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Fayette road paving linking Kedron on hold

With a small amount of input, the Peachtree City Council decided to hold off for now on deciding whether it is a good idea for Fayette County to pave Sims Road, which would provide a link between Astoria Lane in the Kedron Hills subdivision and Dogwood Trail in the unincorporated county.

A resident of Kedron Hills argued that the link would add unnecessary cut-through traffic that the neighborhood’s road system wasn’t built for. But a proponent of the plan said paving the dirt and gravel Sims Road would help with the schoolbus routes to Bennett’s Mill Middle School, from both a safety perspective and a time perspective.

County officials have asked for the city’s opinion on the matter, and City Council decided Tuesday night they will ask the Kedron Hills Homeowners Association for an opinion before proceeding.

The county is not yet planning to pave Sims Road, but it is in the process of prioritizing road paving requests for those roads that are still dirt and gravel surfaces.

Complicating matters is that Sims Road would be part of the long-conceptual “northeast collector road” that has been planned to reach from Sumner Road just off Ga. Highway 54 to the northern portion of Peachtree Parkway. A good chunk of that road is anticipated to be added when a 150-plus acre tract in the area is developed, but that property is currently in a land bank and is not likely to be developed any time in the immediate future, city officials said.


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