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Fayetteville Mayor Clifton: Thanks to voters for passing TAD

Thank you to the large number of voters (over 5,000) who took the trouble to vote on the Redevelopment Powers Referendum.

For a city of just short of 16,000 residents with less than 8,000 registered voters, I think that is a fantastic turnout, especially in light of the fact that the referendum was on a separate ballot at a different polling place for many of you.

In case you haven’t heard, your votes carried the referendum with almost a 70/30 margin. I would also like to thank the various civic groups and the school board for allowing Brian Wismer and I to present “the facts on Tads.”

The Citizen and the Fayette County News were also instrumental in helping to get the word out, so I thank both for your assistance.

I have already instructed Mr. Wismer, our development director, to begin working on the necessary steps to establish one or more TADs that would help with the redevelopment of our older shopping centers.

There are at least five properties on the Ga. Highway 85 corridor that would qualify for designation as TADs. I have high hopes that we will see interest in some of these properties and maybe even some activity by the end of next summer.

Should I be mistaken as to how soon we will see TAD redevelopment projects, there is no harm done in having the redevelopment powers authority, and I am confident that redevelopment will eventually come.

Thank you again for entrusting the city with this authority; I believe that many good things will soon be heading our way in Fayetteville.

Thank you for your support.

Greg Clifton, mayor

Fayetteville, Ga.



I continue to disagree with your assessment. If these were such desirable properties for long term development (required for your referenced payback of the tax breaks), businesses would already develop them. Let me be clear, THIS IS A SCAM. As in MOST other areas where TADS (or other tax avoidance schemes) are in use, in five years the same properties will be undeveloped and the community will be poorer for it.



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