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PTC Council tweaks survey of residents about raising taxes, cutting services

The Peachtree City Council and city staff are still tweaking the presentation and wording of the annual citizens’ survey, which is expected to go out sometime after the first of the year.

The council is expected to rely on the survey to make some big decisions, including the levels of taxation and city services, in the coming year.

Several crucial questions were discussed Tuesday, the most significant of which might just be soliciting an opinion on property taxes.

As currently worded, residents would have three options to choose from:

• City taxes should be further reduced, with additional reductions in services;

• City taxes should remain the same to maintain current services; or

• City taxes should increase to restore or increase services.

The survey is also expected to ask questions about whether the city should continue work on path maintenance and construction or suspend it until the economy improves.

Also, citizens will be asked to provide their input on the priority of the 10 highest-ranking significant new path segments among 59 identified by city staff in a recent study of the path system.

There will also be a detailed section on the survey to gauge citizen satisfaction, or lack thereof, with the cutback in landscaping along with the recent restoration of some of the previously-eliminated landscaping duties.

Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch said the city should also ask residents how they feel about plant replacement, as the city currently is not replacing plants that die. At one point the city budget for that task was about $100,000 a year, she said.

“That to me is a significant thing people need to know somehow,” Fleisch said.



I think 250 people responded to the last survey the city sent. Now the city wants to spend almost a million dollars on the gathering place. Who are these people wanting to raise taxes for nonessential things?

Please, get real!

Don Haddix's picture

Actually well over 1,000 responded. The result said no more than .5 mill increase with some cuts in service.

It is very important a large number of people respond to the next survey.

<cite><strong>Don Haddix
Peachtree City Mayor</strong></cite>

Why do we elect political leaders? To LEAD!

These surveys are nothing more than a copout and a tool for our political leaders (or non-leaders with these losers here in PTC) to avoid any responsibility for their actions and votes. Look at Donnie Darko's response. "Well over 1000 responded." I guess what he could also say was "Gee I don't necessarily agree with the outcome but that's what 1000 people said to do."

First, 1000 people hardly represents the will of the people. Second, using Darko's logic, if 1000 people said yes to a proposal that was illegal or immoral then is he saying that the will of the people should rule regardless? After all, there was a time in this country when the majority of people thought it was okay to own another person. Supposed our leaders during that time used a "survey" to use as a justification for supporting that position. No, thank God we had leaders with a backbone who said no, that is not right.

Heck, let's just slap a survey up on the city website about every decision the PTC government needs to make and let city staff enact the results. Do away with the middle men/women, i.e., mayor and council. Hmmm....considering this bunch of idiots we have in those positions, maybe that's not a bad idea!

yellowjax1212's picture

Gee Don, didn't the article say that the council was putting the final touches on this info before presenting it to the public.
Thanks for letting the cat out of the bag.
So not only do you have to have the last word on everything it seems now that you feel the need to have the first word as well.
I am sure this will further endear you to the rest of the council.

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I would have to say that anyone as reliant upon surveys as you seem to be is substantially out of touch with their constituuency. That said, you admit that one out of some thirty-four residents opted for an .05 mil increase and a reduction in services, an item you've ignored. Are the city personnel costs still at some 63% and climbing? Do we not still have a double retirement package for city employees? Do we not have a debt that amounts to two-thirds of city revenue?

All the while your priority of late has been to make a total ass of yourself concerning the ARC. You were elected to be the mayor of Peachtree City, so get your head out of the clouds and start acting like it. My first suggestion would be to reestablish confidence in the other three-fifths of your City Council. To do otherwise, will only serve to villify you and embarrass those of us that supported you.

Clear -- Concise -- Convincing...

If only Hizzoner & Council were listening...

Don't encourage him----he may run again!

"City taxes should be further reduced without cutting services."

I'll help the staff plant a few bushes if they will help me! Now you know no one is going to vote for 100,000 dollars worth of dead stuff replacement! You aren't going to do it and this will give you an out!

Get developers who own land to put paths there before building and connect to system.

We should be able to at least "patch" holes in the paths. Staff could help on Saturday and nights.

Put a hold on pension and health contributions from the city until income is better, if ever.

Headline is "raising taxes and cutting services!"

Maybe a better one would have been "cutting taxes and improving services."

Look at ZERO budgeting for once! You would be amazed!

With with over 12000 property tax bills going to PTC in 2010, I would think that more than one thousand opinions would be needed period. That is LESS THAN 10% of your Tax Paying Citizens Making some BIG Desisions for everyone. On the other hand if you are not responding to the survey you really Can't COMPLAIN when somthing goes wrong.

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