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How to battle left wing takeover of America

Well, the election is over and the looters, moochers, and losers of our country have reaffirmed their right to a large portion of our pay checks for another four years.

I am not sure how others feel. Maybe they want to compromise with the socialists or appease them. I ,for one, want to fight (not with guns, at least not yet). How, pray tell, can we fight back? See below.

1. Take the fight to the left wing’s supporters, not just the Democrat Party.

2. Don’t buy from businesses with known left leaning owners or leaders. Avoid products made by companies with large union or blue state workforces.

3. Don’t hire people you suspect of being a leftist. You can tell. They always talk about the way they feel instead of the way they think.

4. Lay off people with Obama bumper stickers first.

5. If you are a doctor, stop taking Medicaid patients. Don’t cooperate with Obamacare.

6. Don’t vacation in blue states (or at least blue counties).

7. Encourage other conservatives and libertarians to relocate to a red state. We need the blue states to be heavily weighted with moochers to hasten their collapse.

8. Pull an “Atlas Shrug” if you are financially able. Retire early, close your business, stop working when you have made $250,000 each year.

9. Rich guys send your money out of the country if you haven’t already. Live overseas as well. Don’t buy luxuries, boats, etc. Don’t put on parties. Give to medical or job training charities, but avoid charities that relieve the suffering of the poor.

10. Encourage our red states to use the fair tax and other tax reforms. Get the red states to cut their safety net to the bone (or eliminate it) to encourage the moochers to move to a blue state.

I think you get the idea. The 48 percent that voted against Obama vastly outweigh the 50 percent that support him in economic terms.

Economically we can crush them. Let’s stop letting these losers of the left use the democratic process to fleece us.

Bill Gilmer

Fayetteville, Ga.



# 11 Cut off your nose to spite your face.

Sorry you lost, but get over it and stop the pathetic and pitiful winpering and whining.

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Long before Prezbo's tax the rich programs emerge, seriously rich people will have set up additional trusts and entities to hold portions of their assets so that the smaller pieces fly under the Fed's radar. Also very simple for small business and even medium-sized business owners to create additional corporations or units so they come under 50 employees each in order to get exempt from the health care fiasco.

Dumping assets and converting to gold and silver will be popular.

In other words, the tax the rich scheme which is estimated to capture about $80billion will only get a fraction of that because anybody with half a brain is reacting - and quickly too since he Bush tax cuts expire in January. In my small potatoes case, I created 2 additional trusts (for daughters) so that each trust holds less than $1million in assets and all 3 trusts (in 3 different states) are exempt from the death tax, whereas 1 large one would not be. Took 2 days and $500. And if I can figure it out, so can the big guys.

People who already pay most of the taxes don't want to pay any more - especially to a government led by these socialists. And all the capital that corporations are holding in cash is not going to be invested in creating jobs.

To be clear, the tax the rich stuff is all fluff and rhetoric for these phony libs to feel good about themselves. It is not going to reduce the deficit or put much money into the treasury. It will stall the recovery, however.

Live free or die!

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The estate tax exemption is $5 million... so you could have saved yourself a lot of hassle and $500 by simply dying before Jan. 1. Seems like saving $500 and not having to live under Obama's "socialist regime" by simply dying would be something people around here would jump at. But regardless, the Estate Tax exemption will be risen to keep up. Obama's plan, according to Forbes, is $3.5 million exemption ($7 million for couples) and a 45% tax. Now mind you the Republican Congress would need to pass this, so that may be a sticking point. So really you most likely wasted 2 days and $500. But your plan is sound either way. Oh... and rest assured... the "big guys" had this figured out years and years ago.
As for Obama's huge tax increase that is going to ruin all business? You guys do realize it's only back to the Clinton Tax structure... about a 3% increase on Income Tax and 5% on Capital gains, and taxing Dividends as ordinary income. You do remember the Clinton know thriving economy, strong dollar, balanced yearly budget.

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The Falcons have a good chance of going to the Super Bowl and I have a friend who gets tickets every year. Also have an Alaska cruise scheduled for next summer, so I'm interested in sticking around for all that.
So, if I survive to Jan. 2 (pretty good possibility) and the morons in Washington do nothing but fight and pass nothing (almost a certainty), the exemption is automatically going down to $1million - and that includes your house and all investments. If you exceed that $1million, tax is 35%. It is easy to see how some people will have to sell a house at a still depressed price in 2013 just to pay the government 35%.

I realize anybody with a plan - even Obama - will propose a reasonable exemption level, but that's irrelevant unless you envision Dems voting for the Republican plan or the Republicans voting for Obama's plan - and quickly. These are the same people who haven't been able to pass a budget in 3 years, doncha know.

And now we see restaurant chains adding a 5% surcharge to their bills for "Obamacare". That's a pretty effective way of bringing the point home that there really isn't a free ride for all these goodies that the candy man is dispensing.

Live free or die!

Stop your whining and grow a sack.

This is the United States. It's not going anywhere and you ladies whining about perceived socialism and communism should just grow up and do your best at what you do.

Here's an interesting quote: "The 48 percent that voted against Obama vastly outweigh the 50 percent that support him in economic terms."

My money says you can't, in a million years, back that up with facts.

You pulled it out of your confederate assss.

I agree 100%. As a generous nation, we have fed, clothed, housed, cared for and helped those in need, with no expectations in return, as we do not want to offend. So we keep giving, they keep taking, and hence our charities have become an extension of the government's entitlement welfare program. The hard working people are bombarded with requests to give more, help more, donate more ... I say let those who we help come and stock the pantries, wash the clothes we hand out, tutor a struggling student, in other words, let those who are able, give back. Our generosity has become an enabling tool for too many, for too long. They know how to work the system, including double-dipping, while so many lower-income, hard-working families in our community go hungry. These hard-working families are in our neighborhoods and churches and are doing without while we provide for those "less fortunate".

I do not believe we are being good stewards of God's money and our time when we continue to hand out to those who we know will never give back, who will never see themselves as anything other than victims. They will go from one church to another, taking advantage of the kindness of strangers. In the meantime, they will attend their churches, preach social injustice rhetoric, with no care for you, me or our nation. By our continuing to provide them with the necessities of life, their money is available to be used to advance their political agenda, to elect leaders that pander to their race, and to vote for politicians that have made it their mission to water down Christianity, leave God out of their platform, and shove abortion issues down my throat.

I believe God expects more accountability to those we help. I believe we have a responsibility to say no to the never-ending takers. Through our kindness and generosity, wanting to believe we are helping the less fortunate, we have become the greatest contributors to this cycle of dependence over self-reliance. I am speaking not only for myself, but for many others who have given; we are tired of helping those who will not help themselves. We are weary from carrying the load for those who will not carry their own. We no longer feel compelled to contribute to the cycle of self-imposed poverty and poor choices while our neighbors, our church families, and our elderly are hurting. To continue down this path of hand-outs with no expectation of gratitude or reciprocation on the other end is a slap in the face to those who have given so much and lived with so little themselves.

As a Christian and as a tax paying American, I am taking a stand and saying "no more". I will continue to help those in need, but I will know who and how I am helping. Let the people who elected a President who promotes a government entitlement program from cradle to grave on the very backs of those who have carried the financial burdens of this country call upon said President to provide their children's Christmas this year; to call upon their churches to feed and clothe them; and upon their union-elected officials to heat their homes this winter. God instructed us to take care of the widows and orphans; he did not instruct us to take care of those who not only refuse to fish, but who steal from the man who does fish.

As the holiday season approaches us, and we are hounded to give so the "less fortunate can have", let me inform you that our local charities provided so much for these "less fortunate" children last year, with an over-the-top, expansive Christmas, that all of their resources were gone when a member of their own church reached out for help and was denied. Our resources took care of Section 8 complexes in PTC and in Coweta County, but not for the families within our churches.

Also, before giving to our local Publix (Starr's Mill) you should know that they collected tons of food last Thanksgiving-Christmas which was earmarked solely for Fayette County. Turns out it was transported to the Atlanta Food Bank, and rumor has it, folks tailgating at the races really appreciated it. So, when reaching into your pockets this year, giving blindly in the hopes that the right people are helped, instead reach out to a neighbor or a friend, or someone at school, at work who truly needs a little extra help. That someone who needs a hand up instead of the never-ending hand out. Reaching out on a personal level will enhance our lives as we share in the joy of giving.


All I gathered from this article is this guy is completely insane. The vague threat about guns is sort of frightening. A middle schooler would be expelled for making a similar threat, but if an adult does it we print it in the paper. Very responsible.

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[quote=MikePatton]All I gathered from this article is this guy is completely insane. The vague threat about guns is sort of frightening. A middle schooler would be expelled for making a similar threat, but if an adult does it we print it in the paper. Very responsible.[/quote]

Where is this threat? I'm missing it.

"I am not sure how others feel. Maybe they want to compromise with the socialists or appease them. I ,for one, want to fight (not with guns, at least not yet). How, pray tell, can we fight back?"

"Stewards of God's money"? I guess I have missed this currency. Does it have a crucifix on it? Secondly, you propose denying charity to "those who will never give back". The "Christian" mentality around here is apalling. You should be ashamed.

Let me tell you a story about a 6 yr old little girl that lives in Peachtree City and was facing a very bleak Christmas last year. After requesting help from the church where I attended, gave of my time and money, I was told their resources were already allocated to the housing project in Peachtree City. When the mother asked assistance from her church, the one she volunteers at and donates money to, she was told that they were providing Christmas for the children in Coweta County, but would see what they could do. When that mother picked up the one little gift for her daughter, she thanked them profusely. As she sat in her car, she watched as droves of "needy" children came out of that same church with brand new bicycles, tricycles, gaming devices, clothes and large garbage bags of wrapped gifts, she cried for not being able to do more for her child. This was a mother working with severe health problems, whose hours had been cut back, and her cries of help went unheard. I think we all can agree that no one wants any child to not have a wonderful Christmas; we all want them to have gifts, but to deny this child and perhaps others in her situation a worthy Christmas while providing an over-abundant, expansive Christmas for a select group of children is wrong. Can we not share with all the children that need help? When the hard-working, struggling families are the ones reaching into their pockets to give, you darn straight we're upset that these children and familes are being neglected simply because they do not live in Section 8 housing.

If Publix wants to give to the Atlanta Food Bank, then they should be honest about it up front. I work in Atlanta and have been involved in these charities for years and I can tell you personally that the people who get the majority of this food, are also the ones getting Food Stamps, WIC, SNAP, free cell phones, etc., hence double-dipping, also known as lying. The elderly are not getting this food. The children in the inner city projects are not getting this food. They are doing without necessities while the smoochers continue to take from them. What I'd like to know is why you don't have a problem with this. I'd also like to know why you aren't appalled that the truly less fortunate are being disenfranchised by the dishonesty of the people around them. And I believe if you read the Bible, you will find that it does indeed tell us to feed and clothe the poor, to comfort and love one another, and to offer help to those in need, and our nation has done so abundantly. However, we are also instructed to not be taken in by the deceivers. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but when I stand in line to buy groceries after working all day, juggling coupons, and trying to make ends meet, I take umbrage when the majority of EBT recipients will drive out of there in a better car than me, talking on their free cell phones, and not contribute a single can of food on their way out the door to the very charity that will provide for them and their families this holiday. I say they are the deceivers and therefore when I refer to us being good stewards of God's money, I am not talking about ignoring the plight of the less fortunate, AND SHAME ON YOU for twisting those words ... I am saying we have an obligation to see that contributions and donations are used to lift up the poor, to take care of the needs of the elderly, the widows and orphans, and to not be taken in by the deceivers.

Personally, I have a soft spot for kids and try to do anything in my power for them. I know of many other people who feel the same. Churches who sponsor these toys for holiday give aways have the spirit of giving to the less fortunate and I would never fault anyone for trying to help.

I was touched by the story of the 6 yr old girl whose mother ran into hard times and could not give her daughter what she wanted to give her and felt bad when other kids got "better" presents. Its this very reason that when I donate I go see the preacher, rabbi, or school principal direct. I ask them to identify a needy child or family within the congregation or school who is under financial hardship and ask them to present my donation anonymously. I know then that my gift is being used the right way. Because you are right, some people just like to take. Perhaps this woman was too proud to ask for help. A private conversation with the preacher could have helped the situation. I like to believe that most people like to help others.

A few years ago I attended a Quaker funeral. Everyone stood up to say something about the the deseased. A local school principal told the story that when this man visited the school to have lunch with one of his children, he noticed a kid not eating. On his way out the door, he left the principal with $100 so that the kid would not go hungry. This man knew that if the kid was fed, they would do better at school. And if they did better at school, they would do better in life. A few weeks later he met with the principal again who confided in this man that ever since the student was being fed, their grades and behavior improved. This man continued doing this anonymously thru the principal for 15 years. His wife and kids knew nothing about this charity until the principal told them that day.

I am not sure how many kids he helped over the years by simply putting food in a kids stomach. But that day at the funeral, I learned the proper way to be charitable.

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Where do you live.. I am going to come over and "take" some charity from you. I am sure you would love to give me a flat screen or maybe something else of value.

Government does not give Charity.. It cannot give to someone what they first have to take from someone else.

Real Charity is giving from the heart... Just standing in line with your hand-out without first trying to help yourself does not deserve our charity.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

Tell it Brother Steve! And I suggest we remember that charity begins at our own front door! Having said that, today I put a check in the mail to Fayette Sr Svcs for some holiday meals for the needy--something I do every year--but it won't take food from the mouths of my family!

S. Lindsey's picture given. Not forced.

I will be doing some "given" on Thanksgiving myself.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

make sure that these people have a good mean on holidays and every other day. This is the way I like to give. Willingly and from the heart--not have the govt decide how I should 'contribute' and I am not a millionaire.

Don't believe everything you hear. I highly doubt a local church gave away everything and couldn't help one of their own at the last minute. The preachers know who to go to in times of crisis.

I would also recommend that you check with Publix manager before spreading rumors. The local shelter may not have been able to handle perishables and sent them to Atlanta. Spreading rumors about people and company's providing help to the community is not fair.

Your diatribe is full of hate and bitterness. Why is that? Are you being discriminated against?

to American citizens. Respect, recognition, assistance. This was given to women - who also voted (a majority) for Obama.
Does the 'right' find it difficult to give such 'gifts' to all other citizens? That is becoming the perception.

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.. to buy votes.. Yeah I have a problem with that DM and you should too.
It's called pandering...look it up.

Didn't you yourself say the Bush Tax cuts where for the Rich? Where you happy with that gift DM?

You see DM when WE allow politicians to use our money to buy votes it breeds corruption something I have heard you are against but yet here you are "justifying" gifts.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

withheld from women, Hispanics and other minorities in our country by assuming that they aren't 'tax payers' cost Republicans the election. Welcome to reality.

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... in other words self interest won out over the interest of a Country.

Now what was it JFK said... Oh yeah "Ask not what your Country can do for you...Ask what you can do for your Country"

Well that was a good idea while it lasted.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

No sir. Ignorance and selfishness did not win! Volunteers who went to and are still in New Jersey demonstrate the real American spirit - and realize that the widows might and human time are valued in human relationships. Thank you for your checks! Others have also sacrificed for their fellow Americans. I have witnessed great 'giving' here in FC. The churches and social organizations here do a great job in providing assistance to those in need. Republicans have an opportunity to maintain their conservative principles AND be more inclusive. Name calling by you and others here is creating a greater divide between the group who voted for Obama (women, minorities, youth and many 'white' people) and elderly 'white men' - who voted in the majority for Romney.

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..something if he was preaching all love and coziness?

That is what won DM not love of Country.. REVENGE for those of us that wanted to take back some our hard earned money.

There has NEVER been a President with his record re-elected in History DM.

He refused to run on his record so what was the deciding factor-Free stuff.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand


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... "Vote! Voting's the best revenge!" Obama

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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...Pres. Bush encouraged the promotion of 'faith-based' organizations to do what you've seen: "I have witnessed great 'giving' here in FC. The churches and social organizations here do a great job in providing assistance to those in need". Instead, many want government providing all for those in need. Maybe you're a Republican after all!

Both Bush's, Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Eisenhower , Nixon, and Carter and many others encouraged the generosity of the American citizen - Democrat or Republican.

I must have missed that one. Please refer me to where you read or heard that as I would like to delve into it further.

47%. Did Romney exclude women? Are you implying that Hispanics and other so-called minorities aren't taxpayers? Do we need to replay what Romney said about the 47% that would not vote for him so he wasn't going to worry about them? From his mouth to Americans (taxpayers) ears. Romney lost.

minorities and left out men. Must have missed that--or is that just an assumption you made?

Spin away! You are entitled to your opinion and I'm entitled to mine. The Republican party loses if it does not attempt to appear more inclusive. The country survived the Hoovers and 'W's' in our history. However, to those who want to 'peacefully' secede, you can't use our roads, mail service, communication avenues, etc., for free! Be prepared to pay up! The United States is still the strongest country in the world.. You'll have to pay for your own security. Might be wiser to see if you can get along with your fellow citizens. (This note is for those US citizens who signed the petition for Georgia to secede.)

tangent about the Republican Party losing if it does not become more inclusive, the country survived the Hoovers (?) and W's and then rant on about peacefully seceding. Who said anything about seceding? Now you own the roads, etc? Lady, I have been getting along with my fellow citizens for many, many years and I intend to continue to do so, driving on "our" roads, getting my mail delivery ( as long as they are delivering) for which I have been paying for many years. Why by all that is holy would you even think of spouting that 'crap' and yes that is not a ladylike word but the only one that covers what you spread here. I am beginning to think maybe you are nearing that edge or else you are channeling our old friend of many names who no longer posts.

If you would keep current with the national news, you would understand. I just repeated the 'crap' that has been on the news and is evidently based on facts. / and attributed to the Republican Party! We need diversive thought, not divisive. You'd better become aware of what is happening outside of FC so that you can continue to express the higher thought.

Take a look:

you reads anything. I really think this is your subterfuge when someone calls you on something your have written and you do not have a proper answer. You do it over and over with many on this site. I am well aware with what is in the papers and on the news, what I am not aware of is why any of the garbage you posted about secession had anything to do with what I had written and asked you. Believe me I don't need you to refer me to anything that is written or blogged. I truly think you are losing it as you consistently reference things that have nothing whatsoever to do with the questions posed. I think it would be in your best interest to go back and read some of the things you have posted and see just how off base they are--maybe you have been trying too hard or maybe you really are Bonkers or just channelling him.

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So if people want to express their dissatisfaction.. their "disenfranchisement" with Government.. you want them to stop using "YOUR" roads and stopping receiving mail from "YOUR" Post Office. I guess you want them deported like your other brethren want to right? What gives you ownership of the Country DM? What gives YOU the Right DM?

DM they are TAXPAYING AMERICANS unlike the 47% that don't pay into the system and get those services for FREE so who really owns those roads and PO's?

btw- That "get along" thingy is highly overrated. Here's why.. If you have a neighbor that hates you I mean really hates you. You don't know why but he does. Everyday for years, he sees you, he cusses you out.. screams at your kids and puts nails in your driveway poisons any pets you have..

So what are your options..

1. Keep baking cakes for him hoping to win him over..

2. Keep calling the Police even though for years they have done nothing...

3. Keep ignoring him hoping he might just give up..

4. Confront him, find out what his problem is and force him to stop...

Getting along requires two people DM.. If your neighbor HATES your Christmas lights and attempts every way possible to tear them down do you take them down just to get along or do you tell them to mind their own business?

You see DM your version of "cooperation" involves people like me to completely give-up my principles and way of life. Your "cooperation" never involves you moving from your positions just us we have to move from ours.

That's not getting along DM that's fascism..

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

women you now assume that I am implying "that Hispanics and other so called minorities aren't taxpayers"? No you do not have to replay anything unless you have a statement he made mentioning women because that is all I asked you about. Why do you constantly backtrack or go off into another tangent when you are asked to back up a statement you made? Yes, we know Romney lost--we also know that this country has lost also.

You know, it never entered my mind to go to the preacher directly .. I simply contacted the people who were in charge of the Christmas fair when I dropped off donations at the church. And you are correct in your assessment of this mother - She is a giver by nature and did not want to be a bother, but swallowed her pride for her daughter. I appreciate your generous spirit and showing me who I should reach out to in order to either shed light on a family situation or allow me to contribute to a family that otherwise would have nothing. These are the kids that aren't on a list somewhere .. these are the families that are falling through the cracks. These are the people we want to help.

Sadly, many people and families fall between the cracks, don't know where to turn for help, or are just too proud to ask for help. The parishioners in charge of these large donations have their hearts in the right place, but sometimes have blinders that don't allow them to look within the family. They aren't bad people, they just don't have all the facts and maybe aren't really aware of the problems.

The priest, preacher, rabbi, ect.. are there exactly for these type of needs of the parishioners. A private conversation will not only help the child, it will unburden the person in need of help.

I am not aware of any priest, preacher, rabbi, school principal, that won't go the extra mile to help a person in true need.

I told them that there were some children who would not be getting any gifts at all for Christmas and I wondered how they felt about giving what would have gone for one gift for each of them to buy a gift for a child. At first they weren't too thrilled but after thinking about it for a while they liked the idea. I would find a family, either through a story that had appeared on the local news or through a church or school and I would find out what these children needed and wanted and ask if the parent/parents would prefer the gifts wrapped or not. Then I would take my children shopping and they would pick out the gift for the child, pay for it with money I gave them or they had earned, then we would go home and wrap the gifts if the family wanted them wrapped, if not we would include wrapping paper and tags with the gifts. We made an event of it. Even though we did not have a lot of money and the gifts we bought were not that expensive, sometimes they were the only gifts those children got. My children loved the idea, and each year would ask when we were going shopping for "our family". We continued doing this til my children were grown, and then they did it with their children and their children are doing it with their young ones. Now it is on it's third generation and one of the best traditions I can think of and I am proud they have continued it.

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Mr. Gilmer seems to share the common misperception among the right that the red states are net contributors to the United States finances when, in fact, almost all of the red states are welfare states that are supported by the blue states.

<a href=" The Confederacy of Takers</a>

In fact, the only states which over the 20 year period from 1990 until 2009 paid net surpluses into the federal treasury were Delaware, Minnesota, New Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Nebraska, Massachusetts, Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, Georgia, Nevada, California, Arkansas, Washington, Rhode Island and New Hampshire with Pennsylvania breaking almost exactly even.

Nebraska, Texas, Georgia and Arkansas were the only red states that have not been welfare states for the last 20 years.

Which red states are the biggest beggar welfare states? You can almost tell by their Presidential votes. The reddest of the red states are the biggest recipients of the blue states welfare transfers. Mississippi was subsidized by the blue states for 254% of it's annual GDP. In other words, out of the 20 year period, the blue states transferred enough money to Mississippi to fund the entire state budget over 2 and a half years. West Virginia was subsidized by 244% of its annual GDP. Montana was subsidized by 184% . Alabama was subsidized by the blue states for 174% of its annual GDP. North Dakota by 154%; Alaska was subsidized by 149%. Kentucky was subsidized by 133%. South Carolina was subsidized by 121%. Louisiana was subsidized by 99%. Wyoming was subsidized by 52%, etc. All but four red states are net welfare states.

To be clear, the red states are almost entirely welfare states. They contribute no net gain to the federal government at all. They do not pay for any of the interest on the national debt. They do not finance any of the foreign wars nor any activities of the federal government overseas. They do not fund any part of the operation of the federal government outside of their states. They do not even pay for themselves.

The blue states pay for it all. They pay for all of the wars, all of the foreign activities of the government, all foreign aid. The blue states pay for their own welfare and the welfare of the red states. Then they pay for the rest of the government.

In fact, if the red states were not such welfare basket cases sucking the money paid to the federal government by the blue states and the transfers to the red states could be stopped, the blue states would almost balance the budget.

[quote= Bill Gilmer ]We need the blue states to be heavily weighted with moochers to hasten their collapse. [/quote]

They already are weighed with moochers Bill.

<a href=""> Where federal taxes are raised and spent</a>

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