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Sunday sales, Imker prevail in PTC

In Peachtree City, the voters cared more for their alcohol than any of the City Council candidates on the ballot.

The Sunday alcohol package sales initiative won 2,835 favorable votes, making it more popular than even unopposed council candidate George Dienhart (2,586), re-elected Post 1 incumbent Eric Imker (2,039) and Imker’s unsuccessful challenger, Steve Allen (1,468).

While Dienhart was the leading human vote-getter on the ballot, the ancillary results left some scratching their heads. A total of 943 voters who voted in the election didn’t bother to record a favorable vote for him, and another 171 voters decided instead to “write in” a different response.

So while on the official record Dienhart won 93.8 percent of those voting, that number dips precipitiously if you factor in the non-voters as a quasi-‘no’ vote: putting the mark at 69.9 percent for someone running unopposed.

Dienhart chalked the “un-votes” up to residents who oppose his conservative Republican beliefs, which they knew of because of his previous local newspaper column, and also to voters who didn’t think he “needed” the vote because he was unopposed.

Dienhart said he wasn’t going to get too wrapped up in the numbers from the election.

“What I can do here is move forward and do the job as I intended: to be the best councilman I possibly can,” Dienhart said.

Imker, who won by a healthy 571 vote margin, said he was “looking forward to a positive working relationship with the citizens and other council members.”
“I’d like to thank Steve Allen for the competition,” Imker said. “It definitely raised awareness of the important issues facing our city.”

If thinking about city politics gives you the urge to drink, no worries. The City Council is soon expected to pass the official ordinance allowing Sunday alcohol sales, with the start date expected to be Dec. 1.

In other words, it may be a very merry pre-holiday season in Peachtree City, for some anyway. But not for others: some 852 voters lodged a “no” vote against Sunday sales.

The city has already drafted an ordinance expected to be heard at a November council meeting, with a potential start date for the ordinance of Dec. 1, according to City Clerk Betsy Tyler.



citizenal's picture

But, with Imker still on the job perhaps I'll start drinking on Sundays.

Dondol's picture

For the first time legally on Sunday :),
Oh What a Day!


Sunday - 6:30pm

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Jesus didn't change water into Kool Aid, ya' know!!! What a boozer; he must be in Hell right now!!

G35 Dude's picture

When I was younger my Dad talked to me about drinking. I still love the way he put it to me. He said "Son, it's ok to take a drink. But don't let the drink take you!".

kcchiefandy's picture

...I'll try to abide by it!

I'm only having a little fun.

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[quote=Snow Bunny]It is juvenile comments such as yours that I tend not to post on this forum very often. [/quote]

The other people were only having a little fun too. If you're going to be self righteous, don't be surprised when it comes back and bites you in the ass.

I yam what I yam

There is a difference between having a little fun and what happened in that thread from which you copied my quote. In that thread was an embarrassment as several behaved immaturely and were rather mean.

kcchiefandy's picture a nice Cabernet in my hand! ;)

Knock yourself out! I know everytime I visit my Son in Montana, I buy some on Sunday just to see what it feels like. And ignore SB--sanctimony will rear its head from time to time.

I am glad that we can buy alcohol on Sunday, after church service of course.

But did anyone know that adultery is a crime in Georgia? Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich are illegals in this state. How about that.


kcchiefandy's picture the police, correct? You have proof, comrade, or is this just a show trial? I heard you raped a 13 yr. old girl last year; I don't have any proof, I just heard about it...

person is unfaithful but it is quite another to say you heard they raped a 13 yr old just to prove your point--couldn't you have said you heard he had an affair and get your point across?

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