women or something?
Why to express your dislike, identifying people as incompetent by converting they first names to women's names?
Stick to the facts and cut the chauvinism.

NUK_1's picture

Ouch...somebody just got shamed big-time.

Oh, now come on, sweetie. Why is it that the title "interim" stuck in front of someone's name just makes some folk feel so above it all? At least for now. The only thing "stuck" on here are your sorry "leadership" lectures every other day. Learn to lighten up and enjoy the "factless" blogs. Or not, and stay off them.


"For all intents and purposes, Steele trumps." (and it was on a roundtable!)
Also, got this before: "Haddix Nuked."

Is FOX News writing these headlines?

Are they the ones nuking and trumping Haddix on a table?

If you don't like the first one, why, just appoint another one, and another one if you don't like the second one, and another one if you don't like the third one..............etc.

Is it possible now that Mayors of these towns (or cities) can continue to bounce these members forever, particularly when new Mayors are elected?

Is it necessary for all members to vote in such a dump?

Let me ask this again:

Most people want no transportation tax?
Mayor Haddix wants no transportation tax?
Steele voted Haddix in and submitted his name?
Steele voted him out and re-submitted his own name?

Mayor Steele wants a transportation tax?
Mayor Steele didn't know that Mayor Haddix did not want a transportation tax?
He did know, but got so much static that he fired him--in effect?
He fired him because he tried to get into another region in hopes of avoiding a sales tax there!
Mr. Steele thinks Mr. Haddix has no right to think anything against the static?

All the Conservatives want no transportation tax--that is nearly everybody!

Yet, all conservatives want a man in for us who does want a transportation tax?

I think we should Nuke him, or maybe put him on a table and trump him!
(Whichever "him" you think best!)

Is it possible we don't want a tax but are afraid we are going to get one anyway, so we want our share?

Isn't that kinda like the conservatives here NOT wanting any federal money but want all they can get for teachers, policemen, firemen, bushes in between roads, and anything else available?

I know that I'm not supposed to be a glutton but I eat too much anyway due to the fact that I want it--politics be dammed!

Must all be true, but what is the answer?

Try NOT showing up just as you decided to do when the other three mayors voted you off the island.

Then again, it would no doubt be good theater to watch you get thrown out of the meeting and/or arrested for being a nuisance.

I can picture you being led away in handcuffs screaming; “BUT I WAS ELECTED FIRST!” “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” “I’LL TAKE YOU ALL TO COURT!” “I’M DA MAYOR OF PEACHTREE CITY!”

If however you feel the need to attempt any sort of court action I would suggest that you plan on using your own checkbook as the current city council won't be authorizing any expenses for your tantrum.

Maybe you could ask Doug to chip in a couple of bucks.

Maybe the transit bus will stop near my street!!! Oh please Ken! I want to ride the bus to Riverdale!!!

Oh please! Why do you, Steve Brown and the others keep with the scare tactics about mass transit coming to Fayette County? You know damn well that is not going to happen. Besides the fact no one wants it, with govt budgets being what they are today and with mass transit being a money loser, it is not economically feasible. I know your hatred for Ken Steele is pretty huge but enought with the bull**** about mass transit.

ginga1414's picture

As one of many Fayette citizens who participated in the current Fayette Forward Comprehensive Transportation Plan Workshop, I would like to share with you a few facts I learned along the way.

The Transportation Plan and Workshop was conducted by consultants hired by the ARC. Citizens who participated in the workshops also put in their two cents worth. At one point in time, the citizen's thoughts and ideas appeared on the County website. Also, at one point in time, citizens were given the opportunity to view the Plan on line and give their comments.

I wrote a letter to the editor, urging folks to view the Plan and post their comments.

Born, if you will go to Fayette County, Ga. Gov, scroll down to the lower portion of the page on the right hand side it says "Transportation Plan." Click on Transportation Plan. Then click on Workshop Wrap-Up1, March12, 2009. Scroll down to page 45. From that point you will view a series of maps and charts. On page 57, you will see a map where there are plans to run commuter rails through Fayette County to Senoia.

At a recent meeting of the West Fayetteville Bypass Coalition, a new member who is a young family man made a statement that will be with me for many years. He said, "This is not just an access road that only affects people in its path. It is the foundation of a cancer that will finish off the remnants of a Fayette Couny our residents used to take pride in. Once in place, everything else comes easy - the annexation to city limits, high density housing, traffic lights, restaurants, four lanes, gas stations, liquor stores, sidewalks, MARTA buses, and crime. It won't happen overnight, but as long as our Commissioners continue serving developers instead of their residents, it is inevitable. We can all look forward to one day watching the nightly news blurbs on the shootings at our new Veteran's Parkway Wal-Mart."

That statement came from a young man who is wise beyond his years.

That is what the people said in Fort Dodge Kansas when the RR was coming through!

The people who lived on Long Island NY were very concerned in the 1800s when roads and rail were to be built out and back to Long Island from NTC.

The desert area called southern California was a private enclave to the huge landowner Old Mexicans and Spanish grant people, but then Leland Stanford and others built a darn railroad from the east to California, and ruined it all! Why, they even put up girlie houses along the right away, where one could get a cup of hot coffee and hardtack.

They even built poles to put signal wires upon!

General Sherman burned Atlanta to the ground since it was a bastion of southern gentility, and I'll be darned if the carpet baggers didn't have it re-built for them! They brought in a good RR also.

General Eisenhower was so impressed with the German autobahns that when elected president he followed up on a plan to built Interstate highways here! It just Purely ruined many fine southern towns! It went around them, mostly. Business was bad.

So I understand how you must feel!

The same was said almost 20 years ago about METRO going out to Vienna VA.

So far the only noticeable increase has been that of personal income and home values.

As paranoid as some of you people sound, you would think that you live on the Arizona/Mexico border.

ginga1414's picture

Bad, you need to read the first sentence of an article that appeared in this paper on November 18, 2010. The article started out by saying, "Two robbers fired two shots at a couple walking in the Walmart parking lot about 12:40 this (Friday) morning after demanding the couple’s wallet and purse, Fayetteville Police Detective Mike Whitlow said."

When I moved to Fayette County, we had 1 traffic light, 1 high school, 1 fast food restaurant (Dairy Queen), 1 grocery store and 1 service station. We had 0 shootings at our 0 Wal-Mart.

Look what "progress" got us. Wal-Mart and shootings!

Before his retirement, my father was Chief Traffic Engineer for MARTA. When MARTA buses were slated to run within 1/2 mile of our home, my Dad came home from work and said, "We're moving." He knew from experience that MARTA would have a detrimental effect on our neighborhood and it did.

"On the evening of April 14, 1865, while attending a special performance of the comedy, "Our American Cousin," President Abraham Lincoln was shot. Accompanying him at Ford's Theater that night were his wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, a twenty-eight year-old officer named Major Henry R. Rathbone, and Rathbone's fiancee, Clara Harris. After the play was in progress, a figure with a drawn derringer pistol stepped into the presidential box, aimed, and fired. The president slumped forward."

Look what "progress" got us. Theaters and shootings!

I guess your father would have said: "When them people in them cars start coming our way we're moving Ethel"

ginga1414 it sounds like your father was a true redneck racist SOB.

I can't imagine why your family is living anywhere other than the hills of Idaho.

ginga1414's picture

that you really need to find a better way to express yourself.

Your language gives you away. My father was a highly educated man with many friends of many different races. Race has absolutely nothing to do with environmental changes that impact peoples lives. When buses and mass transit rails are woven through residential neighborhoods, the environment of residential neighborhoods changes. The environment changes to an urban environment. Most people in Fayette County don't want to live in an urban environment. They moved to Fayette County because it wasn't an urban environment. Fayette citizens who participated in the Comprehensive Transportation Workshops voiced loud and clear that they wanted to preserve Fayette County's "rural characteristics." The ARC consultants got that. They even published "preserve rural characteristics" in the Comprehensive Transportation Plan. However, buses and transit rails do not preserve rural characteristics. Buses and transit rails scream "urban characteristics."

When transportation thoroughfares are woven through residential neighborhoods, the environment of those residential neighborhoods changes. It has absolutely nothing to do with race. The environment changes from a quiet residential environment to a noisy, air pollution traffic environment. It changes to an environment where horns are blowing, sirens are wailing, and semi-trucks are rumbling through neighborhoods. When that happens, people move further away from all the noise, air pollution, horn blowing, sirens wailing, and trucks rumbling past their bedroom windows.

Folks who prefer to live in those conditions in order to be close to the workplace, certainly have the right to do so. However, the people who prefer to live in quiet peaceful surroundings should also have the right to do so. Fayette County was a quiet peaceful community until folks with other ideas took it upon themselves to change the environment due to their greed for development.

So, bad, to your way of thinking it is okay to kill good people because God will know his own. Your little motto speaks volumes, bad.

Please name for me one 'city' in the U.S. that is exactly the same as it was 20 or 30 years ago?

I surly didn't take your comments to mean 'bad air quality' when you titled your post as “Shooting at Fayetteville Wal-Mart“.

To try now and imply that your fathers comments were about moving because of MARTA coming to near where you lived as an air quality issue in absurd.

Like anywhere else on the planet, PTC has evolved over the last 20+ years.

We have neighbors in Senoia, Newnan and Griffin that weren’t driving through PTC to Atlanta 20 years ago but are now. When I moved here Thomas Crossroads was a stop sign with a vegetable stand on one corner.

20 years ago I could drive to downtown Atlanta in 40 minutes, now is takes 60 to 75. I've been here for a long time myself.

20 years ago there weren’t 15,000 vehicle trips/day on Hwy. 74; today there are.

Things change. It's the only constant.

PTC can NOT afford to live in the bubble any longer. The money that's required to pay the taxes here can NOT come from local employment.

If you've read anything in past few months and if you paid attention to the transit workshops, as I did, you would know that more than 50% of PTC/Fayette County residents now commute to counties in the ARC for employment.

I moved here because of the school system knowing full well that I would have to commute to Atlanta to pay the bills. I didn't choose to live here because of the lack of shopping or lack of gas stations or a couple of man-made lakes; apparently so did several thousand others.

If your one of those people that moved here thinking/hoping that it would never change then you chose poorly.

PTC/Fayette County MUST change in order to survive.

The people of PTC/Fayette County MUST also change in order to survive and pay taxes.

ginga1414's picture

Change is the only constant. However, we are intelligent people. If we use our intelligence, we can direct the changes that are inevitable. I just don't personally think that more people, more roads, more traffic and more big boxes are changes for the betterment of any community.

Fayette County is a small area. There are just so many people, cars, roads, and shopping malls that will fit comfortably in the space that we have. Why ruin a community with the motto of "Where Quality Is A Lifestyle" by over-burdening the residents with more? To my way of thinking, more is not better. One day all of us baby boomers won't be here. Hopefully, we won't leave a mess for our grandchildren to clean up. I would really hate to think that I just threw up my hands and said, "Oh, well, there is nothing I can do! Why even try?"

I do agree with you that more isn't necessarily better. Planning wisely is the only option.

Fayette County is relatively small but that has nothing to do with the role we can play in future development and/or transportation issues elsewhere.

Do I want Fayette County to be a satellite of Atlanta, NO.

Do I want Fayette County to take advantage of an opportunity, HELL yes!

We all know that transportation will be king in future development. My argument is why not take advantage of the situation. If Fayette county can leverage it's location as a major traffic hub into and out of Atlanta then make it happen.

I'm NOT for making Fayette/PTC an interchange. I'm for profiting form the need for Fayette County, Coweta County et al to provide access to Atlanta.

Should those who commute through our county find it desirable to stop and shop, never mind live here, we and the county benefit. Making it difficult if not imposable to commute through PTC/Fayette County we gain nothing.

If it's going to happen anyway let's take advantage of it for the betterment of us all.

You think nothing like Ginga!

I attended the workshop too. And I've seen the plan. So what? Nothing in it is binding. It's just a plan some ARC policy consultant wonks put together. As I said, mass transportation just ain't coming to Fayette County in the next 50 years if ever. It would take millions of dollars to implement commuter rails and with govt budgets being flat broke now and for the forseeable future, where the hell is that kinda money going to come from? All this chicken little wailing from Steve Brown and others about mass transportation is nothing more than political fodder designed to scare voters toward him. And he knows it. As for the young man's statement, I certainly don't want to see his vision of that kind of Fayette County come true but I also think he is a little off the chart with his vision.

ginga1414's picture

That's where the money is coming from. Even if Fayette County unanimously votes against it, we will be out voted. With Steele, the ARC and Jack Smith pulling the switches and pushing the buttons, Fayette County doesn't have a snow ball's chance. Haddix was our only chance.

As long as Fayette County is trapped under the ARC, the citizens will never have a voice in what happens to our county. Plain and simple, we are outnumbered.

This is laughable.


Robert W. Morgan's picture

If you think this is a legal technicality upon which you choose to pursue, you have really lost it. And by "it" I mean your self respect, your sanity, the support of the taxpayers in PTC and any dignity that comes with the office of mayor. Please do not assume that your amaturish legal nitpicking over the November 10 date will be supported by the city attorney, city council or taxpayer dollars. That will begin a recall petition immediately. Enough of your nonsense. Back off and don't mention it again.

On a related topic, short-timer county commissioners Frady and Horgan are in a position poke the voters in the eye as punishment for ousting Smith and Maxwell and it would only take one of them to make Steve Brown Commission Chair- McCarty and Brown being the other 2 votes. And a newly elected commissioner can certainly be Chair - like Jack Smith was. That puts Brown on the RTR (they love him up there at DOT) and probably guarantees fewer state dollars for local projects. Think it can't happen? What do you think is really behind the stupid Maxwell lawsut? Maybe taking away Brown's third vote? Maxwell knows more about what Frady and Horgan might do than the rest of us.

Live free or die!

Well, you seem to have it all figured out!

What will you do if it happens differently.

What is stupid about the lawsuit of Maxwell's? Did it happen or not?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

What will I do if it happens differently? Nothing. Who cares. I'm just speculating on motive. I might be right, wrong or a little of each.
Maxwell's suit is really reaching - although I only know what the paper says. It amounts to someone paying their taxes late. All the rest is BS. And Maxwell doesn't keep his seat even if he wins, so there has to be some other motive. That's my guess. Got anything better?

Live free or die!




Robert W. Morgan's picture

"If you know of a crime, report it" and that's your theory on why he filed the lawsuit? I'm not 100% sure of his real motive, but I'm pretty sure that's not it.

Again, he's not in line to take the seat since he didn't qualify as a write-in candidate. So it is the highest number of write-in votes for someone who qualified. I'll bet if we get a list of the names that qualified to be a write-in candidate, part of the mystery will be solved. Greg Dunn? Harold Bost? Doesn't matter. The suit will be dismissed in January or February.

I still think the real motive is simply to delay McCarty's swearing in so Brown doesn't have an ally during that first meeting when they pick a commission chair.

Live free or die!

Who would have thunk that up?

Cyclist's picture

Did the dead radio DJ guy strike a nerve or two? ☺

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I guess I believe him when he says he doesn't care if someone is a cheat--they will make a fine elected official!

I guess he just wants conversation.

The article and/or legal filing are so poorly written that it is hard to figure out what happened. But, based on my experience, it probably went down like this. McCarty bought a motor home in Nevada. Not being a Nevada resident, he did not have to pay sales taxes at the time of purchase. Instead, he was supposed to pay them in his home state (GA). Seems he didn't do this, maybe because he didn't know he was supposed to or maybe because he thought nobody up in the tax bureau in ATL would notice. Anyway, Morgan is right in that this basically boils down to late payment of sales taxes. It not like the taxes were paid to him and he was supposed to turn it over to the state. So, to say he was 'illegally holding state sales taxes' is a stretch. If you were to pay your property taxes late, are you illegally holding county taxes? I don't think so.

You are not getting it!!!!

There is a vast difference in income or property taxes being late and keeping sales taxes given to him by a buyer of a product!

Am I mistaken that he did charge someone and collected sales taxes which he did not turn in? Or didn't charge sales taxes when he should have?

It is a simple problem! No excuse for a learned man.

This an area where the government is cheated enough out of legal sales taxes! Ever been asked around here if you want a sales slip or not? It is common to not pay it to the government if there is no proof of the sale!

The law is the law, good or bad until changed.

hutch866's picture

Yes you are mistaken, did you even bother to read the article? Here's the pertinent part ..."The lawsuit claims that McCarty in 2003 failed to pay $3.398.75 in state and local option sales taxes, but McCarty said Wednesday afternoon that he paid the tax in full "months and months" ago and has a receipt to prove it. The taxes, McCarty said, were due on a motor home he had purchased in Nevada under the belief that he would not have to pay Georgia sales taxes."

I yam what I yam

It is still fishy! How did he get a tag if he didn't pay the tax?
How did it go for years?
One can't get away with paying tax when one wants to do so--especially when it was attached!
Must not have licensed it, huh?

I was fuzzy on who bought what! But the GA tax was sill due.

Can one be excused if he forgot and not excused if he did it delibrately?

Some people do feel above such menial tasks.

Same thing as fudging on income tax filing, or not filing at all.

However, I understand that Eric is looked upon as a "snitch."

Cyclist's picture

and his yacht. Boy was he going to save a "boat load" of taxes by not registering it in Massachusetts.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

PTC Observer's picture

True, it does. However, Kerry's move was legal under Massachusetts tax code, I am sure they want to protect their billionaires there. After all the Kennedy's ran the state for years. That's why they had their "properties" in Florida. Luckily the Kennedy clan is disintegrating politically.

Kerry was simply stupid trying to do his tax savings while being a Senator and married to a billionaire. Maybe he'll be an ex-Senator next time around?

Did you go on the benefit ride today? Nice crowd there for a good cause.

Cyclist's picture

No. I was incredibly lazy today.☺

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

hutch866's picture

Well Bonk I look at it like this, it was ok when Tim Geithner was confirmed as Treasury Secretary, so what is your beef now? The amount from Geithner was a lot larger and you never said a word about it, and it was obvious Geithner was cheating. Maybe McCarty is looking for a Treasury job.

I yam what I yam

I understand your philosophy.

Since John Dillenger robbed banks, then it is OK for Bankers to rob banks?

Vengeance is mine sayeth Georgia Patton!

Cyclist's picture

Who is John Dillenger? Was he a wanted man? Did the FBI want to have a chat with him?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

1. The guy BOUGHT the motor home in Nevada, probably new.
2. There are no taxes on sales between non-business private parties.
3. He didn't pay the taxes in Nevada, because he was GA resident.
4. He didn't pay the taxes in GA either, it seems.
5. Why, I don't know.
6. The state typically will NOT issue tag/decal until ALL vehicle taxes are paid, so this could have caused the confusion. If the vehicle was registered in GA and he was getting his decal every year, then he probably was unaware of the taxes owed until he got hit with the lien.
7. There were no taxes paid to him--he just didn't pay them out of his own pocket.
8. NOT a big issue. He took care of the back taxes and penalties in due course.

PTC Observer's picture

After observing Mayor Haddix since his election, I don't see that he is accomplishing a whole lot for the citizens of PTC. I am sure that he would disagree with this statement and I would like to see his laundry list of accomplishments.

In fact, he seems bent on embarrassing this fine city and its citizens. I can't think of one thing the man has done to move the city forward. I can point out several issues that seem to center on....well...Mr. Haddix.

I believe that Mayor Haddix should simply resign from ARC and be done with it. Once he came out publicly to support moving to the Three Rivers Regional Commission he became ineffective as a representative on ARC. The question is, is he man enough to realize this.

Let's see if he does the right thing this time. We can only hope.

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